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Sunday 11 March 2012

...Still Cleaning Out My Craft Room.

These stamps have all been re-homed now :)
Well my Mojo is still on vacation! There is nothing creative in my head at all. 
To be truthful, 2012 is turning out to be a crappy year and it's only March! I think I've heard enough bad news to see me through 'til 2013.
So having no inclination or desire to make anything has resulted in me clearing out my craft room instead.

I know I go through phases with which papers I use, which colours and which stamps. No...maybe not which stamps as I always seem to reach for my Sugar Nellies:)
But I have found that there are certain stamps I buy but never seem to use. They are all brand new, so maybe someone else can use them:

Baby's 1st Christmas.

Bubble Bath

Bunny Cupcakes.

Christmas Candle.

Dandelion Clock.

Get Well Bunny.

It's My Party.

Jenny Bear - Gifts Galore.

Lucky Cats.

Me And My Cat.

Star Of Wonder.

If anybody wants any of them, please leave a comment and add which ones you want.
Sorry...I meant to add..they are free to good homes :)
Thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Elaine

    I know what you mean about losing the mojo..sometimes all my cards seem to look the same.!!!
    I would be very interested in a couple of the is very hard to get stuff out here but wonder if you could send them to my daughter in Torquay.
    Just let me know how the total is favourites are:
    Christmas Candle
    Dandelion clock
    Get well Bunny
    Star of Wonder.

    If you prefer to let others have a chance I would be pleased to just buy any one from above.

    Look forward to hearing from you my email is


  2. hey Elaine...hope you're ok!! You sound a wee bit down in the dumps...maybe you need a wee strawberry and lime cider!!

    Big hugs

  3. *whispering* It's My Party or Dandelion Clock. if no one else ask for them *blushing*

  4. Hi Elaine, thank you so much for the opportunity for one of your lovely stamps. If I am lucky enough to be chosen I would love either Christams candle or bunny cupcakes. Love looking on your blog and I hope you find your mojo soon xxx

  5. So generous of you, can I be added for the lucky cats and bunny cupcakes please?

    I am sorry to hear 2012 isn't being a good year for you so far but I know the feeling hun, 2012 is defo nothing but bad luck for me :(

    Becky x

  6. Hi Elaine!
    If possible, the toy would not be refused Bunny Cupcakes, Get Well Bunny, Jenny Bear - Gifts Galore and Me And My Cat.
    They will be fine in my house and I will love them.

  7. I looove the "star of wonder"-stamp, "Babys first christmas", "Dandelion Clock" and Christmas Candle, in that order. ;) So if any of those would want to come live with me my door (or should I say mailbox) is wide open. ;)

    So sorry your year is so bad, I really hope it will pick up soon. Maybe your mojo will come with spring?

    Lots of hugs,

  8. Wow - what a kindly offer ! I love all of them, but I would like a ticket in the lottery for the "Christmas Candle"

    :-) Nina

  9. It stinks when your mojo takes a beating by lifes nasty little suprises. I am still trying to get back to card making after an absence from my blog of almost a year as depression destroyed my confidence. Im determined to start creating and posting again. Hang in there Elaine your cards are always so great and I look forward to seeing some more soon If I can be cheeky I would love the Dandilion clock stamp and promise to post a card with her on if I am lucky enough to receive her
    Fi x

  10. Hi Elaine, hope your mojo will come back soon. Your creations are gorgeous. And these stamps are so cute, love them all. The 5th and the last one are really so cute. Would love to have them, but I am not very good with money. :( Have a fab rest of the day. Hugs,moni

  11. Elain, I would like to give Dandelion Clock and I'ts My Party a new home. They are so lovely. Just tell me how much and how I shall pay you?
    hugs Dorte

  12. Hi Elaine, I would be interested in some of them: Bunny Cupcakes, Dandelion Clock, Lucky Cats and Get Well Bunny if they're still available. Looking forward to hear from you at celtic.rose (at)
    Hugs, Karina

  13. Hello Elaine,

    oh, sooo wonderful stamps. Hard decision. I would be very interested in Baby's First Christmas, if its possible.



  14. I LOVE these stamps. They are all so, so cute!!! <3 And it's VERY nice of you to offer them as candy (of some sort). I know you'll probably get TONS of requests, but IF possible, MayI please have Jenny Bear - Gifts Galore OR Christmas candle? Christmas is my favourite holidayand I just love anything about it. I promise to pay it forward and I'll send you something as a "thank you" too. :) Thanks again for the chance. Hugs! xx

  15. I'm so sorry that you've been hearing bad news so far this year - I truly hope that things pick up for you soon, and I hope Mr Mojo pops back very quickly. Sending you love and hugs!
    Thank you for offering these stamps after your clearout - I would be very interested in the chance to win the Dandelion Clock stamp - I'd like them all really, but that would be plain greedy LOL!
    Take care!
    Love, Andrea xx

  16. Hi Elaine hope your mojo comes back soon do love looking at your creations and wow what a lovely set of stamps would to own one have only the little girl kicking the parcel so any would do but do like the get well and dandelion clock ones. Thanks again and sorry to hear that 2012 isnt having the best of times

