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Friday 25 January 2013

Flutterby Butterfly.

Hi everyone :)

I've been very productive so far this year...just not in the creative department.

December 31st is the company year end at work and it's usually March before I've got all the paperwork ready to take to the accountants, but not this year! All done and dusted...I think I deserve a Gold star, a pay rise and a month off work - with pay -  for being so dedicated.

I've also been productive at home and had a Spring clean in some of the's amazing the stuff I find when I'm not looking for it. Like some dies I'd bought and forgotten all about, now that was a nice surprise. I went to put them away in the box where I should have put them in the first place, where all the other dies live, and I've come to realise that I must love butterflies...really love butterflies judging by the number of dies/punches/stamps I own. 
I even have some of the same stamps twice!! 

Two sets of clear stamps from Prickley Pear with the matching die.

If you fancy playing with them then just say so in a comment after this post and I'll get the boy to pick a name out of the hat on Sunday.

I also have a large collection of stamps and dies that are more suitable for the CAS style of card.

But CAS is a style I just can't get the hang of at all!
There's either too much on the card or not enough but never just the right balance.
I will persevere until I either master it or go mad in the process.
I'm taking bets it will be the latter :)

Thanks for looking.


  1. The stamps look gorgeous, butterflies are my fave embellishment, thanks for the chance. xxx

  2. Fabulous card Elaine, love the image. I'd love the opportunity to play with your butterflies, thanks for the chance to win them. Hope you have a great weekend.
    Caz x

  3. Oh this is brilliant of you once again Elaine....thanks for a for the time off work....good luck with that one hun....woman are never OFF work are

  4. ooh i love that cute little telephone and it looks CAS to me .. dont mention tidying .. i need to do lots!

  5. Hi Elaine
    Well done to you and your card is beautiful and just love the stamps and die, have a lovely weekend
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  6. Oh my sweet friend,me too I love butterflies and your stamps set is fabulous^_^
    Hope to win them^_^
    Your cas card is gorgeous,adore the delicate soft colors used^_^
    Big hug my friend,

  7. That's a beautiful cas card ..! Love the color combo. Tx for the chance to win the butterfly stamps.

  8. thank god I'm not the only one! I find CAS so hard the card looks bare! LOL I love butterflies, the name says it all! I hopped on to your blog today to says thanks for the inspiration your cards are adorable and have helped my crafty mojo wake up this year! can't wait to see more tfs hugs Amanda

  9. Hi Elaine.
    Well done you for getting the accounts done so quickly - pay rise, month off with pay and A GOLD MEDAL is deserved.
    Love the stamps and die - I really could put these to good use maybe on a CAS card!!! Think you do CAS very well. Love that little telephone.
    Denise xx

  10. Well done Elaine on being so organised and productive. You can definately have a gold star. I too have been having a major de-clutter (but not crafty stuff yet), and spring clean. I was shocked at how many clothes went to charity, 12 bags. I really must curb my hoarding habits.

    I know what you mean about CAS cards, I can't get them right either. I just love the butterfly stamps and die and would love to give them a good home. Must look up the company as I've never heard of them. Thank you so much for the chance to win them.

    Have a great day, hugs Christine x

  11. Congrats on getting all of your work done and you even had time for some cleaning!!! Well done .....I have been trying (and failing) to sort out my craft space for a long time now lol
    These stamps are absolutely stunning!! I would love to be entered for a chance to win them, thanks so much :)
    Fiona L x

  12. ine congrats on starting the year off at work the right way get rganised and most of all tell the boss how much you have saved him at the accountants getting it all done as i am sure they charge far more sorting when not straight well we did. As you know i too struggle with Clean and simple but this looks fab and a new style for the new year. Oh heck february next week what happened to january did i fall asleep.
    Thanks for the chance to win these. Have a good weekend

  13. O my CAS just does not compute does it? Well done with the accounts. Now I could have told you about the butterflies........ That's a lovely pair of sets for KISS stamping too, especially with the matching die which I'm sure someone will love to give a good home to. I've got so many flitting about my room that I'm NOT putting my hand up.............
    I think you deserve a month off work too.
    Paula (PEP)

  14. Great card, that little phone is too cute.
    Would love a chance to try out those butterflies. Thanks for a great chance to win.

