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Sunday 8 May 2011

Candy and Waffle!

You'll be pleased to hear that I'm on my way out to go food shopping so this will be the quickest of quicks!
My apologies for the lack of commenting this week, just been a busy old week but I hope to get some time later on today to catch up a bit with you all, even if I don't comment I do still look at all your gorgeous creations!

You've only got a couple of days left to enter the  lovely Debbi's candy as it closes on Tuesday 10th May. It's a lovely bundle of goodies that's on offer including Promarkers.
Also the very sweet Vicky has a lovely selection of candy to celebrate her first year in blogland. This candy ends June 6th.

And finally, the winner of Party Bag number 6 has never come forward with their name and address so Mr Random has picked another number...

Entry Number 6 Debbie B.

If you still want it Debbie then please EMAIL ME with your full postal address and I can get it in the mail.
ETA...It's now May 18th and no-one has come forward to claim the candy, so I have posted it out to one random lady and I hope she will like the total surprise when it turns up!
Have you read the Sugar Nellie blog today? Every Sunday they show cards from a Sugar Addict. If you have a Sugar Nellie addiction and fancy a turn in the spotlight then you can either leave a comment on the Sugar Nellie blog or email me.
Ok, I'm off to Asda.
Have a lovely Sunday everyone.
Love Elaine xxx


  1. Can you do my shopping for me too ... hope you left the key under the mat ... no my way round for a snoop!!!!!
    Have a fab sday hun,
    Cathy xx

  2. Have a great day ... i hate shopping lol!
    Lisa x

  3. Morning Elaine, Yes to all the luck with the shopping, did mine last night, was hopping mad as I always go Thursday where I can, but it turned out to be so quiet, no crowds...if only they sold loys of crafty

  4. Wow i realy like the way you shop :)

    Have a great mothersday and a great week:)

  5. Hi elaine enjoy your shopping and not too many naughty treats. lol. I am like you a naughty blogger at the moment in thick of packing for move and arranging a date. Shame the winner didnt email you but am sure the new winner will be trilled.

  6. oh food shopping...I don't like food shopping, I get annoyed with trollies!! I do mine online with a cuppa...much more stress free!!


  7. Hope the shopping goes OK - Saint R thought the fridge looked a bit empty so he wandered down to Morrisons. On the scrounge for a round object to observe where the shadows fall I'd stolen/borrowed an apple & a tomato of his. He came back with a glass ball & a paperweight for me to work with & suggested the tomato might be better off in the fridge!!
    Hope the new winner contacts you. Take care & careful driving that trolley.
    Paula (PEP)

  8. Hope Asda has some stuff left after your visit!
    Christine x

  9. Hi Elaine,
    thanks for the toot
    hope you've had a good weekend

  10. Hi Elaine hope the shopping trip went well, I was busy trying to get ahead with my DT cards, still could do a few more but Im taking a break today. With hugs Shirleyxxx

  11. Hi Elaine, Hope the shopping trip went well. I hate food shopping, now craft shopping is something else entirely. Congrats to Debbie.

  12. Hi Elaine thanks for links for the gorgeous candy and hope you are well, I still have to do my food shop, I find it very boring but it has to be done maybe tomorrow grr!! Congrats to Debbie on he win of your Candy Bag take care have a lovely Sunday
    Hugs Sarah x


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