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Monday 12 March 2012

LOTV Stamps.

Firstly, a big thank you for all your kindness and well wishes. Bloggers are such lovely people :)
Secondly..sheesh! They went well!
I was hoping someone would take them off my hands...I just didn't expect so many of you!
In the interest of fairness, all names have been written on paper and the boy picked out the names, though had I known how many people wanted them I would've added the linky thing cos it's way too boring writing out all those names!
Just to answer a couple of questions:
If I put candy on here or stuff I want to rehome, I will post anywhere in the world and I do not expect anyone to pay the postage, but thank you for offering.
So the following names have been picked, please can you all  EMAIL ME with your full postal address.

I am sorry if your name isn't there but I do have more crafty stuff to pop on here :)
Thanks for looking.


  1. Well done ladies, enjoy your new stamps. Thanks for offering them Elaine. Lee x

  2. Thanks Elaine I am sure they will be well used.

  3. congrats ladies and thanks for the giveaway Elaine xx

  4. Your so kind Elaine!
    Hugs Heidy

  5. Thanks so much Elaine for the opportunity :-)
    Congrats ladies!

  6. Oh my....YEAH!!!! i'm crazy excited....thank you SO MUCH!!!!
    i've just emailed you...

  7. Well....when you finish cleaning your room, do you want to come and clean mine? How do we accumulate so much.....I can imagine everyone is wondering what you have up your sleeve! LOL....

  8. I knew they would get a good response, linky sounds a much better idea. Who can reist the kffer of an adorable stamp. Thanks so much for offering and congrats to the lucky ladies who will have some ne rubber to enjoy.

  9. Hehe, I knew that there would be plenty of people waiting to give them a new home, congrats to the people that got picked, hope you are having a better day today
    Lindsay xx

  10. hope you are feeling a bit better today Elaine x

  11. Oh Elaine thanks so much, I am soooo chuffed, have e-mailed you, hugs Janette.xx

  12. I got my stamps in the mail yesterday. ^^
    Thank you sooo much, I look foreward to being hit with early Christmas spirit and making some cute Christmas cards. :)

    Lots of hugs, Anne.


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