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Thursday 6 October 2011

I Luvs Ya, Sweetpea x

Yes, I have been a little quiet recently. Just life taking over and keeping me out of my craft room :(
The weather has been glorious this last week, and although I enjoy the sunshine and love the heat, the downside is the first day of sunshine and unseasonal heat means the phones never stop ringing with requests for call outs. When I leave the office the phones are transferred to home so there is no escape... and yes we do get calls at 3am! Of course it is good for business but not so good for my poor hubby who has been late home from work every night, and I've been late home too. We haven't sat down to eat before 9pm, and last night we watched TV in total silence, simply because we were both too tired to even speak.
But I know Autumn will creep back in again and the phones will quieten down a little.

I had to make a quick dash into town one night after work to buy a gift, as I'd forgotten a friends birthday. I don't know whether it's because I get bogged down and preoccupied with work, or because I'm getting old!
Yet there are dates that are firmly lodged in my data banks, never to be forgotten. Some are memorable for good reasons and some are not. It isn't just the date I remember, but the little details, the weather, the sights and the smells. A whiff of a certain perfume or aftershave can suddenly transport me back in time. Songs have the same effect, they can make me smile wistfully recalling happy memories or make my eyes sting with tears.

October 2nd 1994 was a VERY happy day. 12.20am was the time when my world changed forever with the arrival of a sweet and cuddly baby boy. Everything changed in my world. I was never very maternal, and having married a man who already had 3 children I was quite content with my life and had no plans to have any children of my own. On discovering I was 10 weeks pregnant I was very shocked, but surprisingly very happy, and I cannot begin to imagine how empty my life would've been without Hal. He has made me complete (and broke, and grey) and I love him to Mr Moon and back.
Happy Birthday Sweetpea..luvs ya always xxxx

So I need to do a little candy in honour of the birthday boy but first, have you seen this??

Yes!! The sneak peaks will start on Monday over on the Sugar Nellie blog. These stamps are awesome and I love them all!! These little beauties will soon be available to buy from my favourite shop Funky Kits so for Hals birthday how would you like to win your choice of 6 of these stamps?
If you would like to enter then the usual rules apply:
Candy is only open to my existing followers. I will post worldwide but I am not liable for any customs/duties that some countries impose. Candy will close on Friday 7th October at 12 noon, after which Mr Random will pick a winner who can then choose 6 stamps from the Fairy Glen range as soon as they go on the website.
Thanks for looking.
Love Elaine xxx


  1. Happy Birthday Hal! You have a fantastic mother and I hope you appreciate how much she loves you! Get some rest Elaine but I'm not hoping for bad weather for you just for things to slow down a bit. Hope you guys have a great day out tomorrow.

  2. Happy Birthday Hal...and I would love to win these stamps...very much..thankyou for the chance to win them Elaine, and thank you for nearly making me cry with your beautiful post....

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  3. Happy Birthday HAL!!!! You are blessed to grow up in the home you have! Elaine, I know you are tired and ready for rest....get some. Enjoy these momments with your family they flee far to fast!

  4. A very Happy Birthday Hal. Hope you all have a wonderful day today. Elaine - do take care of yourself & your husband midst this rather unseasonal flurry of heat & the extra demand for the company's services.
    Thank you too Elaine - this sounds a quite amazing candy & this little sneaky peek is rapidly melting any delusional pretensions that I might have had to resistance.
    Much love to you all.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. Thanks for a great chance to win and Best wishes for a Happy Birthday to your DS.

  6. Hi Hun. What a lovely story!! And Happy Birthday to Hal!! I've not been around much lately either, and I've not really got an excuse, other than lack of mojo and nodding off before I get the chance to blog hop LOL!! Hope you're well, hun. Hugs, Marie xxx

  7. Hal, hope you have a wonderful birthday & your amazing Mom gets some rest ... Elaine thanks for your generosity once again. You really are one amazing lady.

  8. Big Birthday Wishes your way Hal...super prize, I just have to have this image....sooooo cute, adorable, lovely, get it right? Oh i wish they came in digi form....i'm crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes...i just gotta do it...tfs

  9. Hi Elaine wishing Hal Happy Birthday! thanks for the chance to win, i did enjoy reading your write up Elaine your great with words!.Take care of yourself and rest up when you can. hugs.

  10. A very happy birthday to your Hal and i cant wait to see the rest of the release. Thanks for another amazing candy opportunity

  11. Hi Elaine,congrats on your son birthday,it's funny how some simply things remind you of things that happend long ago!
    Hope you have a great day
    And thanks for this great chance,so kind of you!
    Hugs Heidy

  12. Oh Elaine you have made me cry...what beautiful words hun...and you are a beautiful mother too...

    have a lovely day with your baby....big hugs Vicky xx

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hal!!! Hope you have a fantastic day ... and ya mum spoils you!!

    Elaine, you'd be broke with or without him, I have seen your crafting obsession!!! And there wasn't a grey hair in sight!

    Have a great time together.
    Cathy xx

  14. Happy Birthday to Hal, they do make life worthwhile don't they.

    Pam x

  15. happy birthday Hal...hope you have a fab birthday and you get spoilt.Which i know you will cos your mummy loves you).

    I wished we had air con in our office that's baltic and I would love for it to be hot!

    Fabby candy Elaine...


