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Sunday 19 December 2010

OH NO! It's nearly Christmas.......

How did that happen? I really don't know how Christmas has managed to creep up on me so quickly this year. I am usually quite organised but somethings gone terribly wrong. This time last week I hadn't bought a single gift but I've managed to get some shopping done now. I still have gifts to buy yet so I think I'm in for a busy week.
I hope the snow isn't too bad in your part of the world. We had another drop of the white stuff on Friday but nothing like the amounts in Scotland and Ireland.

I thought I'd better post something in case everyone thought I'd gone into hibernation for the winter. I wish!
I've not had the time nor energy to venture into my craft room for the past fortnight so in the absence of anything new to post I thought I'd show the card I made way back in September. It's a VERY simple card, no colouring at all and not what I would normally make. I made it to give to my hubby last Wednesday. It was the anniversary of when we first met, 20 years ago. Oh my goodness, that makes me feel so old!

Yep, very simples. The words are from Paper Makeup, and the DP is Memory Box and that's it!

My little Christmas candy's have now all finished. One lady has mentioned that she thought she had seen a photo of kit 2 when I first wrote about the candy's?
Yes indeed, I did have kit 2 earmarked for a candy but time is passing so quickly, so after the winner for No4 candy was picked I parcelled up the remaining hAnglar kit 2 and sent it off into blogland. I hope it will be a nice surprise for someone when they receive the parcel.
Thanks for looking and for any comments you may leave.
Love Elaine xx


  1. An absolutely delightful card Elaine & I don't know what happened to the elusive 2010 either. There it was gone! What a lovely thoughtful thing to do with the hAnglar kit too. Perhaps we need another day like the one in the OT where the sun stood still for a bit .....
    You take care.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Hiya hun!
    Long time no hear lol!. Hope you are well and feeling better now and yes Xmas has come round far too quickly!!. Fed up with the snow, it fell down yesterday and I was in my craftroom down the bottom of the garden!. Had to ring hubby to say I was getting worried I was going to get snowed in lol!
    Anyway enough rambling and your card tonight is just beautiful and so are the words :o)
    Congrats on your 20 years, We celebrated our 20th Wedding anniversary back in June, doesn't time just fly!
    Take care hun and sending warm hugs, cause we need them brrrrr
    Love Vicky xx

  3. Ohhh Elaine I Love this OH did too...very classy & the words are all it needs...Hope you can make it to the craft fair Harrogate in to meet up with you??? think it will be nice to be rid of 2010 nowt but trouble & lets hope 2011 brings more joy?? somehow I think not the state the World never mind UK is in..sorry getting off me soap box.. heres wishing you & yours a very happy Festive season..

    smiles Christine xx

  4. I love that sentiment Elaine, gorgeous. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas, be safe over the season.. no snow down here in Aus, but it's super cold for summer! Pants and Jumpers all round... and summer snot from the kids!
    Take care ♥

  5. This is really nice, I am not even sure of the exact date Joe and I met! Perhaps with time going by so fast you should check your kitties water bowl, might explain some things...

  6. Such a beautiful card,hun. So lovely. Now, although I cannot claim to be organised any year...I have to agree with you that this year has just flown by. I am now in panic mode...and with the schools possibly closing tomorrow too then I think I will just give up, lol. I have also just realised that I forgot to order our Jack trousers from Next today - he needs them for Wed. What a nightmare. Maybe we could hibernate together, lol. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas, Elaine

    Suzanne x

  7. Hullo Elaine,
    long time no see (bit like me!)
    what a smashing verse that is so romantic it doesn't need a stamped image it says it all x
    have a fandabidozie crimbo x
    Suzie Qx

  8. Hi Elaine
    A beautiful card and Happy Anniversary and before i forget have A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family
    Hugs Dianne xx

  9. I love the simplicity of this creation Elaine. Yep Christmas sneaked up on me too. But i'm getting there now, nearly ready.
    Have a great Christmas Elaine and a hyappy new year.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  10. Its quite scary how quick 2010 gone by, this time last year i was pregnant with my 4th boy and now he is 8 mths old and about to celebrate his 1st christmas.....ooooo cant wait to all my boys faces on christmas day lol
    Sorry for waffling!!
    Your card is gorgeous sweetie and love the sentiment :o)
    hugs and xxx

  11. Hiya Elaine,

    Missed you, was worried,yippeeee your back then Santa take you away on a sliegh now hee hee!

    What a fab card!
    How are you?

    I think as crafters we all forget that the simple elements - that we do not need to colour are just as sweet & elegant as our coloured stamps!

    I have a few Kanban kits & they are collecting dust as I think,I have to use stamps & colour all the time!

    People are just as happy with a kit card - it's the personal touch they like.
    The special part is the thought -

    "It's the thought that counts"
    Memo to self hee hee

    Wishing you better health & lots of happiness in 2011!

    Wishing you & your family (CATS TOO)
    A very Merry Christmas & a Fantastic & Happy New Year!

    Hope Santa good to you all!

    Take care
    Big Hugs

  12. Wow - the wording is just so perfect and the card is just elegant.
    Lovely to hear your still around - I think it is like everyone, too much to do and not enough time to do it. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year, hugs and best wishes Sarah x

  13. Beautiful card, very elegant. We have quite alot of the white stuff, and I was very thankful on thursday night (just arrived home from the UK), the plane landed, and within a very short time we had blizzard and it lasted for a couple of days. So all in all, I'm way behind on the shopping this year and it's very scary how quick christmas has come this year (it gets quicker every year!!!!)

