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Monday 1 August 2011

Miss Poppy's Birthday Candy ~ Winner.

It's been one of those horrible days today. Me and the hubster have mawped about at work generally feeling fretful. We both felt sick and I've been on the verge of tears all day.
All because today was Poppy's operation day. The logical side of my brain knows she's in good hands but the emotional side of my brain can't help but worry.
I am a born worrier and I really shouldn't have had children. I should have stuck to my cats, but then I worry about them too. Could be I'm a bit deranged? I could ask my friends for their opinions but I somehow don't think that would help any!

Anyway, Poppy had her operation this afternoon at about 2pm, and the surgeon said it all went to plan with no problems. Jon phoned at teatime and they'd done another scan and everything is fine, the valve is closed with no leaking and Miss Poppy was feeling well enough to tuck into macaroni cheese and chips.
Phew! I'm just too old for all this stress :)

Next, thank you to everyone that entered Poppy's birthday candy. Mr Random has done his job and picked a number....

Congratulations Paola.....I do believe this candy will be travelling a long way. I may need to dress the Sassy's in some warmer clothes ready for the trip to South Africa, I think it's their winter now?
Please EMAIL ME Paola with your full postal address and I will get your rubber babies in the mail.

Love Elaine xxx


  1. Hi Elaine glad she is ok and I know how you feel being just the same. remeber when chris was young he was in the childrens hospital and a little boy had heary surgery omg I cried for him and the next day the nurses got me and pointed to his bed. he wasnt there not knowing how quick they bounce back my heart sank. But then they pointed to a small table and he was sat up eating some breakfast. Keep us posted

  2. oh so glad everything went ok.. you were bound to worry
    Lisa x

  3. Congrats to the winner.
    I'm glad everything went oke for Miss Poppy, can imagine that it was a hard time for you.
    And the macaroni and cheese is the best medicin ever.
    Hugs, Yvon

  4. hey Elaine...glad everything went ok with Poppy's operation. We are never done worrying about them!! Macaroni always does the trick too!!


    well done Paola!!

  5. No wonder you didn't feel too good either of you. Glad everything is OK - macaroni cheese & chips seems rather remarkable after such an event. Well done Paola - enjoy & I look forward to seeing what you do with these.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. OMG Oh thank goodness - Oh great stuff ahe was eating macaroniand chips yiiipppeee!

    Oh children are just such a blessing and so resilent!

    I am so happy for you and your family!

    And especially POPPY she seem to be none the worse for wear if she was eating!

    Wishing Miss Poppy a quick recovery and a very long and happy life!

    Sending you all lots of love,good wishes and Health as well as strength!

    CONGRATULATION - Yiiipppeeee - Did I say that?

    I will go now before I put anymore Yiiippeeee's and So Happy for you's and CONGRATULATIONS IN THERE oops hee hee!


    Big Big Hugs

  7. Oh hun that's wonderful news about little Miss Poppy, what a relief for you all, I'm so pleased it all went o.k.
    We've all been there with the feeling sick with worry and it is such a horrible feeling. If I hadn't have been such a bad blogger of late I'd have known and kept emailing you about "the forum" plans to make you laugh lol
    big hugs Mandy xx

  8. A bit confused got so excited there and can't remember if I clicked to send post? DOH

    FANTASTIC NEWs so so happy for you all especially Miss Polly !

    Take care
    Big hugs

  9. Oh thank heavens all went well. I didn't know today was her surgery or I would have worried right along with you and Phil. She should feel so much better now, more pep ya know. And I worry incessantly about my cats too so we will be deranged together but luckily no one I would rather be deranged with than you!

  10. I loved seeing the pic last week of little Poppy, she is an absolute doll. I'm so relived to hear her surgery went well, that is wonderful. I had to smile about the dinner (a sure sign she is feeling well too). Keeping you all in my thoughts!

  11. Awww huge hugs to the brave little sweetie xx Jenny xx

  12. I know it's hard when wee ones are in the hospital (Willow has had several major operations) and I agree, the logical part of your brain tells you they really are in the best of hands, but the maternal part just makes you want to go through those things for them.
    So glad the op went well, and that apetite is definitely a good sign.
    Congrats to Paolo

  13. Hi Elaine, So glad to hear Poppy's operation went well. I'm not surprised you were all feeling anxious.

    Lisa x

  14. So pleased that all went well with Miss Poppy. Congrats to the winner.

    Pam x

  15. Hi Elaine,
    i am so glad everything has gone to plan and like you say if she is tucking into grub everything must be well.
    what a brave little girl now you can stop worrying bless ya x
    suzie Qx

