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Sunday 30 October 2011

A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That!

OK, I know I've been quiet again and I've been off work on holiday! I don't know where the days disappear to.
But I thought I'd pop on here and annoy you all today...I'm good like that.

Question...Is anyone else getting lots of spam comments? Sheesh, I checked my blog one morning and there was a comment awaiting moderation..and 17 spam comments! From folks selling plastic business cards to some that sounded a bit unsavoury. I've had the occasional spam before but not on this scale and they keep on coming. I'm just glad that I chose to moderate my comments so I can weed the buggers out first!

I've also suddenly started to receive "We'll send you one of these free and another to give away as blog candy" emails. I have refused them all - politely of course. If I was offered something I already use then I would willingly accept the occasional freebie to give away as blog candy. But if I don't use it then it's wrong to pimp it on my blog, in my opinion.

Other news...I found a fabulous Dutch shop! I am always a little wary when buying from abroad. I do occasionally buy from the USA but gosh I always get stung with import duties!
And in my new found Dutch shop I saw this....

She is a very special little Tilda. Magnolia have made this stamp only to be sold at my Dutch shop. You notice it's now called MY Dutch shop?
Magnolia are donating 500 euros to the Swedish Cancer Fund, and for every one of these stamps sold 2 euros is donated to the Pink Ribbon Cancer Fund. All in all a very worthy cause and you even get a stamp at the end of it!
This charity is also very close to Astrid's heart (the owner of the Dutch shop) as she has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer herself and is going into hospital on Tuesday.
So if you want to do your bit for charity then you can find the stamp HERE. Yes, she is a little more expensive than your average Tilda, but she's a very special Tilda! They are on pre-order at the moment but are due in the shop early next week. I did my bit and bought some for gifts, plus an extra one for a future candy.
I did do a little extra shopping whilst I was there...Maja and Pion's a terrible addiction you know.
And I blame a certain lady in Indiana for sending me the link to the shop. You know who you are!
I forgot to add this..there are NO import duties to buy from Holland to the UK!
Next topic...if you've not fallen asleep/gone into a coma/died...
I much prefer to give away little candy's than big 'uns. If they are smaller then I can do them more often and spread the love around more. All makes sense to me.
So I have a little one :)

Candy consists of:
3 Wishes by Sylvia Zet for SCACD unmounted rubber stamp.
Bildmalarna Mimosa Walk unmounted rubber stamp.
Authentique Uncommon 6x6 paper pad.

It's a quick giveaway and will end later tonight, this way I hope that the people who enter are my followers and the ones who usually bob by rather than those on the look out for a freebie.
I've put a froggy link on, only because it is so much easier and the fairest way for Mr Random to pick a number from those who enter. Usual rules apply..I'm sure my regulars know them already!
Thanks for looking.
Love Elaine xxx


  1. You do make me laugh! I was thinking I've not seen any cards from you lately, glad to hear you're still around LOL!! As for your question, I've not been getting spam comments but on alot of comments people leave me, there seems to be random words at the end with a link, dunno what that's all about and last week a good few times when I logged on, my blog list was full of this hollywood celebrity thing instead of all the crafty blogs I follow!! OK, now if you're still with me, not in a coma/asleep/dead (that made me LOL!), I wish people would be offering me free stuff!! And thanks for offering more lovely candy, you're such a generous lady - and I'm first whoop, whoop!! Am off to check out YOUR dutch shop. Hugs, Marie xxx

  2. phew...that was long and yes you have been quiet and on holiday!! I haven't had spam on my blog but we have had those business card ones to the SS Challenge Blog and we have also received emails to our Gmail offering us wonderful free stuff which I have just deleted as it must be a con.

    Will check out Astrid's shop too.


  3. I haven't gotten any comments like that but I know Christine from Paper Sundaes posted about that exact thing just the other day. Hope you get some sleep tonite, give Hal a hug for being such a good kid and thanks for the call, great start to my day!