  17. Hi Elaine,
    So sorry Mr Mojo has gone on vacation - damned inconsiderate of him I say!! Seriously hun, I really hope things start to pick up for you real soon - after all things can only get better right?????
    I like the Get Well Bunny and Lucky Cats, I think I have some of the others (yet to be inked!! LOL).
    Don't look too hard for Mr Mojo - after all if he thinks you don't care he might come crawling home eh??
    Take care hun
    Dawn xx

  18. Elaine I love these!! I would love Bubble Bath, Bunny Cakes, Dandelion Clock, or Lucky Cats if you are feeling generous :D

  19. Thanks so much Elaine you are such a sweetie!!!

  20. Hi Elaine,

    do you send to Germany, too? If so, I'd like to have the Get Well Bunny and Me And My Cat.

    Looking forward to an answer.

    Hugs, Kiki

  21. So generous from you to give these gorgeous stamps away. Have to say, i love: it's my birthday.
    Hugs, Yvon

  22. Oh Elaine I hope things improve for you this year x Things can only get better :)
    I have many un-used stamps too....must have a clearout sometime soon!!!

    Saying that I'd love to add my name in the hat for 'Jenny Bear'.....I do love the LOTV bears :)

    Jenny xx

  23. I'm so sorry your MOJO has gone missing and sorry to hear that you've been having such a hard year. I can totally relate!

    I would be happy to give the get well bunny stamp a new home!

  24. Hi sweetie, sorry things aren't looking up for you but I can't believe your craft room needs tidying? If you still have it I'd love the Bunny Cupcakes.
    Sending you a big hug Tracy x

  25. Wooww Elaine, you are too generous!!!!! I would love to color jenny Bear - Gifts Galore!!

    gr. arjette.

  26. Sorry to hear that 2012 is not a good one. I hope things turn about somewhat for you.
    Much love from me
    Paula (PEP)

  27. Oh Elaine, I do hope your mojo comes back home soon :( I do have some of these stamps but I'd be willing to give any of these a new home: Bunny cupcakes, Lucky Cats, Bubble Bath.

  28. Hi Elaine, I'm sorry this year is not turning out too good for you, but I can understand how you feel, it's not been too good here either, although this past week is probably the first week of the year I've had good news. I will keep my fingers crossed for you hun that things turn around soon for you and that you can perhaps look forward to the rest of the year.

    If you're looking for a good home,I would love to give a nice home to the stamp called Bubble Bath or It's my Party (that one kind of reminds me of me

    Keep your chin up, it can only get better from here on in.

    Donna xx

  29. Oh my these are fabulous images...would love to add some of these to my collection...if i'm lucky enough my favs are first christmas, get well bunny and me and my cat..any of those would be super to have..thanks for the chance..
    kimbob27 at hotmail dot com

    p.s. your mojo will return soon and your creativity will be better than ever....

  30. Hi Elaine - I would love either Dandelion Clock or Get Well bunny if either is still available. I will be glad to send you a stamped addressed envelope. Any money that I make from the sale of my cards is donated in full to Cancer Charities so one of these stamps would be a great help.

  31. Fancy coming and clearing me out when you've finished? Wouldn't mind Dandelion clock if no one else wants it. I have a thing for dandelions, bit like gingham!!
    Hope your year improves, hugs,

  32. These are all so cute and I have some of them already. I would love any of the Christmas ones, especially the candle. Also love its my party. Hope the year gets better for you. At least the sun hs been shining today. Xx

  33. OOH I might be too late but would love jenny bear gifts galore and it's my party!! if they are already gone thanks anyway!!! HUgsxx

  34. Hi Elaine
    Wow such a generous lady i love these stamps i would love Bunny Cupcakes or Dandelion Clock

    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  35. Oh this is no fun , Mojo away ... :o(.
    And it is a great chance for others *hugs*, but not easy to say with one. I love some of them, the Dandelion Clock, the Get Well Bunny, It's My Party, oh the Lucky Cats *lol* and Me and My Cat. Not easy to say with I like more.
    Big hugs and Mojo came back

  36. I would love to help you out :-) And i am more than happy to pay you for them and postage as I live in New Zealand? You may not want to send overseas and that is ok if that is the case.
    Dandelion Clock & It's my party
    I just LOVE these. Thank you so much for the opportunity

  37. hi huni i would really love any of them but more towards babys 1st christmas,jenny bear or get well bunny if there are any left hun thanks sweetie xx

  38. Dandelion Clock is my favourite and I would love to use this one. Have seen it many times and each time I've been tempted but have never actually got - as with everyone it's so easy to spend way to much!
    To be honest they are all lovely stamps - would use the horseshoe one for a wedding card - by youngest brother from my Mum's second marriage is getting married in November.
    Have to add I need to sort my Craft room - each time I do there's never enough room to work so always finish up bringing things into the front room and messing up two rooms!
    Hope you soon feel crafty and are back on form. I came to look at your blog as I liked some of the papers you'd used. Am now a follower.
    Best wishes, Sharon

