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Wednesday 14 September 2011

Sweet Sugar Christmas Candy Winner.

Thank you to everyone that entered the little candy. You will LOVE these stamps, they are definitely my favourite ever Christmas images, winner in a moment...

I had a lovely time at Harrogate last Saturday, the best part of the day was meeting the other ladies...Christine and ChristineLisa JaneMau, Avril and Joan (I hope I got everyones name right!)
I also met the very lovely Kath who has the most beautiful accent and was actually working when I spied her, doing demos for Craftwork Cards.
I had a coffee and a good old natter with Jill, owner of The Hobby House. Jill also feeds my paper addiction!
It was a really, really good day out and I had a thoroughly good time.

OK, on to the candy. Mr Random picked a number....

Congratulations to Janette G..if you can please EMAIL ME with your full postal address and I can get your parcel in the mail to you.

Next is a little photo of what Emma got up to on Saturday!!

It is quite a large tattoo, but I do think it's beautiful..(not what Phil thinks!)
I did say to Emma that I could always go and get one myself, but with the size of me I could have the full bouquet instead of just one bloom..not bloomin' likely..I bet it hurt a bit!

Thanks for looking.
Love Elaine xxx


  1. Wow - what a gorgeous tattoo and such a beautiful sentiment xx

  2. Definitely looks a bit sore still. Don't think I could get my head round that at all......... Glad you had a good time at Harrogate, I'm looking forward to Cardiff in a fortnight or so. Congratulations to Janette & thanks for doing this one Elaine.
    Paula (PEP)

  3. it is gorgeous Elaine, I have to agree!!


  4. Wow this is amazing!!! My oldest daughter has a tribal swirl thing either side of a "K" at base of her spine its fab but I'm way too chicken to get a tat....I'll just admire my wrinkles :) Glad you got to meet our Kath she is one in a million and a hoot! glad you had a fab time at the show



  5. Wow an amazing tattoo, it's gorgeous.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  6. congrats to the winner and thanks for giving us this chance!

    And what a great tattoo and yes it is really big!

  7. Congrats to Janette,and Wow love that beautiful tatoo!
    Hugs Heidy

  8. hiya sweetie
    thank you for the chance hunni
    janette congrats hunni
    wow whan a super tattoo sweetie
    i think it was painfull
    i have 4 tattoo's but not so big, and ad some places that hurts so much
    hugs angelique

  9. Double OMG!! That is me...a winner! Thanks so much Elaine; I will e-mail you shortly. Those stamps are just way too cute! You are such sweetness!

    That is a beautiful tattoo; love the color and it is very creative on where she has gotten it. It does look very fresh; hope she doesn't have too much discomfort while it heals.


  10. Congrats to Janette and glad you had a fab time. As for the tat ouch that looks sore. Lovely picture but think I am with Phil.

  11. Yikes!! Brave Emma xx
    Great to meet you on Saturday Elaine,
    you are as lovely as I imagined you'd be.... and not a bit like your well maybe the smile's the same.
    a Great day and loved meeting you
    Hugs Mau xx

  12. Fab that you had a great day out hunni you deserve to. Big congrats to the winner these really are the most gorgeous crimbo stamps.
    Emma's tatto is bloody gorgeous......sorry about my french but I really do love it. I love tattoo's I'm due another one......its been a couple of years since my last one lol. Yes they are addictive once you get one, this is the lushiest tattoo I've seen for a long time.........I want it!!!!!!!

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  13. oh aye, that looks a bit nippy - I just have a wee one on my spine and that was bad enough, although I want the kids names done on my back too at some point.
    Gutted I didn't make it to Harrogate this time, fingers crossed for next time.
    And I hope you got your bosie from me via Kath

  14. WOW. It's gorgeous.
    My Son had quite a large Celtic design going from one side of his shoulder to the other on his back, that was his first one too (I say first one, 'cos he keeps going on about another!!)
    Has your daughter been given "Nappy Rash" cream to put on it? My Son was, and I put it on his tatoo about three times a day. It kept it from getting crusty and made it heal in no time. Debbiexx


  16. Ouch....go for the temporary ones sharp objects involved. LOL....I am picturing me as a bed of roses...ha!

  17. Your Emma is real brave! i got a few when i was young, little ones in discreet places that i am now sorry about at 47YO. I have to say that it is a beauty.
    Glad you had a good tie at your get together, i miss not having crafty friends to chin wag with.

  18. Congrats to Janette. Oh Ouch. It is beautiful but I don't like pain.
    Glad you had a super time at the show.

  19. O........ M............G!!!! Very pretty design on what looks like a lovely girlie.... but..... I'm still an O.........M.......G at tattoos person....
    Christine x

  20. Ouch - looks a bit sore but what a beautiful design. She's a brave young lady :).

    Hugs, Mette

  21. Hi Elaine
    BIG congrats to Janette, Oh Elaine you make me laugh (little) candy you say, I wouldn't say 5 stamps is a little candy, you are way too kind.
    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Emma's tattoo (wouldn't it make a beautiful stamp) lol. I remember when our son got a tattoo, we had to hide it from his Dad, as he is a bit old fashioned about them, (I was going to wait until the right moment to tell him), BUT he found out, when our daughter accidentally knocked into the tattoo, and he screamed like a banshee oops.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  22. thanks for doing the candy....... the tatto is not for me thanks, I agree with Phil.....
    Tilly x

  23. It was lovely to see you Elaine .. and thanks for all your advice .. and kind words.
    OH i just love that Tattoo .. i could have the whole field of poppies on my side"!! It is beautiful
    Lisa x

  24. big congrats to the lucky winner and thanks elaine for the chance to win.your daughters tattoo looks beautiful but i`m too afraid of needles to get one myself, lol.

    xx coops xx

  25. congrats to the winner. Sounds like you had a great time Elaine, wish I had been there. Fab tattoo, bet that hurt!

  26. Hi hun, wow gorgeous tatoo, but glad it wasn't me lol,

    thanks for your comment hun,

    wish I'd been there at the show, yep still not been to it, didn't go to Manchester either as they changed the venue to Manchester central and the price was stupid!!!

    hope your ok, don't work to hard!! love and hugs Liz xx

  27. WOW - was blog hopping and just found your blog and was so pleased I did and am now a very happy follower. Your designs are beautiful and I love your colouring style. i have to say my two daughters, 17 and 19 love Emma's tattoo and impressed at how big it is! Looking forward to more inspiration.


    Kaz Bee x

  28. Oh that tat does look sore.....but I do think it's gorgeous, so is that flat were the days......oh and congrats to the winner.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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