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Friday 18 November 2011

Blog Candy...think PINK!

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I got a lovely parcel in the mail today from my new friends over at Crea Shop Duymelot in Holland.
My addiction to all things papery has been satisfied...for now! I also bought some stamps for gifts and one for a blog candy.
Do you remember me telling you about Magnolia producing a special Tilda stamp, only to be sold HERE?
Magnolia are donating 500 euros to the Swedish Cancer Fund, and for every one of these stamps sold 2 euros is donated to the Pink Ribbon Cancer Fund and so a very good way to raise funds and awareness.
This charity is also very close to Astrid's heart (the owner of the Dutch shop) as she has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer herself and went into hospital last Tuesday for an operation.

There was good news and not so good news. The tumour was small and the surgeons removed it all, and it had not spread. But the bad news is that the biopsy showed this to be the most aggressive type of breast cancer, so Astrid will now have radiation treatment and chemotherapy, as a precaution, to be extra safe.
It was very fortunate that this tumour was caught so early...keep checking your boobies ladies!!
My very best wishes go to Astrid, her husband Kees, and family.
So on that note I have a little candy.

And in keeping with the Pink theme I have added a couple of extra bits and pieces.

A 6x6 pad of MME Love Me papers.

A pack of Prima flowers.

And a Pink mini ribbon kit.

The rules are a little different this please read below.
As usual, candy is for my followers and is open worldwide but I am not liable for any customs/duties that some countries impose.
But this time in order to enter I want you to post the top photo of the Tilda stamp on your sidebar, or in a post and link it back to this post...just to spread the message around again to keep on checking your boobs!
Candy will stay open until Friday November 18th 6pm GMT.
Please click on the blue froggy to enter.
Thanks for looking.
Love Elaine xxx


  1. I'm popping by to say hello Mrs L ... love that stamp and am proud to say I own it:))))
    Your candy is lovely, if very, well P***, so I will be giving it a miss!!!

    Cathy xx

  2. Thank you for spreading this very important message Elaine and thank you for the chance to win this adorable stamp.

  3. Very happy to post on my blog and spread the word about checking them boobies as my Mom is a breast cancer survivor. Thanks for a great post and lovely candy offer, Jo x

  4. Hi Elaine, i'm a BC Survivor so thank you so much for spreading the word and thank you for the chance to win your fab candy!!
    Hazel xx

  5. Got my candy today, it's lovely! Thanks a bunch!

  6. Elaine I have posted it on my blog as Boobs candy!lol a worthy cause indeed! XX

  7. Hi Elaine dont put me in the draw for your very generous Pink candy I will advertise with a piccy in me side bar for this worthy cause.. I have received my Pink Edition Tilda from Holland & she gorgeous of course..
    well done in supporting for this very worthy cause sweet friend.

    smiles the other Christine XXX

  8. Thanks so much for your generosity yet again Hun and for the chance to win this marvellous candy. Will post the pic on my sidebar with pleasure. Lotsa luv, hugs xxxx

  9. Hi... I've just found your blog... I shall be popping back often! This is such an important message that we all need to be aware of and take seriously, I'm more than happy to spread the word! Thank you for the chance to win the candy too... you have a lovely blog, Shelly x

  10. Thank you so much for the chance to win such pretty candy. Well done on supporting a very worthy cause.
    Happy to spread the word...Piccy on my sidebar.
    Hugs Debbie x

  11. Worthy cause...lovely candy....waiting for results from my last mammogram as I write. Hugs to all who have been affected by BC. xxx

  12. A worthy cause - one of the main causes I support as it runs in our family unfortunately! - but it also applies to men to have their boobies checked too - so go on everyone have a feel of each other's to check (ask permission first though!) put the piccy on my blog.
    Hugs SarahS.

  13. What a worthy charity and its so great of you to spread the word. I will be very proud to show this in my sidebar. Gorgeous goodies too. Good luck to everyone. Lee xx

  14. What a worthy charity Elaine your fabolous spreding the word!
    I put it in my sidebar !
    Good luck to everyone!
    Hugs Heidy

  15. Hi Eliane, what yummy goodies you have for us. Glad that Astrid's cancer hasn't speard. My sister's best friend also had very aggressive type but has compelted all her treatment and is doing well. Dreadful, dreadful disease
    I am going for a wee shop now, thanks again for the link to your new friends

  16. Dear Elaine!
    Your candy is the BEST, everything in my very fave color pink... I'm dreaming !!!
    Big Hugs,

  17. Cancer is a really, really bad thing, i hope Astrid will be better soon. I have put a link on my blog with pink ribbon!

