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Wednesday 28 March 2012

With Love And Sympathy...

I'm late..I'm late...for a very important date...

The only date I'm late for is the one with my big, comfy bed, which I should be in by now! If I type really quickly I might just get snuggled down before midnight.

My boy has done his job. He actually quite likes the job of picking out a name, just so long as I cut the little slips of paper, write all the names down, fold the papers and place them in a jar. His job is to shake them up and pick one out, and tonight he picked...

Here's hoping you have a loveky rest nd come back refreshed and ready to get cardmaking again. I would love these, that sentiment is lovely.
Marianne if you can please EMAIL ME with your full postal address then I can get them in the mail to you.

I will try my best to get some more stamps for re-homing on here before I go away.
Thanks for looking.

Monday 26 March 2012

With Love And Sympathy...

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having...long may it continue! I love the sunshine but it spells the start of 'silly season' at work. A couple of days of sunshine and the phones are ringing off the hook with 'urgent call outs' if we weren't busy enough already! But I'm not complaining, we are a small business and in this economic climate when our competitors - both big and small companies - are laying engineers off and struggling to find work, we are doing OK. And I need my job...just to keep me in new rubber and paper :)

No card to show today :(
I know, I know. I am a disgrace to the card making community and probably should have all my stash confiscated and be drummed out of blogland.
My Mojo vanished weeks ago and still hasn't come back, and I have neither the energy nor the desire to get inky. It's bloody terrifying actually! What will I do if it never returns?
I have the rest of this week in work and then I am off on my Jolly Holly's for a week and it can't arrive quickly enough. I am praying that a week of R&R will bring the missing Mojo crawling back, begging for my forgiveness...I hope so anyway.
We are going to take off in Bessie for a few days and see where we end up...though the first stop in Tetney is already organised :)

In the meantime I am still trying to re-organise my craft room, dusting all the crooks and nannies and clearing out the unwanted stash.
I have a duplicate set of the stamps below. They are brand new red rubber stamps by Stampin' UP in the dvd case. It's only a small set consisting of 3 stamps (two sentiments and the flower image.)

I always find sympathy cards very hard to make but I think a nice sentiment goes a long way.
Today is one of those family remembrance days when we go to the cemetery to leave flowers on the headstone and I thought it an appropriate day to put these stamps on here.

If you want them then please leave a comment.
Thanks for looking

Sunday 18 March 2012

Just Catchin' Up

I'm back from our little trip away and the first job the boy did was to pick out a name, and the winner of the Stampin' Up set of stamps is:

Elaine you are so generous!
I would gladly took care of these stamps at home.
Hugs Tanya xx
If you could please EMAIL ME  with your full postal address Tanya and I will get them in the mail to you.
I think Tanya lives in Russia? That will be a first for me...never posted to Russia before :)

Back to the weekend...we went away in Bessie and ended up at Harrogate. Now I decided months ago that I wouldn't be going to this craft fair, because
A) I really don't need anything and 
B) I didn't have much money to spare this month, so I totally blame my husband for taking me there :)
And I had a fabulous time!! The best bit was meeting up with friends, and first up was the lovely Christine and this time we also met Barry who is just the nicest man ever. We went for a coffee and a catch up and before we knew it 12 noon was approaching and I hadn't done any shopping! Christine is so adorable and I always love being in her company.

Then me and the hubby went for a walk around the stalls...boy it was busy! We should've been having lunch but I was feeling under the weather and didn't feel much like eating, so instead we went for a coffee and cake with Jill from The Hobby House - Jill is a peach and I always love to see her too- before I knew it 4pm was here and the show was closing in half an hour!
I didn't actually buy much stuff but I had the most fabulous day out...I'll take a photo this week of the stash.
Oh...but my lovely hubby did buy me a couple of things :)

Yesterdays 'feeling under the weather' has turned into a full blown cold, with the usual sore throat, snotty nose, cough, headache and this time the added bonus of conjunctivitis...two green and sticky eyes...lovely huh?
For someone that's never ill I've not been doing too well this seems like I no sooner get over one cold and I'm starting with another - this is the 3rd cold I've had in 3 months and it's really starting to bug me now!

I have a huge pile of emails in my inbox waiting for a reply...please bear with me if you are one of those still waiting, I'll do my best to answer as many as possible this week.

Thanks for looking

Thursday 15 March 2012

...Still Cleaning Out My Craft Room.

All stamps for re-homing have been duly posted. The ones I could just stick a stamp on and pop in the mailbox were posted on Tuesday, the ones that needed additional stamps or needed to be sent airmail were posted on Wednesday as I couldn't get out of work before the Post Office closed.

We are going on a little trip this weekend so my clearout will have to be put on hold which annoys me...I'm on a roll here! Plus I hate leaving a job half done.

I have a spare set of these:

Stampin' Up Outlined Occasions stamps, from the sale-a-bration catalogue. Again, these are the foam mounted rubber stamps in a dvd case.

Just leave a comment and the boy can pick a name when we get back home.
Thanks for looking.

Monday 12 March 2012

LOTV Stamps.

