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Thursday 6 June 2013

60 Years Ago...

Last week didn't turn out quite as planned, though when does life ever follow the script?

Phil ended up working the Saturday through to Tuesday, but we made the most of the rest of the week. 
We had lunches out, did some gift shopping, got some jobs done at home etc, nothing too exciting but we enjoyed the time spent together. 
There wasn't much time left to play in my craft room but I did get a bit of colouring if only I can find the time to make it into something! 

I did make one very simple card...

White cards are so difficult to photograph - It's lovely and sparkly in real life!!

I wanted something simple but classy for this occasion, and so lacking any imagination myself, I totally cased the card from THIS talented lady, after spying the card on Pinterest, and having one of those light bulb moments..yes, I have those stamps, so let's use them!
I took the advice of my wonderful Facebook friends and bought pale grey ink, and stamped it off on scrap paper first to achieve a lighter shade (thank you Dena!)
The stamps are Stampin' Up Hearts A Flutter, the sentiment was computer generated as I was seriously running out of time, and the crystals are Swarovski.

The card is of course for my Mum and Dad, who despite having 3 horrible children, have managed to stay married for 60 years!
I did buy them a card which I posted so they would have it today, and made this one to take over on Saturday when we are all going out for a family meal.

I will try to remember to take some photos of the occasion, I forget in all the excitement.

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad

Thanks for looking.


  1. Beautiful card! Wow, 60 years how wondeful.
    Chris xxx

  2. Stunning card Elaine, love your take on the original. Very classy card by a classy lady!

  3. Oh wow that is sometime together. Congrats to them both and the card is lovely if you click on the picture and you can see the sparkle. Enjoy your weekend and glad you got some time with Phil together. Going for a meal tomorrow with my son and 2 nephews just local so not typo much fuss as i get older fuss is more of a headache what to wear. Omg i sound like my gran. Gosh 60 years older than me just.

  4. First of all, congrats to your mum and dad! A diamond wedding wow! These days people can't stay a week married ;)
    Enjoy the family meal Saturday!
    Think it's the perfect card for this occasion, cas but stylish!

  5. This is gorgeous Elaine. So simple and elegant.

  6. Congratulations to your Mum & Dad - If the other two are as horrible as you are then I reckon the word horrible as changed its meaning!
    Have a lovely time with the family & take care of yourself et al.
    With love
    Paula (PEP)
    I reckon this looks terrifically classy & so utterly not in your face but sophisticated.

  7. This is pretty online but I bet you are right and it is gorgeous in person, I can see just a little bit of the sparkle and shimmer. I will keep you in my thoughts for this weekend, you have my number if you need bail money.

  8. Awe Elaine, they are going to love this card you made them! It is VERY elegant and perfect for a diamond anniversary. Please send your Mom and Dad my very best wishes, it is so wonderful to see a couple celebrate such a long marriage!!! Oh, and I'm glad the stamping off worked haha!
    Have a wonderful day my sweet friend!

  9. Gorgeous card, Elaine! Might try something similar.....will stick it on my (long) list!! Susie x

  10. Oh Elaine I saw this on you know where too, you did a bang up job on it, just gorgeous, I can never do CAS this well...will just have to keep trying...

    Congrats to your Mam and Dad...60yrs....omg...well done.xxxx

  11. Congrats with your parents Elaine....60 years wow

    Your card is gorgeous,so delightful,love it!!
    XXX heidy

  12. Nice card Eileen love the simpleness of this card xx

  13. I do admire people who can do CAS cards like this beautiful one.

  14. Incredibly gorgeous Elaine! I love your cards soooo much! They are so special.
    Big hug,

  15. Beautiful as always hun...:o)

    biggest of hugs Vicky xx

  16. Gorgeous card, absolutely perfect for the occasion. Hope your mama and papa enjoyed it and you all the celebration. Hugs, Wends xxx

  17. Beauuutiful card sweetie ♥♥

  18. so beautiful Elaine.gorgeous elegant design ,the hearts are so pretty :D

    xx coops xx

  19. Trust me, this is not simple at all! Not for me anyway, but I just LOVE it! Gorgeous hearts and the bling details are the perfect dots over the i!

    Congrats to your parents! :)

    Hugs, Anne.

  20. beautiful card Elaine, so elegant and congrats to your parents, some achievement x


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