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Saturday 21 May 2011

Could You Help Me Please??

A little while ago I posted on Facebook asking if anyone knew where I could buy a storage unit for my Distress Inks and re-inkers in the UK.
My friend Trish called and asked me if I'd like her husband Martin to have a go at making me something.
Martin and Trish run their own business Hillside Crafts and make wonderful wooden gifts from plaques to rocking horses.
Yesterday my storage unit arrived.

The unit holds 24 Distress ink pads and 24 re-inkers on two opposite sides so a total 48 ink pads and re-inkers plus room for mini misters, or in my case Sakura pens.
The other two sides hold my other ink pads. There are also hooks on two sides which hold at least a couple of pairs of scissors on each. The top area holds all my other smaller ink pads and bits 'n' bobs.
The unit is hand made by Martin from wood and is a carousel which makes it so easy to use. This is a beautiful and solid piece of workmanship and I am absolutely delighted with it. I rang Trish and Martin as they'd asked for my honest opinion, was there something he could do to improve it? Did I like it? And to me this is totally perfect and exactly suits my needs. So I had asked Martin had he thought about producing these to sell on his website? Since Martin designs and makes them himself they can be made to hold different makes of ink pads etc.
Now I asked Martin if he could make this for me without too much thought to the cost, so I thought it was a very reasonable price at £70 plus £10 delivery...this is a heavy and solid piece weighing about 14lbs! 
The only other storage I could find in the UK would've cost me £60 plus p&p but that was molded from plastic.
But just because I love it and bought it would anyone else be interested? Before Martin can decide whether or not to start making these it would be helpful if he could get some feedback other than mine!
So my question is, would you please leave me a comment with your HONEST opinion. Whether that be good, bad or indifferent. Is it the sort of thing you would buy? Is the cost acceptable? Are there any other storage solutions you would like to see eg Copics, wall mounted units etc.
I would be truly grateful if you could spend a couple of minutes and leave me your honest views on this.
Thanks for looking and for any help you can give.
Love Elaine xxx


  1. That is a fantastic unit, and just what I would want ... the unit I got for my inks is OK but that was the kind of thing I wanted ... I would definitely consider buying one. And that is not a bad price either.

    Cathy xx

    PS have you got a stampin up contact?

  2. I think this is amazing and beautiful, and considering it is made to order with your name added, it is definitely priced fair. Personally I only own 2 distress ink pads so it wouldn't be for me, however I would love a Copics storage solution. Perhaps smaller units that hold 36 pens so that one could buy a new box when one adds the next set to one's collection? (I have all 180 Copic ciaos plus some sketch, but I know a lot of people don't have them all and so maybe wouldn't want a large unit that fitted them all?). Also, I am quite desperate for a storage solution for my 6x6 papers & pads. I pile them up in a cupboard at the moment, but find they are constantly slipping out, LOL! I have tried to find some storage units similar to magazine files, but can't find them in this size. Hugs, Sem x

  3. Well Elaine...I think the storage unit is perfect and us crafters need all the gadgets to go with our stash however i do not own enough ink pads to fill one of these but I would love something to hold my copics. I haven't really looked at the prices of craft storage items so I'm not sure about the price although if it serves the purpose well then it can only be a winner.

  4. Gosh, I would love this but Im in the US and with the money exchange, wowzer!!! I would probably not buy it, just becasue of the exchange rate.

    But I do love it. It's really well made. :)

  5. OK Elaine here goes.
    I think it is absolutely fantastic - a brilliant idea. I love the name at the top too. Also baring in mind that it is custom made I would say that is a very good price. It is obviously very good quality. Unfortunately, I do not have a craft room to put it in so would not buy one yet - craft room pending some time in the future.
    Other ideas - ribbon display board, punch holder.
    Hope this helps, and I hope he is successful.

    Hugs Ali x

  6. I think it's fabulous. Too bad I live in Canada!

    As far as suggestions about design, two come to mind. (a) A handle of some sort would come in handy for moving it from place to place -- even from shelf to workspace (something recessed that would still let you use the top for storage?) And (b) the ability to store re-inkers bottom out. As they sit now, you can't see what colour they are (although I suppose you could label the unit) but if you could store them the other way, you could put an adhesive dot on the bottoms with the colour.

