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Sunday 16 October 2011

In Answer To Your Question...

Candy has closed now..thank you xx

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my Sugar Nellie Fairy Glen hop card...yes, I know that was such a long time ago now! I think these stamps are gorgeous and you must all think so too judging by the amount of viewers I had for the hop. A special thank you to all my regular readers/followers/commenter's for your support on the blog hop, it is much appreciated.

No card to show today...well, I did have two cards on here the other week so you surely can't expect to see any more from me for a while eh?

I get quite a number of emails asking me a variety of questions, so I thought I would answer some of them here..this may get boring so feel free to skip straight to the end!

1. This was a comment and not a question but I will answer it anyway:
"Although I enjoy dropping by your blog I am often disappointed as you don't post many cards".
True..I can't argue with that statement! I often feel disappointed that I don't make and post many cards but I make what I can. In my ideal world I wouldn't have to go to work, I could stay at home and play all day...OK, maybe play after I've done the chores. But until I retire (or win the lottery) this is my life.

2. Would I do a tutorial for colouring with DI's, and any tips for colouring.
Tutorial - I just have neither the ability, the know how or the time (but thanks very much for the compliment!) There are plenty of excellent tutorials out there in blogland.
Tips - Use the best quality watercolour paper you can afford and a couple of good quality brushes. My personal opinion is that quality does matter.

I love colouring with Distress inks, but it does take me a long time to colour just one image..anything from 4 to 6 hours is about usual and another reason why I don't post many cards. So in an attempt to speed up the colouring process, I bought some Copics (again) and some Promarkers.
I did try them both out and I prefer the Promarkers, I just couldn't get along with the fat brush end on the Copics. Although I can colour much quicker with the Promarkers I still think I colour much better with DI's. So I had a long hard think about what I really want to do and where I want to go with my blog. I would rather post one card a fortnight coloured with DI's that I'm happy with as opposed to churning out three cards a week just for the sake of posting them here.

3. Why do I not participate on DT's? (I'm sorry to say that I think that's a bit of a daft question.)
I am on the Sugar Bowl challenge DT.
The obvious reason for not being on other DT's is I've not been asked. There is no-one banging down my door and begging me to join their merry band. That said, I've never applied for any DT position. I imagine that when stamp companies or retailers are looking for new DT members they must want bloggers who post cards regularly and have enough time to produce good quality cards/projects to promote the brand. I am just not productive enough.

4. A new blogger asked  'How do you get free goods to give away as candy?'
No idea at all! The candy I offer on my blog is bought and paid for by myself. I am not given anything to offer as candy. There has been one exception when I received some stamps in the mail to make samples with but I had already bought these images for myself. So I asked the lady who sent them me if I should return the stamps to her or could I offer them as candy, which is what I did.

If you've read this far down then you deserve a medal..or some rubber.
I know I've been quiet this past week (again) though some folks might think that's a good thing! I've not had much time to play but I do have a card ready for the Sugar Bowl challenge on Thursday.
I will leave you with this...
I have 3 extra brand new rubber babies that would like to be adopted.
Let them eat cake, Hazel, and Faye & Freddie.
This is a really quick giveaway...aimed at my regular readers and not candy hunters so I will pick a winner tomorrow..just leave me a comment.
Thanks for looking
Love Elaine xxx


  1. Hey Hun!! It is a pity that you don't blog more often cause your work is just stunning but when you do blog I luv reading all your stories and seeing your gorgeous creations. Thanks ever so much for the fab opportunity to win some candy yet again. Lotsa luv, hugs xxxx

  2. Hey Hun! Hope yo are doing awesome! You are one of those people I am so glad that I have found. I really do love seeing your cards and reading your blog:0) You are so generous too! I have been stamping my candy stamps and am looking forward to making them into cards; they are just way cute! I love sugar nellie and these stamps you are offering are just so so sweet!

    I will say that I do agree with you on retiring or winning the lottery:0)

    Sending big hugs;

  3. These wee images are so cute Elaine. I think it is very good of you to take the time to answer questions youve been asked. Some dont bother at all. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Lee x

  4. Wooww that was a long story... hahaha. What a lovely stamps for you to give away!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

    gr. arjette.