Firstly, a big thank you for all your kindness and well wishes. Bloggers are such lovely people :)
Secondly..sheesh! They went well!
I was hoping someone would take them off my hands...I just didn't expect so many of you!
In the interest of fairness, all names have been written on paper and the boy picked out the names, though had I known how many people wanted them I would've added the linky thing cos it's way too boring writing out all those names!
Just to answer a couple of questions:
If I put candy on here or stuff I want to rehome, I will post anywhere in the world and I do not expect anyone to pay the postage, but thank you for offering.
So the following names have been picked, please can you all  EMAIL ME with your full postal address.

I am sorry if your name isn't there but I do have more crafty stuff to pop on here :)
Thanks for looking.

Sunday 11 March 2012

...Still Cleaning Out My Craft Room.

These stamps have all been re-homed now :)
Well my Mojo is still on vacation! There is nothing creative in my head at all. 
To be truthful, 2012 is turning out to be a crappy year and it's only March! I think I've heard enough bad news to see me through 'til 2013.
So having no inclination or desire to make anything has resulted in me clearing out my craft room instead.

I know I go through phases with which papers I use, which colours and which stamps. No...maybe not which stamps as I always seem to reach for my Sugar Nellies:)
But I have found that there are certain stamps I buy but never seem to use. They are all brand new, so maybe someone else can use them:

Baby's 1st Christmas.

Bubble Bath

Bunny Cupcakes.

Christmas Candle.

Dandelion Clock.

Get Well Bunny.

It's My Party.

Jenny Bear - Gifts Galore.

Lucky Cats.

Me And My Cat.

Star Of Wonder.

If anybody wants any of them, please leave a comment and add which ones you want.
Sorry...I meant to add..they are free to good homes :)
Thanks for looking.

Friday 9 March 2012

I Love Stampin'

I love stamping and I love stamps of many different kinds.
Stampin' Up was a brand I'd never had until about a year ago, because I didn't realise I could just place an order with a demonstrator without having to go to or host a party.
I can place my order - big or small - and within just a few days my goodies will be delivered direct to my door. I particularly love the sentiments, the cardstock, and the inks.

I am not a demonstrator, but if anyone wants to know where to buy SU from I know a couple of lovely ladies you can place your orders with.

Thank you for your kind comments and thoughtfulness regarding my kitty, you are all so lovely :)
I asked hubby to pick a number...and he picked No 12, so Fiona Lawlor please EMAIL ME with your full postal address and I will pop the stamp set in the mail to you on Monday.
I will be back over the weekend with another set :)

Thanks for looking

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Catchin' Up, Cats and Stamps.

Sheesh it's been a long time since I was here!

For those of you who wondered where I've been...nowhere. It's just been another hectic few weeks at work.
I am so darn tired that my mojo has packed its bags and gone looking for somewhere else to live. We've also had a few weekends which have been taken up with visitors or visiting, and weekends are my only playtime!
I have nothing in the way of cards to I thought I would fill you in on other bits 'n' pieces of what's been going on here. Feel free to not read any further!

We have had two cats, Bart and Lisa (yes, the kiddo's watched the Simpsons and named the cats)
Bart is actually a girl...long story but she is a girl and almost 13 years old. Lisa (aka The Killer, Tigger, and most frequently Naughty Pussy) is 4 years old.
My cats are very well looked after and totally adored and I was devastated when Bart passed away.
There was no indication that was poorly, she'd eaten as usual, been in the garden chasing leaves as usual, had 'tummy tickles' and she lay down in her favourite spot on the bedroom carpet for an afternoon nap.
I was in the spare room turning on my laptop when I heard a noise like a sneeze or a cough, I heard it again so I got up to see what the noise was and Bart had died, as quick as that.
I am very thankful that it was quick and she was at home, it was just such a shock.

Bart on her Christmas blankie.

Just to make me feel really terrible, a fortnight ago I was discussing the new Tim Holtz Distress Markers with Karen (Mrs Funkykits) and I asked Karen if she fancied a swap? She could send me a complete set of the markers and I would send her one husband, one son and two cats in return. She didn't take me up on my kind offer, but I really was only joking..I would never swap my cats for anything.

On the subject of my missing mojo...I went looking for it in my craft room, figuring it was just hiding somewhere between the rubber and papers. No, it's definitely gone :(
But I did find other stuff lots of unused stamps! I figure if I have more than a dozen stamps off one particular company that I've never inked then I ought not to buy anymore of them!

Stampin' Up....I love SU products, particularly the sentiments, and I did intend to write a bit about SU, but I fear this post is long enough to be turned into a mini series already, so I'll save it for another day.
If you've read this far then you're either very bored, an insomniac or my best buddy so I'll leave you with this...
A set of brand new SU stamps, Swirls and Curls. This is a Hostess set which I got multiple packs of so maybe someone else would like to give this pack a home.
These are rubber stamps pre-mounted on foam and they come in a clear DVD type case.
There are 5 stamps: Congratulations, Thanks So Much, Happy Birthday, Thinking Of You and Hello.
If you want them to come and live with you please mention it in a comment after this post.

Thanks for looking