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Tuesday 6 July 2010


I think I'm in meltdown! I don't know whether I need to change my job or just get a cleaner. I really do like my job but working for an air conditioning company during the summer months is very stressful. We are so busy that I really don't know whether I'm on my head or my elbow. The days just pass in a blur. I know that I can't moan about it, in the economic climate we live in I should be very grateful to have a steady, reliable and certainly at the moment, a secure job. The downside is that I feel life is all work and bed and there's not much time left for anything else. I work all week, and rarely sit down at home before 9pm, then my weekends are spent catching up at home with the cleaning, washing, ironing, food shopping etc, like most women I suppose! But it leaves so little "me" time left. Am I being selfish?
I did manage to get 2 hours playtime last weekend, so I tried to make a card, but I was so darn tired and the card was horrendously awful that it went straight in the bin.
So I found an image I had coloured in months ago and made a really quick and simple card.

The image is a Bildmalarna stamp available from Bunny Zoes's Crafts ,DP is Cosmo Cricket Earth Love from the lovely Elaine at Quixotic Paperie, pearls and swirl from stash. The swirl is a lovely coppery colour and very shiny but my legendary photography skills have come in to play again!

Thanks for looking and for any comments you may leave.
Love Elaine xx


  1. Hi Elaine,
    A gorgeous card,i know how you feel i am the same,
    Hugs Dianne xx

  2. Hi Elaine,
    lovely card - beautifully coloured ,I haven't mastered this colourful bit around the edge yet probably because like you I feel exactly the same and seem to have zero time to play but glad to know I am not the only one!!
    Suzie Qx

  3. Oh Elaine this is lovely. She is so sweet. Lovely DP's and the swirl is fab sitting under the flower.

    I'm dreading starting my new job next week. Simply because having been ill these past few years and having sick time a fair bit and being home for nearly two years with a few months work dotted in there I will be working a 45 hour week :o( Plus 10 hours a week on top for travelling.

    I will only get to play like you after 9pm and thats if I can keep my eyes open, esp as I will be leaving the house again at 7am.

    Argh! I may have to give up crafting - or win the lottery - think the latter would be nice, but near impossible haha!

    Hope you can find some super 'you' time soon to chill and relax. Even if its just catching a break.


    Kimmi x

  4. Hi Elaine!, such a gorgeous card, love the image and fab backing papers!!. I know just what you mean about "me" time, what is it lol!!, and no your not selfish :o)
    Take care hun and roll on the winter months!!, love Vicky xx

  5. I know what you mean all work and no play - but it does make the time you do have to play more special = your card is lovely - Sarah x

  6. Hi Elaine, Know what you mean. My hubby and me have a saying "stop the world we want to get off"!
    It is sometimes just one day joining another and yo have done nothing but work. Your card might have been made in a rush, but it is lovely, and the little Bildmalarna image is gorgeous and the colouring, paper and flower are sweet. That punch with the hearts is gorgeous, I have it too and it always looks stunning, the satin look card yu have used to punch on is stunning. Well done you and TRY to have some YOU time!! Debbiexx

  7. Oh I always love your coloring!! Gorgeous card sweetie!!

  8. Love the way the colours in the stripes co-ordinate with the colours in the flower. No, you're not being selfish - we need our own space & time for ourselves in order to replenish our own batteries & then we can give again. You give a tremendous amount just by being who you are so need to take care of yourself too. Hope that doesn't sound too preachy. Much love Paula (PEP)

  9. this is gorgeous i just love your colouring skills.NO WAY are you being selfish you need some time out you work soooo hard huni you need some you time xx

  10. Gorgeous card, love the image and it's coloured beautifully.
    Hope you get some time to yourself soon xx

  11. This is gorgeous Elaine, beautiful colours and a lovely image!

  12. Elaine, this card is lovely. I bet the one you threw in the bin was pretty good, too. Your coloring is just amazing. Sounds like work is stressful, it is important to have some "me" time. Go ahead and hire a cleaner for your house, don't feel bad about it. Being overly stressed isn't good for yourself either. So try to get some help, so you can get some me time.

  13. Hey Elaine. You're clearly not alone. I worked in a high stress job, full time for two years, the commute was 2.30 hours in the morning and evening every day, so that was an extra 25 hours onto my week. I was up at 6 and home at 8 sometimes 9 and my little man was missing out big time. So in the middle of the biggest recession we've had I quit and now i'm at home full time with my main man. Have a little business going with the cards and I just love it but sometimes it takes over too and i've weeks where i'm as stressed out as I was in the full time job. Go on holiday, even for a weekend or night away somewhere it usually does the trick. :-D Love the card, great colouring as always.

    Jenny T.

  14. This card is beautiful :O) Your colouring is sooooo lovely!

  15. ohhh elaine!!!! elaine!!!! look what you have done a nice colouring!!!!! oh sooo perfect and cute!!! gorgeous card!! the papers, the pearls, the flower...... ohhhhh .... i love what you have created!!!!

  16. Oh I love how you've colored the image Elaine, you really bring her to life, and matches perfectly with the papers too.
    Yes real life can certainly affect your crafting time. I feel so far behind lately with spending so much time at the hospital, and now that Alan is home, it's a never ending day with visits from district nurses, and phonecalls and trying to run errands in between all the visits etc, that about all I can manage is to print things out or stamp things out, haven't done a card yet though. I know things will eventually settle down though. I hope you get a chance to find some crafting time too.
    Sending you big hugs
    Donna xx

  17. Elaine, first of all take good care of yourself. I am not able to work at the moment as I've got myself a burn-out. Sorry hope you understand my English isn't that good!! and simple cards are beautiful too! Really love you colouring!!!
    hugs Yvonne

  18. hey honey! I'm sorry you are so busy right now! I am sure it will pass and slow down a little once summer is over...maybe not much consolation now eh??