  4. I hope you have enjoyed your time off dear. I know how fast the time fly's bye.

    Glad you liked the link lol Gotta love those papers lol
    Big hugs

  5. Glad to have you back Elaine your blog must be one of maybe three that i actually read the waffles on and love reading whatever you have to share i always can be assured of a little chuckle. Thanks for the link for the wonderful Maggie, cant order her right now though as i a in the middle of moving house, oh the nightmare i call my life :(

  6. Marie, those random comments with links at the end are spam. I sure wouldn't click on the links or shop there.

    I've been getting them too, Elaine, very frustrating! I just posted a bit of a rant about it on Friday, in fact. It seems to be getting much worse the last couple of weeks.

    That Tilda is beautiful, and such a great cause. I will have to check out the shop.

  7. Hi Elaine,glad to hear from you!
    No I didn't get any spam...gladly,hope you enjoy your hols,I thought you had your hibernation lol.
    Thanks for the chance to win this candy,thats so kind of you!
    Enjoy your day!
    Hugs heidy

  8. Hi Elaine, have to agree your Dutch shop is brilliant. I have had one or two spam messages but only a few. Thank you for the chance of the candy.

    Pam x

  9. Hi Elaine know what you mean about time disappearing, hubby and son have both been at home this last week and it just seems to have disappeared and still the little jobs I wanted them to do aren't done.
    Fab candy and what a cute Tilda too, hubby doesn't like me buying from abroad either for the import duty, I even got stung for a prize I won a while ago to the tune of £20 and now I don't enter candy when it's not in the UK,sad really. Will still check out the shop though as its a good cause.
    Well another quick squzzy around blog land and then off to make halloween cookies before my son and hubby are up and wanting breakfast, I must be mad but this is what happens when I forget treats from the supermarket and have other things planned so can't get there to buy them, one day I'll learn.Have a fab day.

  10. Positively gorgeous tilda and a fabulous cause.

    I have spam just of the unsavoury kind lol and then I find they email me to send me offers which are totally ridiculous nothing I would want to bless on other people that's for sure!

    Have a great sunday and thanks for the chance to win

  11. Hey Hun! Yup, you've been quiet again lol. Hope you've enjoyed your holiday. I've had exactly the same span messages that you've had. It's annoying isn't it? I just luv reading your stories always and thanks for the link to check out the new Maggie, she's just gorgeous! Also thank you once again for your generosity with the candy giveaway. Lotsa luv, hugs xxxxx

  12. Hi Elaine
    Lovely to catch up with and i have had some spam as well but just delete it nicely,thankyou for the chance to win some gorgeous candy too,
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  13. Hi Elaine,
    Hope you have been having a wonderful break from work. It is the only time passes quickly when you have some time off!
    Will check out the link to 'your' dutch craft shop. Love that cute Magnolia and for such a worthy cause too.
    I haven't been getting the spam messages on my blog thank goodnes.
    Thanks so much for your kindness in offering us the chance of some candy.
    Have a great day today.

  14. Trying hard to close my eyes when you show that Tilda as you know I haven't used all of the ones I bought this summer at their shop.. But I might fall into the trap eventually haha you know me.. I have been getting some spam, but not ones selling stuff, only people leaving comments that seems so sweet I need to go visit them back then they have a weird blog or something.. and noooooooot anything crafty

  15. I hope you enjoyed your holiday ... and did some crafting!!!! I don't get spammed on my blog, quite a few to my email, saying if I add this/that to my blog, I'll get ... - delete them straight away.
    Fab candy you are giving away, I'm not entering it, just visiting to send some love ... I think there is enough pppppp*** in our house thanks to a box of stash from a lovely lady I know (although I confess to 'borrowing' some for a card as I had a p*** request!!)
    I was sent the link to Astrid's shop from a friend who loves Maggies ... and ordered this one as she is so cute, and the 1 Maggie I have left is rather lonely!! (My excuse!!)
    Cathy xx

  16. Hi Elaine cute tilda and good cause my mum died of this horrid disease and thanks for chance of your candy. hugs Sue xxx

  17. Hi De Hi!!!
    off on hols eh!! doesn't the time fly yet drag when your back at work xx
    thanks for sharing this little beaut but did i miss the link to the dutch shop or is it not shared as its" your dutch shop" lol !!! xxx
    hope you are well and the family is behaving xx
    thanks yet again for chance to win bee u ti ful candy x
    chat soon
    suzie Qx