  5. Well answered Elaine :) I love your colouring with the DI's....have'nt tried them yet still mastering my promarkers and prismas!! but I am very tempted every time I see your wonderful cards :)
    Thanks for the chance to own these cuties x

    Jenny x

  6. I will enter my name unless these are already in my xmas goody box. If so, ignore my post! So happy to talk with you yesterday, you don't know what a bright start that was to my day! Hope Hal got some food!

  7. well Elaine...that was interesting reading!! I love your DI colouring and my last one took me about 4 hours so yes it's not a speedy process but all worth it!! I agree it definitely makes all the difference having the right card and brushes!!


  8. ps don't include me in your giveaway...not that my name would come out the hat anyway!!


  9. HI SWEETIE I HOPE YOUR WELL AND YES I DID READ THE WHOLE POST oops sorry for shouting hun,i think you are so right about what you post i too would rather post good cards than do a rushed job i was unhappy with although i am always thinking my cards are just soso lol, i have had a mad week and i was really disapointed that i didn't have time to participate in the hop i do hope you will forgive me i do try to comment as much as possible.Thanks so much for the chance of your candy i haven't had any new sn for a while nite sweetie xx

  10. Hi Elaine
    I love your colouring and thankyou for the chance
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  11. Love your answers :)

    I also wait the day I don't need to work, so I can 'play' all day!!!

    Gorgeous rubber too - thanks for the chance :)

    Carol x

  12. Hello dear. I am NOT entering your blog candy, but I just wanted you to know I understand fully on how life is and not being able to play and post all the time. I work 11 1/2 hours a day and have been working 6 and 7 days and it is hard so hard to try to do anything. You have chores to do at home and a family to take care of so I so fully understand everything you are saying dear. When you do post a card dear it sure is a pleasure to see it for it is always beautiful hon. Hope you are doing well dear. Big Hugs

  13. Thanks so much - they are just too cute.
    I agree regarding quality, not quantity, and I do apologise for not commenting as often as I should.

  14. Hi
    I've been a follower for some time now, and I always look forward to seeing what you've created. So whether it's one card a week or one card a month, I'm not disappointed, your cards are always stunning.
    Thanks for the chance to win the lovely stamps.
    Sharon x

  15. I have never noticed that you dont make cards often.. I guess I always just hope on over when it comes up on my follow list to see what you have been up too!!!

  16. I love your work whether you post once week or once a month! I subscribe in my Google Reader so whenever you have new work I get to see it there!

    Love those sweet SN stamps too!

    Hugs, Kelly

  17. I'm a regular follower - not necessarily a commenter! thanks for the chance. And I love some of those answers!

  18. Dear Elaine,
    I'm with you all the way - it can take me a week to make a card & I too have never applied for a DT position. I cannot mass produce & will not compromise my standards - I am very much an apprentice & just wish to learn more. You give much Elaine in what you do for Sugar Nellie - I've seen that right from the start I came across you. I value your integrity hugely & you have your spot on my Mac's Top Sites which flags whenever you post.
    It's amazing what assumptions Mr/s Public make!!
    Much love from me
    Paula (PEP)

  19. I'm still smiling reading your post.... I NEEDED a smiley day !!!
    Elaine, you are the most generous woman I know & not only of your amazing gifts but with your time & wonderful uplifting e-mails ...
    I so agree about making cards because we WANT to & because we have the time not because we HAVE to ... Whenever you HAVE the time to post something you never fail to disappoint !!!
    Hugs, Janie

  20. I love looking at all the creations you post. It takes considerable time to make each card and time is always a premium when you have a family and work. these new fairy stamps are gorgeous! thanks for the chance to win!!