  16. oh Elaine i'm so glad to hear the good news about Poppy, sending hugs to you all, cant believe she was eating mac'N' cheese so soon afterwards, way to go Poppy..

    well done Paola

    have a great day Elaine

    hugs Troy xxx

  17. Hi Elaine
    So glad everything went ok for Poppy and congratulations to the winner
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  18. hi elaine.pleased that poppy`s operation went well, no wonder you have been worried
    huge congrats to paola and thankyou for the chance to win your amazing candy :D

    xx coops xx

  19. Hi Elaine,
    Thank goodness Poppy is ok, but the worry is awful, think we all feel the same, over the years my kids have put years on me and now the never ends, a happy outcome is all that matters, you can breathe easy
    Congrats to the lucky winner

  20. So pleased to hear all went well with Miss Poppy and fully understand your worry. Kids and grandchildren make us deranged - dont't they?? lol
    Congrats to the winner of the candy.
    Denise xx

  21. Hi Elaine
    I'm so pleased everything went well for Poppy, what a worry for you all. As for you saying that you could be deranged, the answer is a definite NO (because if the answer was yes you are), then there would be millions Mums/Dads/Granpops/Grandma's/Brothers/Sister's/
    Friends out there that were also deranged, me being one of them.
    I think when our loved ones are poorly/needing an operation/etc (particularly when they are very young like Poppy), we would all rather it was us than them. I'd like to tell you it gets easier when they get older, BUT I would be lying to you. My kids are all now grown up & I still worry sick over them if they are ill/injured, I would much rather have the illness/pain myself than them having to go through it (so what does that make me barking mad) no just a caring Mum who loves them to the moon & back.
    BIG congratulations to Paola.
    Sending HUGE healing HUGS to that little sweetheart Poppy
    and BIG HUGS to you
    Sandra (craftynan)

  22. Elaine sending you cyber hugs, I'm so glad for you that the operation went well for Poppy, she'll bounce back before you know it.
    Still it doesn't stop us worrying.
    Love Erika. xxx

  23. You must have been worried sick allright, I totally understand. Glad to hear it went as planned. Sending all kind of good thoughts to you and your family.

    Hugs, Anne.

  24. Hi Elaine.... Firstly I am so very glad that Poppy came through her op well.... it must have been a massive worry for you! (((((((((((((big hugs)))))))))))))))))) and no it isn't bad to worry about our nearest and dearest - we wouldn't be human if we didn't! I just think that as we get older, we don't cope as well with the worrying..... it takes more out of us.
    And now secondly........ well done to Paola!!
    Christine x

  25. Thrilled to have won, thanks so much again Elaine, these little dahlings are gonna freeze their buns off, we had snow last week, if you can believe it snowed in Africa, he he.
    thanks again

  26. I love macaroni and chips, glad she is okay Elaine x

  27. I'm so glad to hear everything went well with Poppy! I worry al lot too so I know what you mean!! I'm going to be a grandma myself at the end of this year or the beginning of the new year! Looking forward to it!
    hugs Yvonne
    Hope you will start feeling better soon.

  28. Glad to hear that all went well, we wouldn't be human if we didn't worry no matter how big or small the op. Hope you are able to give her big hugs from us all. SarahSx

  29. Sending lots of love and best wishes for Poppy. I'll be thinking of her (and you!), hun. And I don't think you're deranged!!! It's only natural to worry! Lots of hugs, Marie xxx

  30. Hi Elaine
    So glad that Poppy's operation went well. I always have trouble getting the rationale side of my brain to take over when my bairns and those closest to are involved too- glad I'm not alone!
    Congratulations to Paola:0)
    Take care, hun. Susie x

  31. Sorry I wasn't around to leave a message Elaine, at My Nephews wedding :)
    So very glad Poppy is on the fast road to recovery now. She is just the sweetest little girl ever. You are quite normal..don't worry x
    As a mum and a Grandma I know just how much worrying we do over the years.... and we needed to do some believe me. Huge Hugs for you, and Lots of Love winging its way to poppy xx

  32. Sorry Congratulations Paola, have fun with your candy xx
    Thanks Elaine for chance to win xx

  33. Hi Elaine, lucky Paola and congratulations. Im glad to hear that your granddaughters op went well and that shes now on the mend, typical children they always make you feel like you worry over nothing. Take care and have a fab weekend. hugs Shirleyxxxx

  34. Hi Elaine,
    So glad everything went well for Poppy's op. Best wishes to all.

  35. I'm so glad the surgery went well. Keep us all posted on her recovery and I hope you all have a fabulous birthday celebration.

  36. Elaine, we are still on vacation...just wanted you to know that I was so happy about Poppy's surgery. You are right it much harder on us than patty


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