  14. awww what a lovely heartfelt card - the wording says it all
    good luck with the rest of your xmas shopping
    Debz - buried up to her oxters in snow!

  15. Hi Elaine, so happy to see you are still out and about. I think I've finally got caught up on everything, I've given myself a deadline of Tuesday, then the rest of the time is for me to do what I want, when I want. I have managed to visit a few blogs today, I felt so bad for not visiting anyone and leaving comments. It's nice to see what everyone has been up too. Hope you are feeling better and that your cold has gone now. I still have the last few dregs of a cold but nothing serious...I'll make it through.
    We did all our Christmas shopping in Nov, the cards finally all got posted last week, food was all bought at the end of I'm ready now for the Big Day.
    Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year my friend.
    Donna xx

  16. Hi Chum I just love the wording to this Sentiment and what a beautiful card to give to your hubby, it is stunning the colour also is gorgeous, I have been popping back and forth myself as have been so busy making cards, me too so far behind this year but catching up now!! at last, ohhh!!! someone is going to get a wonderful surprise!! then with kit 2, you are truly {one in a million} Elaine this is a yet another act of kindness from that wonderful heart of yours chum, and yes I have never seen so much snow here in N Ireland in all my 52yrs!!! I don't like driving to work in it, well last Friday work was closed so had the day off whoohoo!!! here's hoping it's closed tomorrow also hehe' you take care chum.
    lots Hugs
    Sarah xx

  17. Elaine,

    Like you... I am astonished how the days are flying by. DH and I have been heads down working like crazy and yesterday, when I came up for a breath of air... I realized it was a week until Christmas. Let's see... no gifts wrapped (although they are almost all bought -- still waiting on the postman for the last two!). About a dozen cards and gift tags to make to tuck into those (hopefully) soon to be wrapped packages) No baking done... good grief... wonder if anyone will object to oreos and animal crackers?? House cleaned from top to bottom today, so that's one thing off the list, though it'll be a struggle to keep it clean for the next five days. And my in-laws are bringing Christmas dinner (I have only to contend with appetizers! Yay in-laws!)

    Still.... lot of work due in this week... and the dog still needs walking, cats need loving and husbands need to be fed. If it's not too much bother, could we postpone Christmas for a week????



  18. Lovely card Elaine. You're not alone with the organisation this Christmas but then the weather hasn't helped....beginning to wish I'd ordered a turkey!!
    Thank you very much for my candy I'm hoping to have a play once all my shopping, wrapping and baking is done and dusted!!
    Have a cracking

  19. Hi Elaine
    WOW what a lovely lovely card, bet hubby loved it, what lovely words. You say simple, I say beautiful.
    I'm like you I just don't know where this year has gone, Christmas has crept up so fast.I usually have the Christmas tree's & decs up long before now, I HAVE to go & buy a Christmas tree today (or Christmas will be over)lol. I need to put some Christmas songs on, to get me in the Christmas mood lol.
    Hope you & your lovely family have a fantastic Christmas.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  20. Elaine! Oh wow what a great sentiment! I love it! I bet your hubby did too! Very elegant card for the occasion!!! I hope you have a little more crafting time in 2011!!
    Hugs and have a great Christmas!

  21. Beautiful card and sentiment Elaine, the paper is wonderful I love the windswept look the trees have, just like a relationship swaying in the wind but never breaking. (I know they are probably hanging branches turned around but I think you'll understand what I mean). Happy first meeting anniversary and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :-) xx

  22. Lovely card Elaine! Hope you get all your things done despite the horrid cold and snow. have a great Christmastime! Hazel x

  23. Hi Elaine, I'm the same, one minute you have loads of time and the next only a week and loads of snow, opps! Must be more organised next year.

    Fab card for your hubby. Hope you had a good one.

    Have a good christmas and new year.

    Hugs Tracy x

  24. Hi Elaine, Stunning card. Very elegant and pure romance.

  25. Beautiful card and gorgeous sentiment, so lovely.xx

  26. Good morning! The grandbabies are sleeping so I doing a little blog hopping on the lap top! Love your card, sometimes the simple ones are the best! Hope your week goes well and you get it all done with a day to 'rest'! hugs

  27. Hi Elaine wow I love that card those sentiments are fabulous.
    I do hope you are ok and getting ready for the weekend, hopefully you wont get the snow we are suffering from its quite deep and a real pain.
    Take care my love and have a wonderful Xmas, with love and hugs Shirleyxxx

  28. How sweet and romantic, this beuatiful card you made for you husband! Wishing you an wonderful Chrismas!!
    Still have to buy some present aswel. Don't know what to buy for my father.
    hugs and kisses,

  29. Hi hunny, hope your getting there lol, I just can't get my head round the fact that it's so near, will it snow again before Christmas lol,

    Anyway hun, have a very happy Christmas and a lovely New Year, hope you have a fab time, with lots of lovely goodies, hugs Liz xx

  30. Beautiful card Elaine, the sentiment is lovely.
    I'm with you about Christmas creeping up this year, I'm usually organised but have totally blown that this year lol
    hugs Mandy xx


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