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Monday 16 July 2012

Life's Little Annoyances.

I've no card to show surprises there then! I just wanted to share a couple of things.

Like many other bloggers, I registered for MFC to protect the content of my blog. Yesterday I realised I hadn't received the usual emails off them, so I clicked on my own badge only to read that "This content has been removed" and if I feel that it is a mistake I should email them, which I duly did yesterday. I've heard nothing back so when I got home from work tonight I had a little trip through blogland and I've clicked on a few of the banners on other peoples blogs and they all say the same thing, I therefore presume it is an error at MFC's end of things. You may want to check on your own blog to see what your status is?

Next... Good Manners Cost Nothing!
I like to believe that I was 'brought up' well, and not 'dragged up'. My parents instilled in me and my brothers the value of saying please and thank you, and in turn I have always made sure that Hal says his thank yous. Regardless of how big or small a gift may be, the sender should always be thanked..they have taken the time to go out and buy a gift and send it!
So imagine my horror to receive an email...not a rude email, but certainly the sender was not happy! The content was to the effect that I had been ungrateful and impolite to not say thank you for my birthday card. I can assure you, I always say thank you! I know how much time and effort goes into creating these little works of art and I always appreciate a handmade card.
I always email (or leave a comment if I don't have the email address) as soon as I get home from work. 
The reason I didn't send an email is simply that I didn't receive the card. I can hardly email someone to ask "did you send me a card because I haven't received one"!
I have apologised - I would never intentionally upset someone, I would like to think I'm a relatively nice person most of the time..though hubby says I only open my mouth to change me feet!

OK, I'm off to rustle up a storm in the kitchen, I'll be back later in the week with a card.


  1. Don't let it worry you Elaine, you do not have a crystal ball and I can confirm that you have always sent me a thank you ! enjoy your tea

  2. I wonder where all these undelivered cards disappear to, there must be hundreds in a little hidden sorting office somewhere.
    I always say manners cost nothing, hope you told them that. Love your comment about your husband, I have one of those too. x

  3. Ah hunny your such a sweetie, I know your always polite and friendly and would never dream of being rude! hope your ok and not too upset,

    Ps what Birthday thought you said you didn't have any lol xx

  4. Yip, I had that too.

    Just reregistered under a different email address... hope that works.

  5. pfff!! Never mind them Elaine, how rude!!! By the way, you never e-mailed me to say I didn't send you a card lol!!

  6. Two of the nicest words in the universe is thank you...I like to think I always remember to say it, and drum it into my G/sons heads.[not that they need reminding now]and I'm sure if you recieved something you would have said'thank you'...hope you give some pots and pans a good banging in the kitchen, it does make you feel better, and not to worry about it...

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  7. Hi Elaine,Don't let it worry you,you can't help it that a card didn't arrived,I think the lady should have ask you first If you got the card and I know for sure that you than had send her a message back!
    XXX Heidy

  8. Oh my, I can't believe some people. :( Don't be upset about this Elaine. It's not your fault. I think that the person who wrote you this email and accused you of not knowing the manners, should first ask you if you received the card. I know mail is terrible sometimes and unfortunately sometimes things get lost as well.
    Have a great day!
    Hugs! xx

  9. OH Elaine.. don't let it bother you.. you are a lovely lady and i am sure your manners are just perfect.
    Lisa x

  10. Oh my - does one send something in order to be thanked??? Nope - it is sent in order to give pleasure to the recipient whther one receives a thank you or not. OK manners would mean the recipient does thank - but what if your internet had been down, you'd been taken to hospital, might not some discreet enquiries first be in order.
    Paula (PEP)

  11. First of all i just want to say...don't let ill mannered peeps upset you because it is them who doesn't have any manners by sending you such nasty email which is very rude of them, keep your chin up girl!!

    Secondly...Thanks for making us all aware about MFC, mine is the same as yours so i will have to email them...again thank you :o)

    hugs and xxx

  12. Oh dear, that doesnt sound very nice to get an email like that, but you shouldnt let it upset you, Like you said, you have never received the card, so I wouldnt fret about it, after all... your followers all know how lovely you are.

  13. I would never even think that you weren't considerate enough to say thank you. My first thought would automatically be did the darn postal service lose it! I don't know what this world is coming too. I hope she reads this and has the grace to apologize to you. Sorry about the blog, I can be of no assistance there.

  14. Hi Elaine,
    please don't be sad about this email, because you are such a nice lady. Although I don't know you in person, I'm sure your manners are absolutely perfect and everyone, who follows your blog, knows about your generousity by giving away so many lovely candies. And no matter how busy you are you're trying your best to be a good blogger by sharing your inspiring cards and your comments are always sweet. So it's up to me to say: THANK YOU!
    I'm sending you some big, big hugs!

  15. Hey hun, thanks for letting us know about the copyright. Hope you are well and that you didn't cook up too much of a storm in the kitchen, lol. As for the email, anyoone who knows you knows how polite and well mannered you are so I would try and ignore it

    Suzanne x

  16. From where I'm standing you are an extremely polite person. Your comments are always very sweet. I think it's rude to send an email accusing you of not being polite. If I know someone to be polite, my first thought would be "perhaps they didn't receive my card". Don't let it get you down.
    Caz x

  17. thanks for the heads up Elaine, my MFC was the same, but rather than faff around I just signed up again and it has copyrighted the last months posts, so I think that's pretty much me up to date. If it hadn't been for you I would never have checked so......
    lol ;)

  18. Hi Elaine
    Your the nicest person with the kindest heart chum...
    and this person is very rude to send this email to you, but then sadly there is people like this, don't let this worry your wee head chum!!! wee love you to bits, also sorry for my late comments not been on line since last week, hope your having a good day..... :)
    Lots Hugs Sarah x

  19. Hi Elaine am totally gobsmacked by this persons attitude.. I myself sent a blogger a lovely special card for a special B/d (not you sweetie cos I dint know your BD) & didnt have a response I just assumed they hadnt received it..we ALL know what a kind generous polite person you are..suppose this person is SUPERIOR to use all then.. & yes I too was brought up to say please & thank you..& so have my children..

    smiles dear friend Christine x

  20. oh my goodness huni you have nothing to be sorry for in my eyes im with paula on this one and from what i know of you,you are one of the kindest,most certainly polite and generous ladies i know and yep im another brought up not dragged lol please don't let it upset you too much huni xx

  21. Oh Sweetheart, what a bummer, sorry to hear that youve had trouble from someone who thought youd been rude, to be honest I think your one of the worlds most sincere people and wouldnt dream of being rude.
    I didnt realise that MFC wasnt working, your right I havent had any emails from them either, will have to have a look at that. hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx

  22. Oh Elaine how awful!! your one of the kindest people i know!!!! i shouldn't think you would want a card off that person anyway!!!!!

  23. Hi Elaine just catching up with blogs and after reading your post it has just occurred to me that I haven't had a email for ages! so I am guessing its a blip with them for sure.

    As for the email you received well some people ought to think things through before using the good old computer I am sure they wouldn't have been so rude in person!


  24. Oh, dear....well your package has not arrived, but thank you anyway...ha!


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