  15. Hi Elaine. I do agree that CAS is very hard to master but I think your CAS card is perfect and you have the balance just right.
    Those butterfly stamps are just so beautiful, thanks very much for the chance to be able to play with them xx

  16. OMG OMG OMG--I am such a butterfly freak :) Thanks for chance at this Elaine!!!!! Hey and congrats on your bookkeeping....I not ready yet :)
    God Bless

  17. What a beautiful card. The stamps are lovely.
    Hugs, Chantal S

  18. No matter what you do or say you always make me feel lazy compared to you ... But I say it with a smile cuz you truly do inspire me & make me want to get up out of my chair & clean or do some serious sorting or hey, even make a card !!! Now that would be something different. Seriously Elaine you amaze me in all you do & I'm so happy that you've already got your paperwork done to take to the accountant. That's a major good feeling & a load off your mind. I'm proud of you girl. Good luck to the lady who gets those beautiful butterflies ... They would be perfect on a springtime card.
    Hugs, Janie

  19. I will be the first to comment - I love your card, especially the colour. I am sure I could give the butterflies a new home! Thanks for the chance

  20. You're too hard on yourself - I think your card is totally wonderful!! And I would love to win the butterflies - SO pretty! Thanks for the chance!

  21. Hi Elaine

    I hope you are well.

    Well done on getting in front at work - hopefully you will be able to relax more now.

    Your Hello card is lovely. I wish I could do CASE but I cant - I tried and failed.

    The buyterfly stamps are lovely.

    Love Kerry x

  22. Hi Elaine
    These Butterfly stamps and Die is beautiful, and your CAS card is fabulous I'm the same as you chum with this type of card I can never seem yo get the balance right.....
    I've not been online much since New Year wee have been doing some much needed decorating.... I hoping all is well with you and well done with getting all your paperwork finished I agree a month with pay you deserve it...... Take Care
    Hugs Sarah xx

  23. Hi Elaine
    well done you on getting all your paper work done, just wish I could find some get up & go (I think mine has got up & gone) lol. I had to google what a CAS style of card was (put it down to old age), I think you have made a fantastic job of it, I only wish I could make them. I'm never happy with my card's unless they have load's & load's on them, & as for quick my card's just don't know the meaning of the word, it must be wonderful to be able to make quick make's.
    Your beautiful stamp's & die are a reminder that spring (everything crossed here) is only a couple of month's away, I can't wait for warmer day's (I soooooo DO NOT like this cold weather).
    Sandra (craftynan)

  24. Well done on being so busy this year, I am due home from holiday next week and then I need to have a sort out as well.
    Thank you for offering these butterfly stamps and die cut, they look fab
    Tilly x

  25. Your CAS card is gorgeous Elaine,love love the soft colors!!
    Have a great weekend!!
    XXX Heidy

  26. Lol having the same set twice - I've done that before! I love your CAS card, it's perfect :) I never got the hang of the beautiful cards that you seem to make so effortlessly, can't get the hang of colouring either! That's the real reason i turned to CAS lol x

  27. Congrats on getting all that stuff done, dear Elaine! As the name of my blog already reveals, I love butterflies, too ;o) – thank you so much for the chance to win!
    And I really like your CAS card – I hope I will create some cards in this style in 2013, too.
    Hugs, Anja

  28. Fabulous card! Beautiful stamps...would love to win these.Thanks for the chance :)

  29. Hi Elaine, lovely to read that you have managed to be in front of yourself this year, you must be fair chuffed with yourself. They say things run in threes, so number one the suns out, two I've read your happy news and three my sister's coming over for a visit. What else could I look for, no I don't lead a very boring life, I guess I'm easy pleased. (must be my age!) Your crds lovely, I can't seem to enjoy the look of torn paper on a card, but yours looks lovely as always. Your stamps and die is gorgeous, who ever wins them will love them. Do not suppose for one minute that the months leave will happen but hey you never know. Best wishes to you and the family...Trish

  30. I think your CAS card looks fabulous sweetie ♥

  31. You?? GO mad??? You're already there hon.... so no need to worry!!

    And as I've told you, this card is fabulous.... it's just right, not too much, not too little.... so I think you've mastered it well! You're too self-critical..

    Well done on your paperwork hon - I think you DEFINITELY deserve that gold star... and maybe a week in the Bahamas or somewhere equally as nice as a reward!!

  32. Oh, I want to enter this one! I love love love butterflies. And no, I don't do CAS either but I would like to have a striped telephone like that one!

  33. I think your CAS card looks great! Love that little telephone!
    And yes please, I'd certainly give your pretty butterflies a new home :)

  34. Lovely Card I love the soft colours in it and I would love to take home your butterflies and play with them for sure thank you for the chance at them hugs Nikki C

  35. och I would call that CAS Elaine, gorgeous anyway. I have to say, I have a bit of a soft spot for butterflies too, but I've not come across these ones

  36. A lovely card Elaine, I love the colour palette and the cute phone on the notepad paper! Thank you so much for your sweet comment left on my blog, truly brightened up my day!


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