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Monday 31 January 2011

Even More Going Green and Recycling Again

Just a quick post today. I've got a poorly boy now. He seemed perfectly fine when he trotted off to school this morning but matron sent him home with a high temperature and fast heartbeat. He's gone downhill as the day's gone on so I called the GP this evening and he thought Hal had possibly got swine flu.
Anyway, after a trip to the Docs he now thinks it's a viral infection and he's got to stay in bed. Lucky devil - I wish someone would tell me to stay in bed for a week! Doc must think he's poorly as he's going to call tomorrow morning after surgery.
So onto the stamps: Marion, Stamper Sue, Cardmaking Bird and Sian, if you could please EMAIL me with your postal address's then I can get them sent off.
I've still got stamps to photograph, dies and a huge pile of 12 x 12 papers and I'll do my best to get them on here  asap.
Love Elaine xxx


  1. Hope Hal feels better soon (and you don't catch it). :-) xx

  2. Gosh, I'm SO sorry to hear of your burglary Elaine! How awful and scary. Thank you so much for posting the heads up about BUMP keys. I googled it and ... WOW!! I told hubby about it and he wouldn't believe it until I showed him! I'm also really sorry to hear that Hal is sick. Our daughter was ill over the Christmas holidays (all 2 weeks of them). At first we thought she had swine flu, but it turned out to be 'normal' influenza which is very bad in itself. I hope he feels better soon and that it's a short lived infection. Hugs, Sem x

  3. Sending Hal big hugs and hope he's much better tomorrow.
    And woohoooo you picked me :) - I've just been looking back on the comments to check that there isn't another Sian LOL!
    Going to email you now,
    Big hugs and thanks

  4. Hi Elaine what do they it never rains but it pours. Hope he is better tomorrow. You take it easy and dont go catching it you know men cant function without us.

  5. Hope Hal gets over this without too much trouble - you take care too & will keep you in my prayers.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. I do hope your son recovers soon. and it's nothing too serious.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  7. Hope Hal is feeling better, lots of fluids and rest and Tylenol for the fever if okay with the doctor. Tell him that is a heck of a way of getting out of telling sensai about the robbery! Just kidding, hope he gets better soon.

  8. Oh sweet boy!! Give him a hug from me! I know he's a big boy , bet everyone needs a gug when their not well!!

  9. Still thinking of you huni i wish there was something more I could do for you hun
    much love
    Lorraine xx

  10. Just hope that your boy would be quick again soon... its not funny to be seek...


  11. Oh hun hope Hal feels better soon and has plenty of rest :o)

    Take care Elaine, hugs Vicky xx

  12. OMG certainly are having a rough time and hope Hal feels better very soon!
    sending (((((comforting hugs))))) and xxx

  13. Hi Elaine
    Hope Hal feels better soon and congratulations to the winner's,
    hugs Dianne xx :)

  14. Hi Elaine,
    So sorry your boy is poorly. Hope he feels better soon.

  15. Poor Hal there are some nasty viruses going about hope he doesn't suffer for long x
    remember to wear your mask when you go near him lol x
    have fun
    Suzie Qx

  16. Hi Elaine I hope Hal gets better soon, there is a lot of these nasty viruses going around, sneding him big get well Hugs!!!! Congrats to all the lucky winners of your stamps chum, take care Hugs
    Sarah x

  17. Elaine,
    Give Hal a big love and tell him I am praying for is much more fun to stay home and not be sick. You have had a run of luck lately. I hope the week brightens up for you. hugs!

  18. Yay!!! Woohoo!! Thanks, Elaine. I never win anything, so I'm super happy!! Thanks for being so generous. Off to email you now! Hugs, Marie x

  19. I hope Hal feels better soon hun
    hugs Mandy xx

  20. What a blooming awful week you're having. I really hope that Hal gets well soon and that it is only a virus. Give him my love and thinking of you all x

  21. Hi Elaine
    Wow what a ghastly time you& your family are having at the moment, well you know what they say, never rain's but it pour's, BUT then the sun comes out, so fingers crossed (& toes) that the sun is going to shine on your family real SOON.
    Sending HUGE HUGE healing hugs to Hal, bless him I bet he would rather be in school than poorly.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  22. Hi Elaine, you do seem to be having some awful things happen to you and your family this week, Im so sorry to hear that Hal isnt to well, I do hope he soon feels better, but hes in the best place, and do be careful yourself and Phil it just wouldnt be a good idea for you two to catch it. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx

  23. Goodness, what a run of bad luck. I hope Hal starts feeling better soon.

  24. Hi Elaine,

    Bozley has EXACTLY the same thing! I hope he's ok, it's really awful, innit? Her li'l cheeks are bright red too :(

    Meesh. XX

  25. Hi Hun, hope you got my e-mail, thanks so much again, I've got a lovely smile on my face,
    I do hope Hal is feeling better hun,
    See you've been generous again, you lovely lady you, I'll write again soon, hugs Liz xx

  26. Get well soon hope its just a virus dont want any of the swine flu thats for sure!


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