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Wednesday 21 August 2013

Sparklies ~ Candy Winner!

Just a quick post from me to announce the candy winner.
 It's been so busy here, so stressful and I am so very tired! This child will be the death of me!
The boy is off to Uni. He didn't get a place at his first choice (Manchester Met). If he had then he would be living at home for the next three years and catching the tram to Uni each day.
But he did get in at London Met, which meant a mad search for accommodation began. I had to get out the jump leads and re-start Phil's heart...he should be in the penthouse suite for what it's costing, not a standard room. Of course we will manage, we have no choice, but my crafty shopping days are well and truly over.
And I have told the child in no uncertain terms, that he had darn well better work his butt off or I'll be using the jump leads on certain bits of his anatomy!

Back to what I'm here for...a big thank you to all the magpies that entered the candy, there can be only one...

Congrats to Erika!!
Please email me with your full postal address and I'll get your goodies popped in the mail to you.

Thanks for looking.


  1. So should I send jumper cables for xmas?

  2. I always love those little bits you choose to share with us. I'm sorry but the last part kinda made me laugh "he had darn well better work his butt off or I'll be using the jump leads on certain bits of his anatomy!"
    I'm sure your creative enough to make much more wonderfull cards with the stuff you have left.
    BTW Erika, congrats on that superb candy!

  3. Hi Elaine, I know it will be hard for the next few years, but when you see him graduate it makes it all so worthwhile. It will be the proudest day of your life, I'm sure he will stick in there and do his best(why wouldn't he with a threat like that!) You'll be able to enjoy some peace and quiet then book a trip to London for a wee visit. I wish him luck and good health in his new abode, enjoy the rest of the week yourself...Trish

  4. Well done Erika - enjoy all those gorgeous bits n bobs.

    Hazel x

  5. Oh Dear But He Will Have A Good Time And Learn How's Till Look After Himself.

  6. Wow, what a treat. Congrats Erika! Elaine, such a super generous candy!! xxx

  7. Hehe!! you did make me laugh sweetie. Not easy sending them off to Uni, especially in London. Second mortgage comes to mind, but it'll be worth it in the end.
    Hugs Suzi x

  8. ...people keep telling me "And this too shall pass." I've gotta hold on to HOPE ♥ I pass it on to YOU! :) Remember to breathe...

    Big squishy hugs! xoxo

  9. Hi Elaine, so glad you managed to sort Hal's accommodation out, I agree it is expensive in London, its a shame hes not living in for the first year but they have all these new fangle ways of dealing with freshers but I want to wish him all the best and you are going to miss him like crazy. Have you shown him how to use the launderette or is he posting home hes dirty clothes?
    Hugs Shirleyxxxx

  10. OH MY !!
    I sure hope THE BOY works hard, I see another 'great train robbery' coming of in Manchester lol....Hold on to the image of him graduating as you slide towards the workhouse door!
    Thank you for doing your last ever candy hehehehehe, I'm sure you can manage with your little handful of bits and bobs to make your stunning cards
    Tilly x

  11. Congrats to the VERY lucky Erika, have fun and thanks Elaine....

    You made me laugh so much about your son, what a shame he couldn't get in nearer to home, always the way Elaine, wishing him all the very best.xx

  12. All the best for your lad - he'll do wonders with London though cheap is one thing it isn't.
    Hope Phil has recovered with the aid of the jump leads........
    Paula (PEP)

  13. Congratulations to Erika, I'm so very jealous.

    Had a good giggle with your plans for your son. A shame he couldn't study closer to home.

    Have a great weekend.
    Caz x

  14. huge congrats to erika and thanks elaine for the chance to win.
    wishing your son all the best at uni, i wouldn`t like the thought of those jump

    xx coops xx

  15. Congrats to Erika - lucky girl. Your post today is so fun Elaine!
    Have a nice evening,


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