  18. my best wishes are with Astrid and I hope her treatment isnt too aggressive...I check every month it saved me so I will always do it...thanks for the chance to win your wonderful candy Elaine
    Mina xxx

  19. Hi Elaine, I really hope Astrid will be fine soon, thank goodness they found it when they did.....Love this sweet Tilda, so cute and thankyou for a chance to win some gorgeous candy, will go link to my sidebar.xx

  20. Hi Hun, off to put it on my side bar hun,
    sorry I've been missing again had a flippin cold which made my head all mushy, actually not much different to my normal state lol.

    hope your well, and not working to hard, ps love your candy, hugs Liz xx

  21. Hi Elaine, Thanks for chance to win Yummy candy, its lush xx
    Thinking of Astrid and glad of good news will be praying for full recovery to follow her treatment. xxxx

  22. Hi Elaine
    I wish Astird all the best as i am a BC survivor myself and the candy and stamp are gorgeous ,thankyou
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  23. hi Elaine what a good cause this is and as I go for my check tomorrow which I never look forward to but know how important this is as my Mum had this horrid diease. i hope Astrid is ok and my thought are with her family.

  24. Hello Elaine, You're simply the best and your Candy's are amazing.
    Greats from Austria,Brigitte

  25. Hi Eliane.... very worth cause... I think we all know someone or have a relative that's been affected. I will advertise the cause and the candy on my sidebar, but please, don't put me in the draw... I've had my share of candy from you, generous friend!
    Christine x

  26. wow Elaine wonderful pinkalicious!!!, thanks for the awareness message it's something i forget to do.
    bless you Elaine for the chance to win!

  27. prayers for Astrid, thanks so much for the chance to win xx

  28. What an awesome candy!!! My thoughts go out to Astrid and Kees but they allready know that.... I allready have that stamp, bought it from Astrid, but I would love to win these ribbons, flowers and beautifull paperpad!!!! If I would win I will make somebody else happy with the stamp... Thanks for the chance!!!!

    gr. arjette.

  29. So happy to spread the word Elaine. I've done a post and put sweet Tilda on my side bar.
    Suzi x

  30. hiya sweetie
    what a super girl you are, for doing this hunni
    your candy is amazing en linked
    thank you sweetie for the chance
    hugs angelique

  31. my mum had the most aggressive cancer 10 years ago. She found it early, was operated and had chemo and radio. It made her very bill but she is still with us today. Keep checking ladies!!!!!
    hugs Sarah
    p.s. thanks Elaine for the chance to win this great candy

  32. I hope Astrid recovers, my Mum had breast cancer 3 times over 17 years and she lost her fight to it on the 26.5.2005. The 18th is also my birthday so I am hoping that i will be lucky in this candy xxx

  33. thanks for spreading the message & also thanks for the chance to win xxx

  34. Good cause hun - my little sister has breast cancer - though sadly terminal - though still with us so thats good
    Hugs and thanks for the candy chance hun
    Sarah x

  35. Fab candy and a brilliant cause!, lovely blog too!
    Lindsay xx

  36. thank you raising awareness of the imprtance of checking regularly. I lost my very bst friend to BC 19 years ago and i miss her terribly. Wishing your friend the very best of good wishes for a full recovery

    Love and hugs

    Sylvia x.. i have put a post on my blog for you

  37. What a wonderful cause! My nan has breast cancer so this too is very close to my heart!! Thank you so much for a chance to win!!! I've posted it on my sidebar as Check your boobies candy!! :) Hugsxx

  38. hi sweetie what a wonderful reason for a candy and wow it is one brilliant prize too i have put a post on my blog huni xx

  39. I am pretty sure you are up on the breast exam if I am not mistaken! Snort! Great candy so I am entering this time, Tilda is even kinda cute but definitely a good cause.

  40. I never say I "hate" anything..or anyone..but cancer, yep, I HATE it. :(
    Thanks for the chance to win your awesome PINK candy!!!
    I have put this on my sidebar.

  41. What a wonderful cause for a candy!! Thank you so much for a chance to win...on my side bar...and had my mammogram 2 days ago...

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  42. Hello Elaine! What a brilliant cause!
    Great giveaway! I linked it on sidebar
    I am so happy to find this blog and I'm a follower! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Hugs. Larisa. xxx

  43. It´s really importatn your message here, hun!
    Thanks a lot for the chance to win those PINK goodies :)

  44. I hope Astrids treatment is soon over and all is well, thanks for doing this fab candy in such a worthy cause, we all know someone!
    Hugs Tilly x

  45. Hi Elaine
    Thanks so much for offering this's very generous of you. Thankfully I know anyone with breast cancer but my thoughts and sympathy are with all those who suffer. Keep the faith ladies!
    Love, Alessandra

  46. Gorgeous pink candy - thanks for the chance to win it. I have posted it on my sidebar.
    Denise xx

  47. I had a dear friend who died from cncer some years ago and I think this is a wonderful candy, thank you for doing it.
    I have put it in my sidebar

  48. Thank you for spreading this very important message Elaine and thank you for the chance to win this adorable candy.
    Get well wishes to Astrid!!!
    I think that everyone knows someone in the family or friends with breast cancer
    And it's so scary then everyone should go check himself
    Thanks again

  49. Oh sorry to hear about your friend, Astrid. Awesome that they were able to remove the tumor...will keep her in my prayers as she goes through treatment!! Thanks so much for spreading the work about Breast Cancer...and self exams. And thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous pink candy!! Hugs. Pat Frank

  50. Elaine...I will help to spread the word on my blog too. I think most of us know somebody who has or had some form of cancer. My auntie died on Monday night from a pulminary embolism however she was in hospital undergoing her cancer treatment. her cancer wasn't aggresive and could be treated so it was a shock to us all when she died from something else. I wish one day that the scientists can find a cure to treat all cancers...


