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Wednesday 12 June 2013

Happy Birthday ♥

Happy Birthday to my lovely Dad...85 today

Wishing you the most wonderful you to the moon and back Dad.

He's probably the reason why I didn't get married until I was 29 (almost 30 to be precise).
It was on the scale of Mission Impossible trying to find a man to measure up to the greatness of my daddy.

All my love Always xxx


  1. Happy birthday elaines dad hope it is as good as mine was. No way di you look 85 have a great one .

  2. ))) Happy Birthday to your Dad!! He looks so happy on photo)

  3. Happy Birthday Elaine's Dad!!Thank you for raising the most awesome girl!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Awwwww... now you have me in tears! That's such a lovely thing to say.. x

  5. 85, wow, what a blessed age! Hope your dad has a superb birthday! I wish him all the best.
    I think you look alot like your dad :)

  6. Hallo Elaine,
    wünsche dir mit deinem Papa einen schönen Tag,leider ist meiner schon lange gestorben,also genieße die Zeit mit ihm,
    liebe grüße Ulrike

  7. So cute! Happy birthday to your dad!

  8. Tillykke med far, han ser frisk ud, det er så dejligt. knus morkaren.

  9. Congrats Elaine and what a great picture!!
    XXX Heidy

  10. Hi Elaine
    I hope you are well chum, doesn't your Dad look amazing for his age and sounds like he is a super Dad too... I only wish my Dad was still here lost him 15yrs ago at the young age of 63 also my sister who died suddenly 8yrs ago she was only 46 not a day passes without them both on my mind, prescious memories always....
    Big thanks for sharing this great pic to chum. Take care
    Hugs Sarah xx

  11. Congratulations to you and your dad Elaine. Hope you had a wonderful day.
    hugs Yvonne

  12. your dad sure doesn't look 85 Elaine...dads take some beating don't they!!


  13. Oh that's such a lovely post, and as someone who loved her daddy with much adoration too and lost him far too young, I would just say, continue to treasure him as you so obviously do, losing my papa has left a massive whole in my life, that no one else can fill. Happy birthday to your daddy and may you continue to enjoy your fabulous June month of family celebrations. Big hugs, Wends xxxx

  14. Happy Birthday to your dad Elaine. Oh hun your post made me cry, can't say anymore I need tissues
    hugs Mandy xxx

  15. Hi Elaine, sorry I missed this post about your Dad, my goodness you look like him (apart from all the years between you of course)you have the same shape of face. I bet your hoping that you are fit and looking great when you reach 85, it's in your genes! I keep quoting my late Dad so much these days, they were brought up with so much common sense. Love the new photo, have a good week...Trish

  16. Wow, Elaine, would he like to be my toy-boy??? hope you look as young at his age, enjoy all your excursions as well as your forthcoming birthday
    Love Tilly x


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