  18. Hi Elaine, yes I have had those exact same spammers, and those ones with the weird links I tend to delete them all!!
    Thankyou so much for your fab candy you're always to generous.
    Jacqui x

  19. Hi Elaine.
    Good to have you back. Have had a few spam comments recently and received the free candy email - politely declined when I saw how often they expected me to post about it!!
    Love this little Tilda and it's great she is being sold for such a great cause.
    Thanks for the chance to win some more gorgeous candy - I have everything crossed - lol.
    Denise xx

  20. Hi Elaine, nice to see you posting. Thanks for the link to the shop...I think!! Will go have a wee look later. Thank you also for the candy.
    Haven't had any spam or candy e-mails

  21. HI Elaine, I have missed your posts but hope you had a fabulous holiday!! I haven't had any spam comments but just the other day I kept getting this box come up everytime I locked in to my blog asking me to provide my user name and password for some web page i'd never heard of!! i didn't do it of course but later that day my email was hacked into and an email regarding viagra was sent to everyone in my address book!! But my vuris scan never picked naything up so hopefully it doesn't happen again!!! Thanks for the cute candy!!! Look forward to seeing your creations soon!!! HUgsxx

  22. Great post and thanks for a chance to win some candy. I'm a newbie here (just signed up as a follower) so I hope I've done the right thing with the candy sign up. Hugs, Jo x

  23. I hope you enjoyed your holiday from work lol, Isn't this just such a cute Tilda for a worthy, thanks for the chance to win

  24. Hi, Elaine!
    I don´t receive spam lately, I'm sorry you do...
    Nice to hear from you, and thanks for offering some candy... thanks for the chance!

  25. Hi sweetie..

    Not had any spam (touch wood!)... don't know why some get through all the security measures etc!

    I'll do my bit for such a worthy cause.. even though I may have to paint her mouth on... LOL... heading over to the site as soon as I've finished my commenting! Paper you said????? Pion????? oooohhh errrrrrrrrr credit card at the ready!

    Lovely candy, but I've had my bit from you lately, so won't get involved with Mr Linky... hmmm but he does have a cute side! LOL!

    Take care and glad you had a nice few days away from work!
    Christine x

  26. Hi Elaine, sorry you are getting Spam messages, I get an odd one but very rare ...unsavoury so just dump them. they are a pain though and very off putting.
    I follow Nicole's Blog who does lots of Copic Demo's in "Your Dutch shop" lol... it will always be "Elaine's Shop" to me now :)) I often have a peek to check things out in the shop. A very generous offer from Astrid. Hope things go well for her xx
    Thanks for super Candy offer chance.

  27. Hiya Elaine, How are you hunny?

    Not been around much myself been a little under the weather!

    Just got my first spam comment as well and it is a link for business cards too?

    As you said I am also so glad that I have comment moderation.

    So sorry to hear that Astrid has had a cancer diagnosis, I wish her well,sending her lots of hugs and strength to overcome the days ahead!

    We are so blessed and lucky these days that we have advanced and there has been so many break throughs in Cancer Care.
    Years ago it was here you are that is it go home you will be fine and not a lot of follow up.

    Lovely candy,very yummy paper oohh!

    Have a great weekend!

    Take care
    Big Hugs

  28. I've been in luck and have been unharmed by spam comments - so far so good =)
    I think it might be connected to amount of followers though

  29. "Your" dutch shop sounds fab, but I will resist temptation for a wee while as I've had a few LITTLE splurges lately.....ahem! Thanks for the chance to win the cute candy - the papers look beautiful! Susie x

  30. hi elaine.its good to see you in blogland.i have been getting more and more spam comments lately and lots and lots of spam addys in my blogger stats.they are driving me loopy.i haven`t received any emails but thats because i don`t have my email on my blog.
    these spammers need to get a
    i love your sweet tilda image and for such a fantastic cause too.
    thank you again for the chance to win your very genorous candy.

    xx coops xx

  31. Hi Elaine.....luckily no spam comments on my blog (yet!) they do try anything to get their wares across dont they??
    Love the cute Tilda.....I must admit I have not bought any Maggies for a LONG time but this one is for a very worthy cause so will check it out :)
    Thanks for the chance to win x

