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Wednesday 19 November 2014

Changing Times.

First of all, let me express my deepest gratitude for everyone's kind words of comfort ♥

Mums funeral went as well as any funeral can go. The service was beautiful and it was lovely to see so many friends and neighbours join our family in paying their last respects.
Life goes on and we are all getting back into some form of routine again, albeit a different routine.

As any regular visitor will know, I'm not the most prolific crafter at the best of times, to put it mildly. Like so many other card makers, I work all week and only have time to get inky at the weekend when the household chores are done. I'm fine with that though of course I always wish I had a little more playtime.

I've had very little spare time for the last few months as I was spending the weekends over at my Mum and Dads house and although Mum is now no longer here, the situation hasn't changed any.
At the age of 86 my dad is suddenly on his own after 61 years of marriage. I've been told by more than a few people that I'm not doing dad any favours and that he "Has to learn to adapt and live on his own" and yes that's true. I have to work during the week and he is on his own, but I'll be damned if he's going to spend 7 days a week alone. (Thank you Mary for your advice and encouragement on this subject, yes I will continue to follow my heart) and so my hobby time has disappeared.

I'm not complaining, I'm not trying to get anyone's sympathy vote for poor-little-old-me-that-has-no-time left. I totally adore my dad  and I love spending time with him. He's so easy going, he's kind, considerate, caring and funny, he always makes me laugh. Spending precious time with him is a privilege and one which I intend to take full advantage of.
With this in mind, I have stepped down from the Totally Tilda challenge and the Ribbon Girl card challenge. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on both teams (albeit a very much briefer time than I had hoped for on the Ribbon Girl) and I will always be truly thankful to Susie and Christine, and Mary and Andrea for the opportunity and the honour of being involved with both of these wonderful teams.
Thank you also to the lady that asked me yesterday if I'd like to join her challenge team. 6 months ago I'd have snatched your arm off to join it! It's a good job you're the loveliest lady or I'd have poked you in both eyes for your impeccably awful timing!

I hope to return to my hobby sometime in the near future, maybe in the new year when things have settled down more, but it all depends on how much time I can find or maybe I'll get lucky and win on the lottery and then I can retire? I won't hold my breath on that one.

I've missed a fair amount of my friends birthdays this year, not replied to emails, neglected to keep in touch and lost a friend or two in the process. As for Christmas, it's not even entered my mind yet and I think it's been cancelled this year.

With love 'n' hugs


  1. Totally understand Elaine but don't be a stranger keep in touch take care and see you soon
    Love and hugs
    Dianne xx :)

  2. sending a hug your way Elaine, Mary x

  3. Simply enjoy the time you've left with your Dad to the fullest Elaine, anything else is just less important at the moment!
    Take care and very best wishes!!

    xx Irene

  4. Oh hunny, a true friend will understand, family should come first and your love to your dad will mean so much to him and you,

    Don't worry about us hun we will still be here when you return, though we will miss you,
    sending hugs,
    Liz xx

  5. Oh Elaine, big hugs to you honey. It's fantastic that you have such a great relationship with your dad - I am sure he really appreciates you.

    Mary xxx

  6. Elaine, I have had you in my thoughts so often while you have been going through this dreadful time...
    I agree completely with what your doing, in my book, that's what a family is about....we stick together through thick and thin, we care for each other...that is how it should be....your only doing what any good daughter does, chin up flower, the sun will shine again...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Take care lovely Lady, I'll miss your beautiful makes, I'm looking forward to seeing you gorgeous designs next year. Lots of love to your Dad xxx
    Love, Mel. <3

  8. Hi Elaine, So Sad to read this but I know you will be happier for following your heart. I know you would be one very unhappy lady if anything happened to your dad and you hadn't spent precious time with him. Family come before ANYTHING and I feel my poor hubby gets less of me than we would both wish, we are not getting any younger. Food for thought!
    Maybe you will be back in time to see you at Harrowgate next year :o)
    Take care sweet lady, sending you Huge Hugs xxxxxxxx Miss you xx

  9. Oh Elaine I can certainly understand how you feel. Every day you get to spend with loved ones is like a gift one that needs to be treasured. Although she lived 250 miles away I regret so many times that I didn't go see my Mom more often... Now I don't have that chance as she has passed away. But I am going to miss your wonderful creations as they always made my day. I so loved the little wooded heart buttons you used to make your cards so unique.
    Big hugs from Montana, Janie

  10. Sometimes you have to prioritise things in your life and family should always come first. Real friends will appreciate that and be there when needed. Your crafting will always be there for you when and if you get time. You take care of yourself and you know where I am if you need a chat.

