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Tuesday 27 July 2010

Chunky Monkey Update and a Card

Sorry I've been missing for a few days! Chunky Monkey was supposed to leave hospital last Friday, but when she was examined prior to being discharged they discovered a heart murmur. Apparently, when a baby is born there is a valve in the heart that closes. In the womb the valve is open as they don't breathe oxygen via their lungs but when born this valve closes and it hasn't done. So she had to stay in until Saturday. The consultant assured Jon & Sam that there was nothing to worry about but booked them an appointment at the children's hospital for Monday.
So yesterday following the appointment, she was admitted and has to stay in for constant monitoring. It can take up to 10 days for the valve to close and they want to keep her in until the 10 days are up. If it still hasn't closed she may need surgery. I was so upset last night, not only because of this but there was no where for them to stay at the hospital so they were told they had to go home, and they were heartbroken to have to leave her. Jon couldn't speak on the phone he was so upset.
But the hospital staff are all wonderful and she is being well look after.
So the good news is we have a name!

                                               Poppy Sophia
Thank you everyone for all your congratulations and good wishes.

Onto the card, I took a few photos and then sent the card without looking at how the photos turned out. That'll serve me right for not checking!

The colours of the DP are fine but that flower! It's a lovely delicate pale pink and matches the bazzill cardstock not the garish bright pink it looks in the photo. And it looks like all my papers are stuck on wonky!
Image is a High Hopes Meljen's Design from Bunny Zoes, DP is Kaiser Craft Wish Upon from Jill at The Hobby House, all the hearts have been thoroughly glossed, and the little pearls around the image have been made with a Viva Decor pen from Elaine at Quixotic Paperie.
Thanks for looking and for any comments you may leave.
Love Elaine xx


  1. ((hugs))
    Lovely name, but sorry she'll always be Chunky Monkey!

  2. Hi Elaine
    A gorgeous card and a beautiful name,i am sure everything will be ok,
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  3. Hi please dont worry she is in the best place and will be fine i am sure this happens to lots at one time they would have come home and we wouldnt have known now with all the tests they can find these things. Better safe than sorry. As for the name what a lovely name. Oh now we cant call her cheeky monkey. Please keep us up todate and poor dad and mum.

  4. How cute she is - my DD was a preemie baby back in 1977 and also had the heart issue - but since we couldn't leave due to her size anyway it was a bit less scary and the valve closed in a few days. Sending lots of thoughs and good wishes to everyone and hope to read about her going home soon. Your card is lovely and so is her name.

  5. Oh my goodness, that is one BEAUTIFUL baby and what a fab name, too. Usually those heart murmurs close up quickly and with no lasting problems. Tell her parents (I'm guessing they are your son and dil) that they could insist on staying. At least give it a try. I'm a former pediatric nurse and I can't imagine not letting a new borns parents stay beside, my gosh. Keeping you all in my thoughts. And your card is beautiful as always.

  6. Hi Elaine,
    OOh i was welling up reading this surely they can't expect her to be left for 10 nights and not at least one of the parents stay!!! persevere i think on this one x beautiful bonny baby and such a pretty name what a lovely card you have made for her now divulge are you nan or gran? lolx
    Suzie qx

  7. Awww...a beautiful name...much more 'squidgy' than chunky monkey! lol
    Sending positive vibes, thoughts and prayers for you all, and hoping all goes well over the next few days x
    As for your card....totally gorgeous! xx

  8. Ohhh Elaine what a beautiful name for a beautiful G/daughter.. think we bloggers will know her as Chinkey Monkey...sorry shes not fit to go home but at least she getting the best care..your baby card is goegeous,....
    Hugs Christine xx

  9. What a beautiful name! Can't imagine how Jon and Sam felt having to leave her...hopefully her valve will close soon and she can go home and be with her parents....Take care. Susie x

    Lovely card, by the way! The papers are beautiful.

  10. Such a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl!!, fingers crossed she will be ok, this little problem is more common then people think :o)
    Gorgeous card, wonky??, it looks perfect!!
    Take care Vicky xx

  11. She's sure to delight with a name like that, so pretty! I do hope the valve closes over quickly, not very nice at all to have to leave your new little baby all alone... poor things. Hopefully she'll be home asap!
    Love your sweet card, that image is cute ♥

  12. Oh hun Chunky Monkey's new name is lovely, but I think she will always be Chunky Monkey in blog land lol. My heart goes out to you all, & I hope the valve closes soon without the need for surgery.
    Poor Jon & Sam I have never known any hospital not let at least 1 of the parents stay, I've slept in many a chair beside Jodie's various hospital beds in various hospitals, it must break their hearts to leave her even though she is being well cared for.
    Give Chunky Monkey a big kiss for me
    big hugs Mandy xx

  13. OMG how could I forget!
    Your card is absolutely gorgeous hun, love the image and the colours are so deliacte and pretty
    hugs Mandy xx

  14. Hi Elaine,

    I'm sure nature will take its course and will close on it's own. Beautiful name and beautiful card.

    Hugs Tracy x

  15. What an adorable little thing, and finally a cute it is, I love it! Sorry to hear she is still in the hospital, I'll send out a prayer for a quick fix. Think your card is fabulous too!
    Have a great day!