  21. Hi Elaine,good answered!
    Your coloring with DI is marvolous!
    I won the lotery last week,I was picked bij google in a email lotery and I won 450.000.00 british pond sterling,can you believe it,me eighter,It was a big scame!
    So I have to go to work today and for a long time
    Thanks for being so kind to give us a chance for winning your candy,these are so lovely!
    Hugs Heidy

  22. Hello, Elaine!
    I understand you a lot, because I have the same problem, I would like to make more cards and have more time to craft, but life is life and there is many other things to do (LOL!)
    I read the whole post and thanks a lot for the chance on having so cute stamps :)
    Have a great week, dear!

  23. I gotta tell you Elaine, for all that you dont post a lot of cards, i ALWAYS read your posts, whether its in my reader or i pop by to leave a comment, your blog is one of those that i really enjoy the gabbing, sure if i ever got hold of you on skype i would be chin wagging for hours. I thoroughly love reading your blog girlfriend and if you dont have time to post cards, thats fine by me, i am just happy to read all the gabbing. Thanks for the chance at some more fat free candy

  24. HI Elaine, what a great read!!! I am always interested in your blog no matter what you post and I am with you... i wish I could just make cards all day but unfortunately I have two little boys who need my attention and life gets in the way too!!! But I always love what you produce!!! YOur creations are always inspirational and I love seeing what you have created!!!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win these new gorgeous Sugar Nellie stamps!! I still don't own any of their stamps so would love to start my collection with these!!! HUgsxx

  25. Hi Elaine, I love your cards! Your colouring is fab and the cards are put together beautifully. I am not surprised it takes 4-6 hours to colour an image with DI's because it takes me a good 2 hours with Copics and they are much quicker to use and my colouring is nowhere as good as yours.

    You do what's right for you ... it's your blog so if you want to show just one card a fortnight then go for it! Keep up the good work!!

    Thanks for the chance to win these cuties :-)

    Lisa x

  26. Hi Hon...
    Yes me too, I read it to the end! And I'm with you all the way... I don't understand how some can post cards every day, and such fabulous ones too... and often have a full time job! If I 'have' to post, it becomes a pressure, and cardmaking to me is to enjoy... so I do as and when I feel like it! LOL

    Don't put my name in the candy giveaway pick...I just wanted to say hi.. I have my luscious rubber from you on my desk still, two have been stamped and coloured, but are waiting for a card... they are such gorgeous images!

    Big hugs
    Christine x

  27. Elaine, I know I have said it before, but a tutorial on how you colour using DIs would be great because you are the BEST at it. I love your colouring, the shadows are amazing and having seen it IRL I wish I could colour like you. Perhaps you could a workshop?!!!!

    Its an interesting read, and very honest. I do think blogs are very personal and it is up to the individual to post as often as they want. I would love you to post more often as I love your cards, but I love your colouring too ... so I am happy to wait for each posting.

    Cathy xx

  28. Great responses, Elaine! I can totally relate to the lack of time... I haven't managed to get a card posted in 2 weeks tomorrow! Yikes, time to get to playing :)

  29. HI Elaine... lol... i read the whole lot! Why should you have to explain yourself? Its your hobbie - you do whatever you want lol.
    Your colouring is beautiful.. so don't change- you enjoy it - that's the most important.
    Thanks for the chance to win - you are very kind
    Lisa x

  30. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? Don't you like Copic's?? Haha just kidding! I love your coloring and so wish I had patience to color with DI's And why should everyone color with Copic's that would be no fun if everybody's cards look the same!!
    Lot's of hugs ♥ Love you

  31. Whether you are posting a card or not doesn't really matter. Since taking up crafting/blogging a few years ago I have felt like I am part of a special community so I don't just "follow" blogs with fabulous cards but also interesting and funny crafters. They make me smile, they make me feel that I am not alone and I love reading other peoples funny, sad, uplifting, caring and wonderful lives.
    Your blog is a source of inspiration, funny and real-life stories and I love visiting. So you just keep doing what you do and we will still visit. Hugs, Mette

  32. Elaine love your honest answers to all the questions you've been asked. I too love your distress ink colouring in very muchly and appreciate how much work goes in to each little work of art of yours. Having these stamps already I just wanted to leave you a comment in support of your post.
    To a special lady who has a life outside crafting!
    Hugs Erika. xxx