    Big squishy crafty hugs.

    Erika. x

  11. Hello Elaine

    So sorry I missed your last post....I am so sorry to hear of your sad loss.Your Mum looks a beautiful person and you will miss her so much. Look after your Dad now he is alone, he was so brave to help look after her at home. Spend as much time with him as you can and then you will have no regrets later. 61 years is a long time to be married, He must feel so lost on his own. What a horrible couple of years you have had, I hope Hal is coping with the loss.Thinking of you and praying for you all
    Hugs Tilly xx

  12. Dear Elaine,
    I hope you can find some kind of consolation in the fact your Mum had a beautiful service and that there were a lot of friends and family there with you... I wish you and your family so much strenght for the future.
    Do keep following your heart, as regards of your father. If it makes you happy to spend a lot of time with him en he enjoys it as well... Memories of the people you love are so precious and you can't get enough of them in the short time we walk this earth! Take your time and when things have settled down we'll see (or hear) you again! I know I'll be waiting right here :) Big hug,

  13. God bless you Elaine, you know what your priorities are and at the end of the day, something has to give. Your talent will always be there for you to come back to when time allows. Enjoy your precious moments with your dad. True friends will understand why you have missed things or lost touch, those you have lost were not true friends to begin with. As for Christmas, don't force yourself to get caught up in it all, enjoy being with your family and don't feel under pressure.
    Lots of love and hugs

  14. I'll miss you and your beautiful creations, Elaine. Take care,
    hugs Dorte

  15. Oh Elaine, I am so in admiration of your decision. I applaud that you are following your heart and instincts to spend time with your Dad. We will miss you dearly but knowing you will be back with us when the time is right for you is wonderful. Sending warm wishes and hugs. Love Suzi x

  16. sending you big hugs Elaine, you need to do what's best for you and your family <3


  17. Oh Elaine .. gosh .. I wish I could wrap you in a big warm hug right now. You are most certainly right .. our loved ones are MOST important and all what we feel inside that is best to do .. is the right thing to do. .. and of course .. whenever you decide to come back .. we will always be here waiting with open arms.

    Sending you much Love and Hugs,

  18. Having lost my Dad this year and Mum 89 not in good health, you have made the right decision. Time with love ones is precious and it must come first.
    Sending hugs.

  19. Hi Elaine, I haven't checked your blog for a few days, sorry I missed this on Wednesday. You know you're doing the right thing when the weekend arrives and you can't wait to see your Dad, I'm sure he's dying to see you too. It's funny how you get to an age when something happens and all of a sudden your priorities change, some things just don't feel so important anymore. What a wonderful chance to get all the information about your relatives, he must have lots of tales to pass on. Not many sons or daughters can be bothered visiting parents never mind staying for a couple of days chatting and listening to them, I so admire you for doing this with your Dad, it's called love which I know you have plenty of. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend, as for Christmas the older you get the more it becomes just another day when you're just glad to be able to get out of bed! Ta for the lovely email, take care...Trish

  20. Hi Elaine, you have been in my thoughts. Your beautiful cards will be missed very much but I completely agree that you should follow your heart and you obviously have a special relationship with your dad which is something to be treasured. We will be here when you are ready to return to crafting.
    Sending love,

  21. My lovely pal, you are where you are meant to be, doing what you are meant to be doing. Yes, I miss your crafty stylings and sassy humour, but I'll be here, as will many others when you find crafty time again. What I wouldn't give to be spending precious hours with my papa, so I know you are absolutely doing the right thing. Follow your heart as your friend suggested. 'Your heart knows'. Huge hugs, Wends xxxx

  22. Honey you have done the right thing, time with our parents is very precious after all they arnt with us forever sooner of later we are going to loose them, like I have and I wish that it had been possible to turn the clock back and spend just a lot more time with them. And I know you adore you dad and if you cant take some of your precious time to spend with him to stop him feeling lonely I think you would be seen as being very selfish, so dont let anyone make you do what you feel is working for you, just follow your own feelings and enjoy your time you do have with him. hugs Shirleyxxxxxxxx

  23. Hi Elaine, Do hope that things are becoming abit more 'normal' for you, the blow is great, and I know you spend time with your lovely dad, I just hope you can get back to blog land at some point......
    Best whises are sent to you all sweetie, take good care, you just need time....xxxxx


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