    Jenny x

  32. Long time no see indeed. Im sure you will have fun with your new Tilda once you get it. What awful news though to hear that Astrid has to go into hospital. I will have to take a wee look in her shop. I think the custom charges are appalling. Theres a lady I know was told yesterday she owes £41 before she can get her parcel and apparently nearly £20 of that is a "Handling fee"! Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? She already paid the postage for them to "Handle" it. Its such a money making scam as far as Im concerned. So, I'll be off to have a look in Holland...we'll looking online anyway! Thank you for the candy offer, those papers look gorgeous and so do the stamps. Lee xx

  33. Hey Hun; long time no see your cards! No spam on my end; or free offers either.

    Just got back from visiting Astrid's shop but got a little lost. Don't even know if she ships to the US.

    Well thanks for another chance at candy.

    Take care!
    Sending big hugs;

  34. Your not annoying us one bit. Love hearing from you and Welcome back. Don't stay away so long next time. Hoping to see more of your lovely work soon, so please post.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  35. we have lot's of good shops in Holland *lol*

  36. Hi Elaine, As far as the spam goes...touch wood not yet, but then I don't get that much traffic so maybe thats it......
    Hope you enjoy your time off, and thanks so much for a chance to win some candy.xx

  37. Missed the chance of candy this time I think....but I loved your do make me laugh!!
    Have a great

  38. Hi Elaine,

    So glad you've been enjoying your holiday. I hope you got many a crafting hour in. What a fabulous little tilda and such a good cause. I may have to see if I can find some spare pennies.

    I too have been getting a lot of spam. I just deleted another 17 comments that have come in since last night!?! They're pretty much all old proverbs, so I think it's probably the same person. Very bizarre!

    Can't wait to see what you've made with your SU goodies.


  39. Hi Elaine,damm missed out on such a cute candy,but onto the spam comments i too have had them.Really bazaar!!Not had any offers of blog candy though!
    WOW thanks for the link to your little shop!!!!!LOL.
    She is a sweetie.Yep got stung recently for import tax or whatever it is £30....Really put me of buying from the US.
    ok off to browse!!!

  40. Hi sweetie I've sooooo missed you hunni it seems forever since I was here lol. Thank you so much for the heads up on the special Tilda I will DEF go over to uy her & well ya know maybe have a peekskie around lol.
    I do get spam comments but not many to be honest I think all in all I've had 16 in the last 5 weeks........or is that a lot lol. I do get e-mails offering freebies but it was all while I was taking a break from blogland/internet so I never replied cus by the time I saw them I didnt know if it was too late.
    Thank you so much fpr offering this fabulous candy hun I'm not gonna enter as I have these, yes I brought all those Sylvia Zet stamps as soon as they came out just need to ink them lol.
    I just wanted to pop by & say hi........& treat you to a long comment from MOI!! lol

    Take care hun
    Hugs Vicky xxx

  41. Not had spam comments so much - the odd one but then I've not been blogging much lately. Have had a few soliciting emails landing in my mail box........ but since I'm very very happily married to my husband they just get deleted straight away as I wouldn't classify myself as "handsome". Hope you've managed to have some rest for yourself. As always thanks for all you do - you always give me a real chuckle with your sense of humour too. St R is doing battle with old carpets & hasn't been able to bury his nose in Greek since end July - all this decorating & renovating lark just is so so dusty he's either wielding a vacuum cleaner, a paintbrush or brandishing the iron about in case I dare tackle one of his shirts..........
    Paula (PEP)

  42. Hi Elaine just popped over to have a bedtime really I love to hear your day to day adventures.. I'm lucky (or is that unlucky) to be retired but still loose days & wonder where the time went..says she sat at the comp for hours..thats dead easy too..those sweet Sylvia Zet stamps well I had a spend last wk. & bought 2 sets..sooo must get them inked up..
    Now this ever so cute special edition TILDA well yes us TT girls have her on order too & a very special one coming from far far away ssshhhh not telling on take crae catch up soon.

    smiles the other Christine .xx

  43. Hi Sweetheart I missed this candy but Ive got some if your interested. I was looking for your dutch shop on Saturday picked up your Facebook page but Im so glad that you had the link here will definitely be buying from there next week. hugs Shirleyxxx


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