  16. My thoughts and prayers with you all, there's nothing worse than watching your children go through something, and that's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

  17. Sending you all BIG HUGS Elaine. Poppy is in the best place and I know it's hard but it will be 10 days well spent and in a few weeks this will all be a vague memory (don't know about you but when I had kids my memory went completely, thank goodness for calendars, when you remember to fill them in). Beautiful card Elaine. Get that scrapbook out for all these lovely pictures. :-) xx

  18. Hey Elaine i'm sure you've gathered by the posts above that this is a normal thing. My little dude was the same and he wasn't a premature just lazy I guess, broke my heart leaving him there though, went four nights without him and still haven't quite forgiven the hospital for that. When he was six weeks old the Doctor thought she heard the murmur again but he just had the hiccups. It's not the first time hiccups have caused a major problem in my family. When my Mam was expecting me she went in for the scan, (back then there was only one done unless there was something that need to be monitored) anyway during the scan the Doctor was getting more and more concerned looking and called in another Doctor and a couple of nurses. They finally decided to bring in Mam and Dad to the secret conversation they were having and happily announced that Mam was expecting twins!! The only thing my poor Mam could think of was who she could get to put another hood on the Silver Cross pram she'd just bought! LOL!! Turns out in the end that I wasn't going to have a twin I just had the hiccups! This was a desperate attempt to take your mind off of what's going on, hope it helps a little bit! Oh, before I go, your card is fantastic and there ain't one wonky thing about it! :-D

    Jenny T.

  19. Lovely card and a beautiful name for the baby.


  20. Hi Elaine, I agre with Mandy, can't understand why at least one parent could stay by the bed, I use to work at a childrens hospital and even on the special care baby unit and ITU there was provision for one parent to stay. Hopefully nature will do her stuff with no need for man's intervention. I think Poppy is lovely and Sophia would have been one of my girl choices but I had a son and hubby said we had to pick a boys name so that was that. Your card and photography are fab , don't know why you worry so. Hugs Julye

  21. Thanks for updating us again. So sorry to hear that the little one has to stay in the hospital for a while. Hope everything will soon turn out well. What a little cutie and she has a very beautiful name.
    You're all in my thoughts.

  22. its a lovely name and the card is sweet too
    hugs lia

  23. Ah bless you Elaine, what a worry for you all...I hope everything will be ok, I am sure she will be fine, and she is in the best place so they can keep an eye on her. What a cute baby she is and I love the name, it is beautiful. Take care and I wish you all well
    Wendy x x x

  24. i wish all the best for poppy sophia
    and to the parent also
    i love the card you've made
    hugs angelique

  25. I am so sorry, Elaine. This will be awful for you all especially her parents. I will be thinking of you and hoping that the valve will close on its.
    Suzanne x

  26. I love her name - she's adorable - she looks so cuddly and scrummy!! best wishes to everyone - hope she's home soon. Your card is beautiful too

  27. Oh, thats so scary! I cant belive they make them leave their newborn daughter on top of it all. I hope she`ll be fine, I`ll send a little prayer for her.

    The card is really wery sweet too. :)

  28. oh huni what a gorgeous name for a gorgeous baby your card is so beautiful too perfect post all round xx

  29. A beautiful name for a beautiful baby.


  30. Hi Elaine
    I was so upset for you & your family, on reading your blog this morning. I just can't beleive that they wouldn't let (at least Mum) stay with her new baby. how cruel. I hope it does close up on it's own, and that she doesn't need surgery, what a worry for all of you. Love her new name Poppy Sophia (much better than chunky monkey)lol, her name suits her, she is so pretty. Love your card, I don't know how you have found the time, given what's going on in your life at the moment.
    huge healing hugs to Poppy & huge hugs to the rest of the family.
    Sandra (craftynan)

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    Incidentally, a nice card and a lovely name.
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  32. Awww bless sure all will be well but that won't help you all at this moment...she is a beautiful little thing and her name is gorgeous.....oh, yes, so is your

  33. Hi Hun, sorry only just seen this, I'm sending love and hugs for you all, she is an adorable, beautiful baby and her name is so precious,I'm sure she will be home with her parents soon,
    Your card is so beautiful too hun and your flower doesn't look garish at all nor do your papers look wonky, have you got the right glasses on? I will e-mail you soon hun, love and hugs Liz xx

  34. Oh' Elaine sorry chum just seen this, Poppy Sophia, is gorgeous and this name suits her beautiful, far better than Chunky Monkey!! it must be hard for Jon & Sam, will pray all goes well, for you all, as I'm sure it will and your wee Granddaughter will be home soon Elaine, and also your card is gorgeous and your flowers and papers look fine chum, take care & God bless
    Sarah xx

  35. Awwww I do hope everything turns out well for the little one, her name is beautiul and as gorgeous as her, but she'll always be chunky monkey.
    Your creation is so pretty, love that image too.
    Happy crafting and fingers crossed for Poppy
    Tracy x

  36. The card is so delightful - sympathize with your colour/photo predicament. Sorry not to have commented sooner (migraines not responding to medication). You're still all in my thoughts.
    Paula (PEP)


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