    Just my two cents! P.

  7. This is just perfect Elaine and just love how everything is on view so is easy to use and can't beleive how much it holds just perfect and a great price! Chanelle xx

  8. WOWZER Elaine now this is one piece of craft storage..sadly I dont DO DI's but having said that IT IS a great piece of storage & to have anything CUSTOM made is always a to the price if you take into account what DI's etc cost it is better to store them Yes a good price I think..there looks to be a lot of work involved..
    thats my 2pennyworth..

    smiles Christine xx

  9. Hi Elaine,
    I think this is ann absolute dream of a storage unit. I don't have that many distress inks, about 9 I think. If I had all the inks etc then I would definately seriously consider purchasing a unit like this. I think he could have a winner with this storage system.
    It is truly fabulous and you must be over the moon with it.

  10. ok, I usually get into trouble when I'm honest, but you did ask....
    it is beautiful, well thought out and ideal for purpose BUT I have to say in all honesty the only way I would pay 70 quid to store my inkpads is if I came into a load of spare cash.
    I agree that it is a good price for a quality piece of workmanship and bearing in mind plastic equivalents are only marginally cheaper.
    I'm sorry, call me a tight-ass but I'd be thinking of all the extra distress ink pads I could buy for that money instead
    sorry Elaine

  11. I think this is ideal and competitively priced. I would love something for storing my copics which could perhaps hold ink pads as well. Tracey xx

  12. I think it's fantastic and well worth the £70. However, £70 IS a lot of money and with way things are I would imagine crafters won't have the spare cash.

  13. In my opinion this is exactly what I wanted when I was looking for ink storage about 2 years ago..
    To me.. I would pay to get the display I want because I've got a real thing how I want things to look in my workspace.. and this would just fit in a treat!!
    I think you can't really put a price on workmanship tbh, but one thing I am sure off is that there is definately a market for these beauties!!!

    Luvs you!

    Marlene x

  14. I think it is beautiful but I am like most of the others, I don't really have a lot of distress inks. Now copics, that is a different story. Maybe he could make interchangeable modules, you pick out 2 for copics, one for distress inks, one for colored pencils and customize it that way. For a custom piece, and it looks extremely well made, I am sure the price is well worth it but not to ship it to me here in the US.

  15. Hi x my hubby makes me lots of things for my craft room, and I asked his opinion, he said it is quite clever, well made and solid! So thats a mans view, I think that in the economic times, £80 delivered would be a lot of money to many of us, but it is a lifelong potentially heirloom (specially if it has the family name i.e. "Jones stamping") item that will bring years of enjoyment x Leigh x

  16. Hi Elaine, if I did have the spare money I would love to have one, but unfortunately I look at what I can afford and it bearly gets me the minimum of crafting items I would like as it is!
    The unit looks fabulous - I really hope he does go into business - good luck to him.

  17. It's perfect, I'm only 6 pads:))
    hugs Brigitte

  18. It is a wonderful piece of craftmanship and I can see that alot of work has gone into it however, I must agree with a couple of the others - £80 (inc P & P) is an awful lot of money for ink storage. Having said that, I'm sure there are people out there with more money than me and I'm sure people would buy it. I would also suggest some kind of copic/promarker storage - you know how some people have adapted DVD racks would be a good starting point (and to have the shelves on a slight slant would be a bonus too). It's fantastic the way you've got your name on it too. Hugs, Marie xxx

  19. Wow this is amazing!! If I had needed one I would have liked this one!

  20. Hi Elaine wow i love it!! i think he would do well selling these, i would like storage for my pro markers im sick of rummaging in a box for colours!! lol!