  16. Happy Birthday to your son and I am totally with you on the "love my kids to Mr Moon and back".
    Thank you for offering the chance and the stamps look fabulous.

    Hugs, Mette

  17. What a lovely story Elaine. Happy Birthday to Hal too.
    Can't wait to see all the inspiration for the new release.

    Big Hugs Ali x

  18. Happy Birthday Hal and Hi Elaine make sure you get some rest and thankyou for the chance
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  19. Happy birthday, Hal! I agree, Elaine, there are some moments you never forget!

  20. Happy Birthday to Hal! Hope you have a lovely day celebrating - I'm sure you will. And I do hope things do quieten down for you soon Elaine.. you can't keep going at that pace!

    Now.... oooooh those new stamps look FAB! Thanks for the chance of winning some, you kind generous blogger you..
    Big Hugs
    Christine x

  21. Awe! Happy Birthday Hal!! I was the same Elaine, having lots of Nephews and Nieces who drove me up the wall i didn't want any children either! I have 2 boys and i wouldn't give them up for the world!!

    Hugs Hazel xx

  22. Happy B Day to Hal hun - and Congrats to you...yes I too have grey hair and am broke...but would not change it - well most of the time!
    Sarah x

  23. Happy Birthday to Hal !!!
    Have a wonderful day !!!
    Big Hugs,

  24. OOo these new stamps are gonna be right up my street...I lurve fairies!
    Birthday wishes to Hal too xx

  25. Hi Elaine,
    Happy Birthday to Hal!

    Oh my these new stamps look so gorgeous, how adorable they look.

    Thanks for a chance to win
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  26. Happy Birthday Hal and thanks elaine for the chance to win your fabulous candy.i hope things settle down soon for you.

    xx coops xx

  27. Hi Elaine~~what an interesting story you shared about your life and lucky Hal :) Happy birthday to Hal!!! Enjoy the day and thanks for chance at goodies. I know I haven't been on your blog lately but I sure do check all dt creations on SB blog :)

  28. Happy birthday Hal!
    I shall be buying from Funky Kits again tomorrow, only just recovered from the Christmas stamp spend...but it has to be done!

  29. Oh Happy birthday to your sweet pea! I wasn't very maternal either but you got it when you say that we love our kids to Mr. Moon and back! Hope you have a wonderful day; and get some rest hun!


  30. awww Elaine, your post brings a tear to my wee eye! Happy birthday Hal x

  31. happy B/day Hal..stop making your mum old grey &&& broke..she can do that ALL by herself..LOL
    thank gawd for hair colour mine drive me nuts most of the time too..what would we be like without the likkle treasures..RICH old &

    dont work to hard sweetie..Fi'lay has been sweltering..

    smiles Christine xx

  32. Congratulations to Hal and to you all! Glad your back, missed you!!
    hugs Yvonne

  33. Hope Hal has a great birthday, you big softie!
    Crafty hugs, Erika. xxx

  34. first of all big congrats to you and yr son! Always very special when yr child has his birthday. I also everytime keep remembering when they were born!
    Hope you will have a nice day!

  35. hi huni i hope your son has a fab day and thanks so much for the candy too xx

  36. Happy Birthday Hal! Just as you were deliriously happy 17 years ago, in a month I'll be just as ecstatic when my first grandchild is born. Enjoy your celebration and thanks always for the chance to win your most generous candies Elaine! Don't work too hard! :)

  37. Hi Sweetheart, please wish Happy Birthday to Hal, sorry I didnt send him a BC but I still want to wish him a very happy future, Im sure hes excited about College.
    Your candy is stunning hope I manage to win it is would be such a wonderful addition to my stamps.
    Take care try and get a bit of me time to yourself. hugs Shirleyxx

  38. Happy Birthday to your little son! ;)

    Hope I'll be the lucky one who wins the stamps...

    XXX Sandra H.

  39. Hi Elaine
    this will be the 3rd time I have tried to comment, so if you get this X 3 I'm sorry. First of all a BIG Happy Birthday to that sweet-pea of yours, hope he had the best Birthday ever. He shares his Birthday with my very sweet D.I.L. I'm sorry that I'm so late in wishing the Birthday boy a Happy Birthday, BUT I have been sunbathing on the banks of the River-Thames (some one has to) lol. I'm so sorry (honest) that the heat wave has meant so much more work for you & your Hubby, but you can now relax as the weather is going to return to cold/rain after today.
    I can totally relate to songs/smells evoking strong memories, (every-body hurts) gets me every single time, if I am out & hear it I have to fight the tears from coming.
    Thank you for the chance to win your fantastic candy, good luck to every one.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  40. a massive happy birthday to Hal xxxx I wonder if he was born at boundary park like me?

  41. my messages don't seem to be publishing x

  42. Hi Elaine :)
    Wow what fab candy ,the stamp in the pic looks fab I can't wait to see the rest of them! Thanks so much for the chance to enter, and Happy Birthday to Hal :)
    Fiona L x

  43. Happy birhtday Hal.... al little bit late, but any way!!!!
    Thanks for offering this candy. Cross my fingers.
    Hugs Sinikka

  44. Happy birthday to Hal.. we indeed would we be without them..
    thanks for the chance to win your candy ..
    hugs xxx

  45. Aww you are a sweetheart, and it just shows how events pass me by too, cause I've only just seen this! Happy belated birthday Hal!.



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