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Sunday 18 July 2010

Look at what I've got!!

Well I've no cards to show, simply not had any time again this weekend. But take a little look at what arrived in my post bag last week.
Actually, I got two of them! Bit strange that though, as I don't like them, yet I've bought 5 various sets off hAnglar so far! One set is all parcelled up with it's passport at the ready as it will be leaving home to move in with my sweet friend up in Scotland. Don't worry, I've sent them off with a little umbrella and some wellies too as I hear the weather has been bad recently.
So that leaves me with a spare set. I think I shall have to do another candy with them shortly, I just need to think how to do this one? Followers or commentors or open to anyone? I shall have to sleep on it!
I did also get a lovely collection of LOTV stamps, which I much prefer to hAnglars, I just need some time to play with them.
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend, and that the weather is better than it's been here, flippin' rain, rain and more rain again!
Thanks for looking.
Love Elaine xx


  1. Are you serious??? Dont you like hAnglar???
    Hope your weather is getting better soon! We're leaving for our vacation tomorrow (no Magnolia store for me though :( )
    And the weather forecast says we're getting bad weather everywhere we go :(

  2. Pretty set of stamps Elaine. What a lucky friend you have up in Scotland. I'm sure she will love the stamps, they are sweet. Although I only like the boy. I prefer the Magnolia's over the hAnglars - but know you aren't too keen on either lol

    I'm waiting for a while to buy some LOTV ones as they are so sweet. I'm thinking of selling off some older stamps too cos I just haven't the time to use them at the moment...or I've gone off them hehe

    We've had lovely weather today - sun shining and white fluffy couds as pops calls them - she keeps missing L's out of words - like cLock... Silly things amuse me. This one in particular.

    Hope you have fun playing with your LOTV stamps and you dont get a head ache over who to offer these cuties to as candy, ie followers, commenter's or open to all.


    Kimmi x

  3. You make me laugh! I haven't any hAnglars, but I must admit I'm in love with LOTV, they are gorgeous and so easy to play with. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  4. Hi...I love Hanglar cute.


  5. Just received some nativity LOTV stamps and they are really cute Not so keen on the hanglars now though I used to love them

  6. Oh elaine how can you not like them but must say the lili of the valley are cute got 3 myself and just need some more time to play coloured but not made into cards. Think I just like the colouring myself. lol. Oh the rain has stopped here for 10mins i think should i chance the washing line or dryer. Me thinks the dryer. Have a good day.

  7. I'm not a huge fan of Hanglars either, but I have to admit that I really like this set! (...this is the first Hanglar set I've said that about, LOL!). I can see the little girl or little boy masked and sat in the flower pot - would be great to colour! Been really dark and damp here in the South West today - and cold too ... brrrrrr! I really hope this isn't the end of our summer - we have one more week left until it's the start of the school summer hols which won't be a lot of fun if it's constantly pouring! :o) Hope you're having a great weekend! Hugs, Sem x

  8. Hi Elaine
    Wow these are gorgeous,but i do like LOTV ones bought some yesterday put some pics on my blog,
    Hugs Dianne xx

  9. Oh how cute, I may have to intercept those stamps on their way to Scotland mwhahahahaha....

    Enjoy your new goodies!

  10. I can't believe you're offering more candy Elaine! You're the best sweet shop ever. It would be nice to see a card or two on here as well. You really need to make sometime for yourself and us. I miss your gorgeous cards. :-) xx

  11. Now Elaine i have just become your new best friend as i would give these honeys a real good home, lol

  12. Hi Elaine, have to say I don't own any Hanglers either but have got some lotv, but you can't say you don't like till you try can you, well that's what I use to tell my son when he wouldn't eat something, does it work for stamps too?

  13. Well whatever you decide, Elaine, it's really generous of you to consider giving them away. I've got the Hanglar Babies, so far and I think I quite like them and there's a few others I like too, but it's not as much as a sure thing as LOTV or Sugar Nellie!!! Susie x

  14. Hi Elaine, well with the weather like it is- so much rain, why not ask people to send in their weather pictures to show you it is not just in Lancashire that the weather is so wet! the gloomiest picture gets the goodies to cheer them up! Whatever you decide, your very kind in giving them away. Sarah x

  15. OMG Elaine - I NEED THEM, LOL!

    You are so generous and kind.