  51. Thank you soooo much for the chance to win this amazing candy Elaine!!! Well done on supporting such a worthy cause!!
    I'm happy to help spreading the word...
    Hugs, TinaM

  52. Gives me chills to think that BC can affect so many of us. Thanks for spreading the word and really making us think about the things we think will never happen to us.

    Your candy is FAB and I have already posted it on my sidebar.

    Big hugs;

  53. Hi Elaine,
    I am happy to spread the word on my blog sidebar. This is such a worthy cause. Thanks for the chance.

  54. Wow such a gorgeous candy and a very important message to spread! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.
    Fiona L x

  55. I will help ta spread the news!!!
    ( and thank you for the chance to win this lovely candy....

  56. Hi Elaine,
    Such beautiful candy lovely and pink x
    You at your best so very generous and a very caring friend great cause x
    Suzie Qx

  57. Oh Elaine what a fantastic gesture for such a heartfelt and worthy cause, cancer is such an evil disease that affects so many people in the world over. hugs and wishes and prayers for Astrid and her family and to everyone else out there who is going through their own battles because of this evil disease xx
    thanks Elaine for your kindness and generosity with this gorgeous candy, thanks for letting us playy along and to spread the word on BC.
    hugs Troy xxx

  58. Thank you Elaine for spreading this very important message, such a great cause!

    I just found your blog, I really like all the cards you make, so sweet. Thank you for the chance to win this fabulous candy. Hugs, Hanneke

  59. It's a sad news, my best wishes to Astrid.

    Thank you for such lovely candy, hope to win) Hugs, Mila

  60. HI,
    Such a lovely candy. I have post this on my sidebar. Thanks for the chance. I hope you visit me as I am having a giveaway too.
    Karezma Kreations

  61. It would be an honor to spread the word for this great cause! Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. Thanks for the chance to win all these goodies!
    It's not the best of news, but it is good news they got it all. Hope the treatments go smoothly!

  63. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do to spread the word about such a worthwhile cause ... I came across your blog while blog hopping and am about to go and check out your gorgeous work ... I have just become a follower and am looking forward to seeing more of your creations. Thank you ... Julie :D

  64. I have just found your blog. Thank you for the chance to win your lovely candy. Could I just say that my son was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer last year and when diagnosed he was already in stage 4 but the doctor told us that the fact tht it was very aggressive was slightly better as it would attack the chemo with the same aggression and that made it easier to treat. Come February my son will have been in remission for one year. He also received radiotherapy as a precaution. So maybe Astrid can take some heart from this.

  65. I am your newest follower and admirer... and thank you for getting the word out about breast cancer! I just lost my Mom on July 31st to this horrible disease and every woman who can SHOULD get checked and have a mammogram! It is so important! I have posted and linked about your site and wonderful giveaway on my blogs sidebar... visit me too sometime! Thanks for the chance to win such a GREAT giveaway and GORGEOUS goodies!
    Crafty Hugs,

  66. hiya Elaine,

    How are you? I have left Astrid a message and I wish her lots of strength and love to follow her all her days and cheer her while she SURVIVES!

    Technology is great and has advanced so much and SURVIVAL is high and the love that people send to find an all out cure is tremendous!

    I am clear 8 years now and had a very agressive tumour and surgery too - Think positive Astrid!

    What a fab PINK candy you have and a great way to send an awarness message too!

    Thank you.

    Take care
    Big Hugs

  67. Hi Elaine,
    Thank you for the candy opportunity & for giving me a lovely image to make us all the more aware of BC. Which reminds me, gotta get checked myself. Take care & thanks again.
    I love your designs btw :) They're gorgeous.

  68. Thank you for spreading the word. I have had a different type of cancer but it is still abitch. Thank you for the chance to win.

    Greetings Johanna

  69. Hello Elaine, thank you for a change to win this wonderful pink candy!
    So thoughtful of you to spread the word about this cause! Hope the treatment goes well for Astrid, will keep her in my thoughts!

  70. First... I will keep your friend Astrid in my prayers... Ty for the chance to win this sweet candy... I posted on my sidebar with a link back :)

  71. Oh my .... this is absolutely fabulous, thank you for the chance to win these lovely pink supplies, I personnaly know what Astrid is going through !
    I hope that Astrid will be fine too !

    hugs Astrid xx

  72. Lovely cute lovely candy! Thanks for the chance to win! and I wish you good luck.

  73. Oh Elaine what a fantastic candy!I will keep sweet Astrid in my prayers,wish her everything it's gone be ok.
    Be strong he has good friends around her!


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