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Monday 30 June 2014

Craft Room 'Before' Photos.

Yep, I'm back and this is going to be a long may need cakes and a cuppa to see you through it all.

The first thing I must say is a HUGE thank you to all my friends and family for all your good wishes, gorgeous cards and far too generous gifts, and for making my 50th birthday a wonderful occasion. I was thoroughly spoilt ♥

My hubby finished my craft room on the Sunday, ready for my birthday on the Monday. Bless him but he's worked so hard to get it finished on time and all his hard work has paid off...I LOVE it so much!!
I took last week off work so I could start sorting through my crafty stash and putting it back into it's new home. I seriously underestimated how long this was going to take! I started on the Tuesday and finished it on  Saturday evening and I was working well past midnight for most of the week. I didn't even turn on my laptop, afraid that once it was on I'd lose half the day reading blogger or Facebook. 

I took lots of 'before' and 'after' photos so I hope you'll see a big change!
Let's start with the 'before' ones...

This is the view into the room from the doorway. It was a perfectly workable space but somewhat cluttered and messy.

Going clockwise around the room, behind the door...

A wardrobe - awwww that's Hal's height chart still on the wall!

And the contents of the wardrobe...the crafty stash overspill and stuff I've been buying for the new room, and things put safely away ready for the move.

Next to the wardrobe is a little worktop with my laptop and TV on and Phil's printers on the shelf above.

Under the worktop.

Back up again, and moving left towards my work desk.
I'd been testing paint colours on the walls.

This is my work desk where I sit and colour.

Under the work desk.

And moving around the room back to the door is the last photo.
Oooo I left my fluffy socks on the radiator, sorry about that!

So those are the 'before' photos. 
The next post will be the 'after' photos and a little candy to celebrate.

Thanks for looking and bearing with me.
Love 'n' hugs


  1. Yes I can well understand why you would want to make it more inviting especially border isnt quite you is it? And Im so looking forward to seeing the after photos. Well done Phil to get it done in time for Elaines Birthday, I bet it was hard work.xxxx

  2. Oh, it looks like a great craft room anyway - can't wait to see the after photos!!

  3. What a difference Elaine you must be so pleased with it.
    Happy happy crafting now.
    Hugs Erika. X

  4. Elaiine i would be happy to have room like this and where is the mess. Enjoying my cup and banana and blueberry cake

  5. Girl your old room was awesome cant wait to see the new one

  6. Hi Elaine.......
    I did not realize it was a big birthday, pleased you had a wonderful the nursery border paper.... maybe my colouring would be better if I had some!! wish my room was so tidy lol you would have a fit if you saw mine......waiting for the next lot now.........
    Tilly xx

  7. Hi!that is so much crafty stash Elaine,oh love(ed) the Beatrix potter border,I have all the books and animals from my childhood. I am sure it is amazing ***,can understand the sorting out it is very tiring and draining and so worth it :0) for your new crafty space.hugs Lou.xxxx

  8. Hehe, now you're just teasing! Can't wait to see the 'after pics'! Love seeing the befores though, will be good to see the transformation. Mwah x

  9. Better late than never, happy Birthday! I am looking forward to the pictures of your new craftroom.

    Have a nice day!
    Hugs Thea

  10. Looks a bit cramped in there, can't wait to see the after pics, bet it is amazing x

  11. It still looked nice back then .... You are so tidy
    Bet you love it now and don't want to come out ;)

  12. How exciting, I can't wait to see the next pictures!! Love, Mel. xxx

  13. The suspense is killing me!!!!!!!!
    Hugs, Dena

  14. Happy belated birthday Elaine. So glad to hear you had a wonderful day. Can't wait to see the 'after' photos of your room xx

  15. Wow such a lot of stash - looking forward to the after photos xx

  16. Hi Elaine,
    I'm late but, HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY! So nice to read it was a good one :) Enjoy your gifts!
    I'm so curious about your new craftroom! But one thing I know for sure, you'll be needing a lot of space haha :) Hugs,

  17. sooo looking forward to the "after" pictures =)

  18. Slightly belated birthday wishes Elaine, i'm glad you had a fab day! I am also a June baby and will be celebrating my 50th next year. Thanks for sharing your before pics (fluffy socks included) and I can't wait for the reveal! Jo x

  19. oh Elaine....I can't wait to see your after photos....I know they will be amazing!!


  20. Love the banner Elaine and can't wait to see pictures of your new room !!!
    XXXX Heidy

  21. Hi Elaine, wow, what a stash you shelf has a slight bow under the can't wait to see it all done and dusted, you must be super pleased....enjoy.....
    ps...did you work round Hal's chart ,or did it go in a

  22. Hi Elaine, great to see your photos, can't wait to see the NEW room. I will be in touch again, not sure where my time goes but you're in my thoughts each night when I check your blog...Trish

  23. Soooooo hanging out for the reveal! Stoked to have got a 'sneak peak'! x

  24. Well, your before pictures look lovely to me and so I am really excited to see the after! Will Phil have a work spot in the new? I can just feel the creative juices flowing all the way from the UK. I can't wait to see the end results!

  25. Wow! It looks a great room and it's good to see the 'before' shots,
    what a transformation, looks wonderful now with it's beautiful colour and simplicity, no wonder you love it Elaine, any one would. Have fun in there you deserve it. xxx

  26. I didn't see this yet! It's so different now.

  27. Oh wow, this is a great little space but after seeing your newest post wow what a transformation. X


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