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Saturday 5 February 2011

Ho Hum....

This week I have been extremely unproductive in the crafting department - even more so than usual. I've had a steady stream of visitors, in addition to the Police and CSI guys, I've had the Crime Prevention Officer who really couldn't offer any advice except to change the locks, which we'd already arranged, and to fit an auto-dialer to the alarm system. The locksmith has returned and fitted the new locks and additional security to the patio doors, and left us with the stern warning to NOT get locked out, as it'll be a 'bugger' to get back in again!
Victim support also called to see if I required anything. I said that I require the little sod to be caught and his testicles hooking up to a car battery, but they couldn't help me with that.
Carl has also been to measure up for wrought iron railings and a gate. We wanted the high railings with nice, big, sharp spikes on top but, as Carl informed us, these types of railing are not exactly to standards because if an intruder were to climb the railings, slip and impale themselves on the spikes that would be a big problem.
Not for me it wouldn't.
Then we had the delight of dealing with the insurance company. I thought the trouble would be with the i-pod and docking station. They were both bought at the same time and more than 4 years ago, and I tend to throw out the receipts when the manufacturers warranty has expired. But they were no problem at all, it was my phone that's caused the headache. The insurance company required proof that I did indeed once have that phone. The original box the phone came in is not proof that the phone was mine. The monthly bill is also not proof as the bill doesn't state the make and model of phone. After much searching I found the delivery note which had on the make and model number, thank goodness I kept it. They also argued over Phil's laptop. He's spent many hours on the phone trying to sort it all out, then yesterday we got the insurance renewal quote and despite having no claims for 15 years until now, they have more than doubled the premiums - Thanks very much Churchill!
Hal is now feeling much better - thank you for all your good wishes - he spent a full 3 days and nights in bed asleep and without food! I was beginning to think he'd get bed sores, but he eventually surfaced on Thursday and started rummaging through the fridge, that's when I knew he was feeling better.
Blimey I was glad to see the back of last week, and then this happened....

Errrr....excuse me, this was my nice and clean and tidy ( if small ) craft room, and now just look at it, stuff moved out and left in a mess. Now he's REALLY crossed the line!! I went stomping downstairs ready to commence battle with my face like a bulldog chewing a wasp. His answer was that he needed to run another cable in so the alarm guy can do the auto-dialer thing and I knew this was his job for today.
Yes I did know but he did not explain it entailed moving my crafty stuff about! I was not best pleased.
In the last post I did say that I would get the rest of the clearout stuff photographed and I got all the stuff out ready and went to get, which is what I always use, but I've got no phone until the new one arrives next week. I had to borrow Phils phone to take the above photo. So tomorrow I will search the internet and find the manufacturers photos and use those instead.
In the meantime though I do have one item ready to be re-homed. One husband, well used but in relatively good condition, showing the usual signs of wear and tear, slightly threadbare in places.
One last thing before I go, does anyone know of a Stampin' Up rep in the Oldham area?

Thanks for looking, I'll be back tomorrow with some clearout stuff.
Love Elaine xxx


  1. Cor! what a week you've had, had to laugh what you said to the Victim Support officer LOL! Glad things are getting sorted and it's blooming sh*t when the insurance hikes up the premium!
    Good news about Hal too! happy to hear he's getting back to normal.
    big hugs

  2. Men! I hope you manage to eventually sort everything back to the way you like it!

    Hope the insurance comes through ok now with no more hassles.


  3. Oh Elaine you have made me smile tonight hun!I know I shouldn't cause of your bad luck last week but the car battery and the spikes did make me chuckle lol! Glad Hal is feeling loads better too sweetie and I hope your phone turns up soon. Those insurance peeps can get right up my nose, greedy sods grrrr.......
    Oh and the hubby thing, got one too who needs to be re-homed, so if you get more then one taker point them in my direction lol!

    Sending big hugs and I hope you have a lovely, tidy craft room soon (even tho' It looks tidier then mine at the mo!) Love Vicky xx

  4. Oh Elaine I am sorry for all your bad luck, we only had our garage broken into and I wanted to string them up fom the nearest lamp-post. It's the thought that these toe-rags think they have the right to steal our hard earned belongings. Hope you start to feel crafty again soon.I am just getting back into it again after a longish break do to stress at work (roll on retirement) Hugs Sue :o)

  5. Oh sweetie what a week must be in the air. My upstairs neighbours flooded my ruddy bathroom because their "NEW" bathroom wasn't fitted pproperly. Oh joy!! We are housing Association so we are now waiting on a housing Inspector coming to access the damage. I think the railing was a great idea myself roflol. Glad Hal is on the mend! Tis a worry. I want to send you something as a thank you, for ALL your kindness sweetie...please don't think i have forgotten i havent i just want it to be special.