  33. Hiya hun, I really liked your post today - I myself work full time and therefore don't get much time to craft and blog but isn't a blog just meant for that purpose - it's all about you and your life it's not a job or an expectation as then it would become a chore! Anyhow I'll stop rambling, thanks for the chance of winning your lush candy and looking forward to seeing your next creation - when you get time of course lol xx cara xx

  34. Hello Elaine
    I love to visit you and your stunning work, I agree it is better to produce 1 wonderful card than just churn out a boxful.....wish I could colour like you or have your patience!4/6 hours... wow!
    Thanks for doing the candy again

  35. morning Elaine,
    well said i love your honesty, like you say if only there was more time to play with our stash but sadly life has a way of pushing it's big nose into things and stopping us lol, i would love more time but work and family just have to come first and i can take aaaaages on just one card, which eats into that time ..
    love the stamps they are so cute, in fact i could murder a piece of that cake.

    big hugs hun, Troy xx

  36. Hi Elaine, well I think it's a shame we don't see more of your gorgeous cards, but I also 'get' why not, it can take me forever to colour something, let alone choose it's a hard life....have a good

  37. Hi ya

    Just gotta tell you I LOVE your work, and I too would sooner take my time, and enjoy my crafting rather than just churning stuff out to get people looking at my blog.

    As far as the candy is concerned, it's the only sort I'm allowed at the moment as I've just joined Weight Watchers, so I hope I'm lucky!


    Judi xx

  38. great answers to some very strange questions elaine.surely its up to you how often you blog and i am like you i never put myself forward for dts.the 2 i am on i was asked, i `m not one for putting myself forward.i really love your colouring with the distress inks and its good that we all like different colouring mediums.i love visiting your blog, am always guaranteed of a fantastic card :D

    xx coops xx

  39. I have to say Elaine I find it a treat when you post one of your cards as I know the time and effort you have put into them!!xx

  40. not everybody has that much time to blog and to create stuff, so just take yr time to do that what you like by yourselve, that is the only thing about having fun to blog!(hope you understand what i mean, because my englisch is not that good hihi)

  41. Hi Elaine i'm NOT here for the candy you so graciously & freely give..I just like to read your thoughts & comms. &&& for the giggle you often give me +++ to oggle at your awesome creations... you shouldn't HAVE to explain WHY you dont blog as much as others its your blog to do with as you plz..right am off me soap box..
    Hope all is well in your house hold??

    smiles Christine x

  42. Make cards when you have the time, and the most important; have fun!!
    I love your cards and all your small-talk. It's always a pleasure visiting you.
    hugs Dorte

  43. Hi Elaine,
    I must say I am always delighted when you post a creation. I am retired now and I still don't manage much more than 1 card a fortnight.
    I just love to play. I also enjoy other hobbies like sewing etc.
    Thanks sweetie for the chance at these adorable stamps.

  44. hee, hee Elaine, you took the words right out of my mouth at times there. I would love to craft more but yes, until I win the lottery/retire I am jsut able to blog the odd card. I love seeing your creations, they are fab. Have never tried the DI watercolouring as I don't think I'd be any good- maybe when I have a quiet spell I can give it a go. Thank you so much for the chance to win candy x

  45. So interesting reading all about you Elaine! One thing--I think you are too hard on yourself regarding your copic coloring because I thought you do beautifully with them, just as you do with your distress inks. I haven't tried coloring with distress inks but you have inspired me to try--one of these days. Have a great day!

  46. Very well explained - everything! Your colouring really is stunning, but I can completely understand where you're coming from . Why does life have to get in the way of crafting, huh?!! Susie x

  47. OMG what strange questions to ask. I can understand the question re distress inks cos your cards are always fantastic and the colouring amazing. Oh well theres nowt so strange as folk as they say. I would just like to say I appreciate every card you do and your generosity - even though I haven't been fortunate enough to win!!!!! I come here to see your cards and occasionally read an essay not for the candy!!!

    Hugs Ali x

    PS I know I am too late for the candy but that's not why I am here.


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