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Monday 16 August 2010

Just another Quicky!

I have been having some problems with my laptop for the past month or so. It keeps displaying a CPU fault and then it turns itself off. Which is very inconsiderate when I'm halfway through typing something! So my trusty computer guy is picking up my laptop tomorrow and will do a full strip down and clean and any necessary repairs. What that means of course is that I will be out of action for a couple of days (he says that all being well he will return it to me on Thursday). I can still read my emails on the computer at work, but for some strange reason my boss won't let me go a-blogging on company time? Big, old meanie!

I hope all my buddies up in Scotland have had a nice day, and probably child free? Aren't the schools open again now? Hal doesn't go back until September 8th!
Thank you for all your good wishes and comments about his arm, which is fine and now missing 2 stitches, they fell out last week!
Take care and I'll be back soon - hopefully.
Love Elaine xx


  1. Fingers crossed for you that he doesnt charge you a arm and a leg . see you thursday on the blog. be good mean old boss. lol

  2. Hope your laptop recovers as well it seems Hal is. In the meantime try not to get withdrawal symptoms.
    Paula (PEP)

  3. So frustrating and usually expensive. Hope it gets out of computer hospital soon. Hugs Tracy x

  4. good luck with your computer - hope it is nothing too serious!

  5. My laptop gave up the ghost a while back. Luckily I have the pc or I would be totally lost. It s so frustrating when there is no internet. Hope you get it fixed soon. Glad Hal's arm is getting better. My kids go back on Thursday and I am getting the bunting ready, lol x

  6. hope all goes well with your laptop and thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog I look forward to you returning xx

  7. Just found your Blog!! Looks like just in time for you NOT to be ablt to Blog!! Typical.

    Never mind will catch up when you get back. Love it so far anyway:)
    Michelle x

  8. Hi Elaine
    Hope you get your laptop back soon and glad your son's arm is ok,
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  9. Ugh, no computer that is like cutting off your arm. Hope it is nothing major and you will soon be back and running. Best wishes to Hal, ugh, I shuddered at his arm. Nurse I am not!

  10. Hope you're not getting withdrawal symptoms Elaine!! Good to hear Hal's arm is getting better.
    Don't understand your boss at all, it's not as if you're busy or anything LOL!!!!

    Did you get my good news?
    Trish x

  11. Hi Elaine
    I'm so pleased that Hal's arm is improving (such a brave young man). Sorry to hear about your puter, but I'm sure (as you have a trusty computer guy), it will soon be up & running as good as new. I think I was one uf those strange Mum's (when my kid's were still at school), that used to love it when they had school holidays, magical times that fly by way too soon as they are all grown up now.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  12. Hope you get back and sorted real quick! My kids go back tomorrow...inservice days and all that! So today is a jammies day as it is raining and getting organised !

    Chat to you soon,
    love Judy xx

  13. Hope your laptop is better soon hun, and what a meanie your boss is lol
    hugs Mandy xx

  14. Hope things gets sorted soon.

  15. Computers are brill when they work , but soooo frustrating when they don't behave!! Hope you're back in blogland soon! Susie x

  16. Hi Elaine it sounds as though its probably the fan that cools it down has gone, probably full of dust. Good luck with it. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  17. Hope your Lappy gets back soon Elaine and works like a new one, mean old boss, glad Hals arm is healing well also, see you in a few days!!! chum,
    Sarah xxx

  18. Me again Elaine meant to say Hals arm looks quite swollen & sore hope he is improving..great war wound..LOL hope your comp. is safely back with you soon..there a pain sometimes but we love em really..

    smiles Christine xx

  19. what a mean boss...*lol*
    Hope you get fixed your pc or get a new one soon.


  20. Hey Elaine! I'm finally back in blogland. My internet went down Monday and I only got it fixed this morning and they technically didn't even fix it. Anyway got your card out in the post this afternoon as I could finally get your address to post it. Your delivery came yesterday and made my day!!! :-D

  21. Hi Elaine!, hope you have sorted out your laptop cause i have a little something on my blog for you :o)
    Take care Vicky xx

  22. Hi Hun, happy Thursday hopefully lol,gosh what are bosses like today no crafting on company time, it shouldn't be allowed,speak soon, hugs Liz xx


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