    Chin up...mwah

    Ali x

  6. Ohhh Elaine!!!!!!! I am so very sorry for what has happened but I hope you dont mind me saying, I thought your post was so very funny in parts (balls wired up to battery) spikes impailing said intruder not being a problem x I think if someone hurt themselves in the process of a crime then TOUGH! x You keep smiling and creating x leigh x

  7. Im really sorry to hear you've had such a horrible week hunni and hope they catch the little sod!! Glad to hear Hal feeling better, its a worry when your young ones are ill as you feel helpless.
    Take care hunni :o)
    Hugs and xxx

  8. what a headache it's all been. I certainly don't envy you having to deal with insurance companies - they're happy enough to take your money but not so happy about handing any back. Mighht be an idea to shop around before you renew.
    well, I'll be sending you good wishes for a better week this week

  9. Goodness Elaine - but I'm relieved Hal is better - maybe I'm getting broody but I have had him on my mind & you of course - don't think I'm up to re-homing your husband, will have to pass on that one. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Insurance..... GRRRRRR. St R yelled at ours in incredulity even as we produced the receipt for my glasses which had snapped (£500 a time is not amusing because of the lenses!). GRRRRR on your behalf.
    Paula (PEP)

  10. You are a hoot! Joe had to keep muting the TV cause I kept reading sections of your post to him. I think I would switch insurance companies if you can, buggers! Oh, do you get to start the engine when the guys testicles are hooked up?

  11. Hi Elaine
    Well what a week you have had,hope you get everything sorted soon,
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  12. Hee, hee - your post has really made me laugh, between what you said to the victim support officer (my sentiments exactly!) and the husband giveaway, you are funny!! Thanks very much for my stamps, hun. It was really lovely to get something in the post that wasn't either a bill or something I'd paid for!! Hugs, Marie xx

  13. Poor you - what an awful week. I am with you on catching and punishing the intruder - but would have loved to see the face of the person at the other end of the phone when you suggested what they should do to the thief. GIGGLE. And TG this was not a person with an interest in rubber and paper!! All the best - hope you will sleep better with all the new locks. Best wishes

  14. Hi Elaine, I'm so sorry to hear that you had so much trouble with the insurance company. It is already sad to get robbed, but it is not helpful to recover from it when you have to fix such meaning less things. They should take care of it without any doubt.
    Hope you all feel better soon. Sending a big hug your way.

  15. Sorry you have had a rubbish week Elaine, hopefully the next week will be a better one for you.

    Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog.

    Love Kerry xxx

  16. Oh Elaine you have had a week and oh you would miss him but if you need get rid for abit have loads he could do to keep busy. Tee Hee. Glad Hal is better.

  17. I think it's time those powers that be that dictate stupid things like if someone gets impailed whilst trying to climb your fence has comeback on you needs to get real! The do gooders of this world don't live in the real world and it's about time that they did. Hope this week goes better for you all and good that Hal's feeling better too. Hugs .

  18. pleased Hal is feeling better, you will feel much safer when the locks and updates have been done, hope this week is better for you
    Tilly x

  19. Hi Elaine, My you have had a week from h--l! I am so sorry but I have been laughing at some of your descriptions - so graphic. I hope you can look back in a few weeks and laugh about it yourself.
    Don't know a SU demo in that area, my friend is one. If you need anything let me know.
    It was lovely to receive my stamp set this week. Love it. Here's hoping this week coming will prove to be a big improvement for you.

  20. Hi Elaine, Wow you must be so glad that this last week is nearly over maybe next week you can start again and look forward to lots of new goodies like your Ipod and phone, but then youve got the pain of starting to put all your numbers on there again, anyway Angela of is a StampinUp Rep give her a email shes up your end of the country and im sure she would get anything you need, as she gets things for me. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

  21. Gosh what an exciting time you've had but for all the wrong reasons...I'm with you...hang him up by the you-know-whats!!
    Good luck getting everything sorted.

  22. Hi Elaine,
    It's bad enough that you have to go through the break-in but the insurance claim sounds just as traumatic. Hope you can now turn a corner and put this awful experience behind you.
    Tracy x

  23. Elaine, I have felt so bad for you but I have laughed all the way through your post. Glad Hal is on the mend, I can finally cough without my eyballs feeling like they will burst. I hope your room is soon back to the 'tidy' condition you left it. Darn it is so expensive to pay for a dirty, rotten scoundrels work. i do know a SU dealer so just let me know what you need and when...hugs

  24. Ohhh Elaine things have to get better for for insurance we have had to pay £79 for a certificate to prove the value of an article (wont say on here) never been asked for one before..&&& we will need a new certificate every 3yrs..glad Hla is feeling better must be awful feeling violated like this??/ take care speak soon.

    smiles (if you can) Christine xx

  25. Me again sorry for the typing errors I am using a black keyboard & its drawing my eyes waiting for one white to arrive.

    Christine xx


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