    Your card is beautiful...gorgeous colour tones and that swirl is stunning!

    Big hugs,
    Judy xx

  19. Hi Elaine
    Lovely card (as always, as I have said before your colouring is fantastic. I'm so sorry to hear that things are so hectic at the moment, If you would like some advice from an old bird read on. My daughter has a cleaner, and a lady that irons, (when I first heard about it I was flabbergasted), but boy have I had to eat my words, she has more time now to do what SHE want's to do, she like you never sat down in the evening's, because of housework or ironing etc. I only wish I had got myself a cleaner when I was working, ? possibly my body wouldn't be so worn out now lol. If you compare the price of a cleaner to the price of your stress it doesn't come close. As for the food shopping have a home delivery, trust me you will save money, I know you have to pay to have it delivered, but all those extra's don't jump in to your basket on the way round the shop. You havn't got the stress of driving, parking etc, and if you are lucky (like me) you will have a nice friendly young man who puts all the shopping on to the table & work tops for you, and all you have to do is put it away MAGIC
    Hope this has been of some help.
    huge hugs
    Sandra (craftynan)
    P.S. in case I havn't said it THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for my fantastic blog candy prize, I am going to have a play day today with all my new rubber babies lol.

  20. Adorable card Elaine, such a sweet image and love the colours.

  21. Hi Elaine, it must be so difficult to balance work and home when its that busy, I do hope that you eventually manage to find an answer.
    Your card is stunning and the colouring fabulous she is so cute isnt she. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  22. Hope things get easier soon, Elaine. Gorgeous card
    Suzanne x

  23. Hello Elaine,
    not just you, it goes like this, we (parquet and painting company) have high season.
    Would often be glad we had air conditioning! I understand you very well, also remains for me very little time for cards. But this morning (5 clock) I colored the little donkey for Michelle and was already sent to the post office and have them in the USA!
    But I love your cards and I'll take as much time to me to read with you always and look. (Google translator is always better!) I wish you much strength and a little time for you.
    Greeting Brigadier

  24. Hi Elaine, yes its me again, just wanted to let you know that Ive left you something on my blog, I do so hope you will accept it. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  25. adorable card, your colouring is stunning
    xoxo BA

  26. Elaine dont over do it and look after yourself. Stunning work

  27. Your card is gorgeous Elaine and so beautifully coloured. Hope you get some more "me time" soon!

  28. Oh Elaine, I'm sorry you don't have much time to sit down and breathe. I think a cleaner is the way forward. I dream of having one myself (and someone to do the ironing too). To be frank it just doesn't happen in my house at the moment(unless someone's coming to call - heehee!) At least it'll get a bit easier in a couple of months.

    Card is beautiful as always. That DP is very yummy. Must try to resist visiting the other lovely Elaine as I'll part with a lot of cash. I'll post a pic of what my last visit looked like - LOL.

    Lots of love

  29. Hi Elaine,

    Sometimes it feels like it is all work and no play. I work in a Solicitors and my job is really stressful. Its feels like we live to work rather than work to live.

    Crafting helps me destress!!!

    Another gorgeous card Elaine. The image is so cute and coloured beautifully as always.

    Love Kerry xx

  30. Hello hunny,
    I've had a few of those days this week, life is all go go go. I hope you get a chance to relax hun, you are probably still recovering from all your wild nights out too lol.

    Your card is beautiful, your colouring looks fabulous Elaine, love everything.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment hun, I really appreciate it, I really will get round to emailing you in the next couple of days
    hugs Mandy xx

  31. Hi Elaine, I got your comment hun so no problem there, I was like you and then I had only one day for my work because we went slack and it wasn't worth my bud fair, now I'm bored stiff so is there a solution, lol, your card is gorgeous hun, I wish I could colour like you and even your so called simple cards are gorgeous, hope you get chance to have a rest this weekend, hugs Liz xx

  32. Ahhh Elaine, I'm sure that you have been reassured by now that most of us on here feel the same about never having time to craft and unwind!! but if you're anything like me... you get bored stiff if you have time off work :) I admire you for posting on your blog so regularly and am always grateful for the inspiration ;) in honour of this post I am going to endeavour to make a card this weekend AND update my pathetic excuse for a blog :). Natasha x x

  33. Hi Sweetie,
    Loving your 'simple' card LOL Your colouring skills are exceptional my friend. I managed to order a couple of sugar nellie digis this morning, so look forward to trying them. Maybe I'll even get to join you at the sugarbowl!!
    I didn't want to bother you all week as I did think you must be very busy. Hopefully you'll manage a little 'me time' over the weekend. Get the boys stuck into some housework to free you up LOL
    Many hugs,
    Trish xx

  34. Fabulous card Elaine and I just love that image. Colouring is gorgeous and lovely layout. Hope things improve for you real soon on your 'me ' time. We all need it.

  35. I understand how you feel Elaine. I feel sometimes in the same way.

    Your card is soooo beautiful.
    The sweet image is wonderful coloured.

    Wish you a nice day with plenty of time for you.
    Lots of hugs, Swantje x

  36. great card.
    Thanks for joining in my blog candy give away,
    Good Luck.

  37. Elaine so a wonderful and cute card that you have created! I love this Bildmalarna girl!
    Wonderful creation!
    Hugs Alma

  38. Oh Elaine this is lovely.I love how you've colored the image Elaine, you really bring her to life, and matches perfectly with the papers too.


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