  21. If money was no object I would love to own's worth every penny! BUT....many people just don't have any spare cash right now :-( I personally would spend the cash on more ink pads instead. HOWEVER....if I received one as a gift I would be jumping for joy. It would make a lovely Christmas present for a crafter. xx Jenny xx

  22. Elaine,
    This is fabulous. I just wish the exchange rate was better as I would love to have one. (I currently use a cardboard boax with the ink pads stacked on them. I feel like your friend would have a great market if he were to make them to sell....does he have a cousin in the States? LOL!

  23. Hi sweetie this is awesome I never saw your thing on facebook as I dont use mine anymore or I would have directed you to the one I brought last year. Its someone on ebay who makes storage things for crafting from wood & is excellent value for money. I brought a shelving unit that house inks etc but all the shelves are removal which is also good. I also brought a glitter/stickle caddy off him its a wooden carousel which is fabulous the large one holds all of my stickles.
    I do like this I think its fabulous the price may be a bit steep but because its solid wood its not surprising to charge that. It is a fantastic design & a fab idea & I love it & tbh if I didnt have the one I have which I love I would order one of these.
    Hope all is ok shug

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  24. Looks fab! I don't have much space but if I did I would get one!

  25. Hi Elaine, Well, I think it's a fab idea, beautifully made and love the name, but for me I would never be able to afford one, and I don't have more than a couple of DI's anyway, as for other storage ideas, something for ribbons, pens, are always a good seller....have fun with your new toy, it does look fab.xx

  26. Hi Elaine, I am in agreement with some of the others, that its gorgeous, but I wouldn't spend that much on an item for my inks. I think it is almost TOO nice if thats not a daft thing to say...It's stunning, but i just keep my inks on a shelf and that suits me. Debbiexx

  27. I love this Elaine & it would suit me down to the ground but I would worry about damaging it & also I have to be honest & say that I would not be able to decide/justify to myself buying this rather than other items that are more essential to my current crafting growth - it all boils down to choices - so I'm very much with Debz (Wiccababe) on this one. I love the quality & also consider the price to be fair for the solid piece of furniture that it is. Once I have worked through & acquired my basic cutting tools (nestabilities) it would certainly be my choice for purpose made storage.
    Much love & wishing martin every success.
    Paula (PEP)

  28. I LOVE this, unfortunately I am down under in Australia, and have been looking high and low for something just like this. I think that the expense covers the fact that your going to own this for MANY years and so really it pays for itself ;)


  29. Hi Elaine, that is fabulous and really useful, but I agree with most of the other peoples views, it is well built and if youve got the spare £80. its worth it. I actually keep all my inkpads in sealed boxes to stop them drying out, Im worried that they would dry out as they are actually exposed to the air, I also keep the bottles in self seal box as again if I drop them they carnt spill everywhere. Hope this helps. with hugs Shirleyx
    Your one lucky lady.

  30. Hi Elaine
    love love love it ,& I think for something that is so beautifully handcrafted it is well worth the money. I am one of those very lucky crafters, who has a hubby that makes/creates my storage solutions for me, (admittedly I do have to sometimes wait a while) and like most crafters I want it yesterday lol. I am a complete tidy freak, EVERYTHING has a home/place in my craft room, so if I hadn't already got storage for my inks I would have loved one of these.
    thank you for sharing it with us, & good luck to Martin.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  31. It's fabulous! I'd let my hubby buy me one, yes :o) I love it.
    Teresa xx

  32. Oh my, this is absolutely beautiful, I really love it, but I am living in the Netherlands, if not, I would have bought it !!!

    hugs Astrid

  33. Is he still making them - I'd be interested

  34. I know you posted this a while back but my Google search for distress ink storage ultimately led me to this blog post. This unit is perfect. Space for not only the ink pads themselves but makers, re-inkers and all the other goodies as well. Here in the U.S. this would go over like gang busters (that's good, although based on the verbiage I'm not sure why) I can think of tons of people that would love this design and pay for it, present company included. Has he considered patenting it and presenting it to Ranger? Shoot he could even try to consign with local scrap stores or try selling it on Etsy or Ebay. What I an trying to say is the design is brilliant and there is definitely a big market for just such storage. I would purchase one right now if I could. Thank you for the post.


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