    Love Kerry xx

  16. very pretty set hun but we all have our favourites and i must admit LOTV are much cuter xx

  17. Oh Elaine, what are you like??? Why did you buy stamps when you don't like them? I'm sure I can find a good home for them ;O)

    Looking forward to seeing your LOTV cards. I have some of their stamps that are crying out to be used. I LOVE THEM!!!

    I hope work has simmered down this week with all the rain...


  18. Elaine, how do these things keep appearing in your mailbox? I ordered the set the first day it was on Ebay and haven't received it yet, but am looking forward to it arriving sometime. I have always loved the Hanglars, I prefer them over the Magnolia's as I find them so easy to color. I know you don't like them cause they have no faces, but somehow that just passes me by, I don't even notice that anymore. I also have a load of LOTV stamps that I've colored some but just not got around to making cards with them yet. I think I am finally caught up on all my DT work for the moment, but tomorrow starts a new battle with the NHS again over the care Alan is NOT receiving. Just received our phonebill for last month, normally our calls are around £5 or so per month, well this bill was £27 nearly for all the phonecalls......and that was only for the month of June, god only knows what the July one will be like.
    Anyways come on lets see some more of your fabulous cards.
    Donna xx

  19. Oh Elaine, LOTV is my favourite so I know you'll have lots of fun with them, I only have 3 but boy do they get used, especially the fairy on tiptoes.

    Thank you for your kind words about my sister, I do appreciate it.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  20. Hi Elaine,
    I love the hAnglar and the LOTV, they are both special in their own way.
    My mum does not like them (or Magnolia) and always says "can I draw a mouth and nose on them!! LOL
    How kind of you to offer them as Candy, or you could try selling them, they are selling really well on Ebay. Debbiexx

  21. Oh I can't believe you don't like "my" favorite stamps! ;) I just got this set last week too! Those LotV stamps are right up there with my favs, looking forward to your cards done up with them! ~hugs

  22. Ok i've read this twice and have just got that LOTV is Lilli of the Valley. Blonde moment!!! Great idea on the packaging to Scotland! I recently got a parcel from there and it could have done with an umberella! It was soaked through, thankfully the papers and stamps inside were wrapped in about a mile of bubble wrap, which provided me and the three year old with a good hour of popping fun!

  23. They're cute! I'm sure your friend will love them, enjoy your LOTV stamps, I think they're my new favs and have been buying a heap!! Happy stamping ♥

  24. i don't have any hAngler of my own, i only have a stampt one that i have become, i'm very careful to use it, but i love the image's of hAngler
    we had a lovely sunny weekend
    i hope you'll have some sun to
    hugs angelique

  25. Hi Elaine
    Regarding your H & S stamps, I have come up with an idea for you (hope you like it)lol. A few posts back you were saying how you were finding working, housework, etc, etc, etc, a bit too much, what about you putting the stamps up as a payment for some one to come and be your cleaner/general dogsbody for a month, (I am sure that you will have lots of takers)lol.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  26. Hi Elaine, I sincerely hope its dryer in your neck of the woods today, the sun is out but its not going to stay that way unfortunately. I like you last person surgestion you never know someone might just take you up on that.
    With love and hugs Shirleyxxx

  27. Hi Elaine, gosh woman could they not have got lost and come in my box instead lol,
    it's raining more than ever here hun as I'm sure it is there too, good wellie weather,
    you had that rest yet?
    I've ordered some card so hopefully it will come soon, hope your having a lovely day, hugs Liz xx

  28. Pretty set of stamps Elaine. Why did you buy these stamps when you don't like them? I know I can find a good home for them hihihih

  29. I'm with you preferring LOTV. Look forward to seeing your LOTV creations. Ironical that being Swedish I prefer LOTV....... & don't own any Hanglar or Magnolia - thought you might see the funny side of that too & appreciate the laugh......
    Take care & thanks for all your encouragement to me.
    Paula (PEP)

  30. Hi Elaine could have sworn I left a comm. here likkle grey cells leaving me TOO fast..LOL I LOVE Magnolias & Hnaglar but dont have any of these stamps of my own YET.. there always sold out when I get to find out about them...LOTV are sweet images & you do them justice..each to their own..

    Hugs Christine xx


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