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Sunday 6 February 2011

Yet More Recycling....

Thanks everyone - They've all got a home to go to now, my boy will pick names out when he gets home from school and I'll be back later to ask for the address's.

Mmmmmm I notice there was only one taker for yesterdays re-homing. Auntie Sue, I shall slap a postage label on hubby's ass and send him off to you tomorrow!
In the absence of my phone - and therefore camera - I have trawled the Internet for photos instead.

Penny Black -  Bees and Bunny - Used

Penny Black - Bunny Bath - New

Penny Black - A Whisker Away - Used

Penny Black - With This Ring - New

Penny Black - Rain or Shine Friends - New

If you want anything please leave a comment after this post stating what you're after. UK and Ireland only simply because of the postage costs to me.
Thanks for looking
Love Elaine xx


  1. Oh I feel awfully cheeky to post as a silent reader of your blog....but I would love any of your PB stamps!! I am on the Penny Black Saturday Challenge DT and I have non of your sweet stamps! many more though!!!
    Hope you dont mind me posting...I will happily pay any costs etc :)

    Jenny xx

  2. Lol Elaine I could find him lots of jobs while I look for a house. Oh and could you put me in the draw for either Rain or shine friends, with this ring, or bees & bunny. Thanks and hope things are settling down abit your end.

  3. Hi Elaine

    Could I put my name down for Bees and Bunny please.

    Hugs Ali x

  4. Hope you have had a restful weekend after recent events!

    OOoo I love all of them but I would love either the second or 3rd please.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  5. Hi Elaine,
    I would love the First stamp - Penny Black Bees and Bunny :) So cute. Thanks fo the chance, its very generous of you xx

  6. Hi Elaine
    I would love the bees and bunny stamp,
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  7. Wow! I would love to be the owner of any one of these stamps. I don't have any PB stamps.
    Thank you for your generosity.
    I hope you are managing to get things sorted at home.
    Love, Andrea xx

  8. Hi Elaine
    I would like to be considered for one of the stamps. Doesn't matter which as I don't have any of them.
    Enjoy the last of the weekend.

  9. I feel as if I'm spoiling other peoples chances but I'd love one of the cute animal stamps. (If you do a draw and if I am successful I would insist on refunding postage costs!) Thanks Hazel x PS Thought you were only joking about your O/H but would be prepared to swap you yours for mine as he's in the same sort of condition as yours but I am guessing slightly older!

  10. Hello Elaine, I would appreciate the chance of receiving any of your lovely stamps please. Thanks for the opportunity. xx

  11. oh Elaine these are so adorable i so need some Penny Blacks they are so cute xxx

  12. Hi Elaine wow would love to get any of these stamps!love them all!!!!!

  13. Hi Elaine. I'm being cheeky too cos I was lucky enough to receive one of the others that you were kind enough to give away....but - I love the new Penny Black images and I haven't seen those two before, so I would LOVE either Rain or Shine Friends or With this ring. Gorgeous!! Hugs, Marie xx

  14. Hi Elaine,
    Could you put me in the draw for either Bunny Bath or With this ring. Great Penny Black stamps.
    Thank you
    Tracy x

  15. Hi Elaine..i do love no 3 and 4. but i live overseas i dont mind paying the shipping :)
    i just love PB soo much.


  16. Hi Elaine thanks chum for this chance to be in another draw!!! any of the first two images I would love they are all gorgeous, hope you are a bit more settled after last week, Lots Hugs xx
    Sarah x

  17. I have hummed & haaaed but in the end I thought I'd allow myself to enter as I think the last stamp is so different. So please add me to the list for that one. Thankfully I saw your post after I'd published mine so I can actually allow myself to enter for this!
    Paula (PEP)
    Hope you have a very much better week.

  18. morning Elaine hope this is a better week for you , I would love to give a hme to any of the stamps but if I had to pick it would be one of the bunnies, if I'm lucky of course. Hope all are well and that aunty sue doesn't overwork yor hubby and that Hal is feeling better and back to school too and work is would like to say relaxing but I'll change that to not steressful, don't want to tempt fate. Hugs Julye

  19. Oh, I almost wish I was greedy, lol. If I hadn't already received an envelope of gorgeousness from you, I would love these last 2 PB stampsm - maybe it could be seen as luck instead of greed,lol. Can these still be bought? Hope you are well, hunni x

  20. Hi Elaine happy Modnday I hope??LOL I would be happy to recive any of the PB stamps but the Bunny in flower Pot or on the Bird bath would be most try & get into some CAS style cards..

    smiles Christine xx

  21. Well this is a lovely idea, think if I were to choose it would be the two little girls, rain or shaine, brilliant to send to friends etc;....but any would be brilliant.....xxxxx

    PS...glad aunty sue won your hubby, he will be going to a good


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