  39. Well I guess I need to clean out my craft room so I could get some projects done. These are ALL wonderful images & you should make some cards with them cuz you make the cutest cards EVER !!! Inspire us !!!
    Hugs, Janie

  40. This is so generous. I would love to receive any of the but my favorites are bubble bath, get well soon and it's my party.
    Hugs, carissa

  41. Hi Elaine,
    I feel very cheeky as I was lucky enough to be picked as the winner of your fabby Stampin Up! sentiments....but I LOVEEE LOTV stamps and if there are any spare left over (i should be so lucky lol) please could you add my name to the draw :)
    I hope your crafting Mojo returns to you soon, all of your cards are always so beautiful!
    Fiona L x

  42. Hey Elaine;

    Hope your mojo hasn't wondered too far; I miss seeing your beautiful DI coloring:0)

    All these stamps are super adorable but I am loving that Get Well Bunny; as it turns out I have ZERO LOTV stamps in my collection.

    Sending you hugs!

  43. Wow, how generous, Elaine. I live in South Africa - will you be willing to post it here (I would be willing to help with the postage?). I would love IT's MY PARTY and DANDELION CLOCK.

    baychriz at gmail dot com

  44. Hi Elaine,

    oh, I'm so sorry that your mojo has left you.
    But I would use this opportunity very much.
    I would be very interested in the motives: Christmas Candle, Get Well Bunny, It's My Party & Lucky Crafts.
    I would be very happy to give one (or more) of these little darlings a new home.
    If I may be one of the lucky ones, you can reach me at the email:
    Cross my fingers.

    Paola ♥

  45. sorry to here you are having a bad year so far hope it starts to get better for you soon i would love any of your stamps love kerry

    or you soon i would love any of your stamps

  46. Hope you find your mojo soon, must be the time of year mine seems to be MIA too, Thanks for a chance to rehome some wonderful stamps, My fave is Gifts Galore, Thanks Tammy

  47. Hi Elaine, oh wow I would love any really, but lean to dandelion clock and christmas candle....

    Hope the clear out is going well, know what you mean about this year, had enough already, everytime I get up another blip knocks me back on my here was I dreading NEXT year due to it's number, which I won't mention for fear of another care.xx

  48. Hi Elaine
    I was very saddened to read your post today, sound's like you are having a rotten time at the moment, hope thing's get better for you, you are such a lovely/kind/sweet person you only deserve good thing's.
    keeping everything crossed that thing's will improve for you.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  49. Hello Elaine, Sorry to hear that you have no Mojo and 2012 isn't turning out to be the year that you had hoped it would be. Your freebies are lovely and I would love the Dandelion clock if it is still available! Here's hoping the rest of the year will be a little better. Hugs Heidi xx

  50. Hi Elaine, how generous of you to give these stamps away. I would love to give a home to 'Bunny Cupcakes', 'It's My Party' and 'Me And My Cat'. I love LOTV stamps so they would be well used and loved. Thanks for the chance. Hugs Christine x

  51. hi Elaine. Sorry to hear you've not had a good year so far. I hope it improves for you and you find your mojo along the way. Thank you do much for the chance to win one of your lovely stamps. If chosen I would love either Christmas candle or bunny cupcakes
    Thanks again
    Kindest regards

  52. Hi Sweetheart, hope you had a lovely weekend, sorry Mojo has gone AWOL hope it gets back soon. I would love to win these stamps as they are so cute. hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  53. Elaine Im completely in the same mojo so my room is being gutted! Its a bloomin' mess if truth be told! They always say it has to get worse before it gets better.....but my room is just taking the micky! lol. Sorry this year hasnt been off to a good start for you. Maybe when your room is sitting all lovely your mojo will come back willing and raring to go. And as for the stamps....I dont have any of them so I'd be happy with any but the one I really love is the wee girl kicking the pressie. She always reminds me of my wee sister for some reason!! I think its the pretty dress and daft shoes! lol. Thanks so much for offering these stamps. Lee x

  54. Hi Elaine

    Oh I know what it's like when you're mojo goes on holiday - such a horrible feeling - I do hope it comes back soon 'cos I love having a good old nosey at your beautiful cards.

    No need for me to ask for any of your lovely stamps - I too have loads that have never been inked - just wanted to leave you a little comment.

    Take care.

    Hazel x

  55. Hi Elaine, so sorry to hear that you are feeling down and have had lots of bad news, hopefully this slump will pass and there will be brighter days waiting just around the corner for you. Will be thinking of you and hoping for nice things for you. I absolutely love the dandelion clock and the christmas candle and would be happy to give them a new home but they are all gorgeous stamps and I am sure that you wont have any problems rehoming them. I really do hope that you feel happier soon.
    Lindsay xx

  56. Hi Elaine,
    I love the star of wonder,but I have never buy it.If I'm the lucky one please send me also your adress to send you a card I make with this rubberstamp!

    Thanks a lot

  57. Hi Elaine! I'd love the babys 1st Christmas and Star of Wonder!

  58. aww Elaine you sound very down, sending you big hugs xxxx

  59. Hope things improve for you soon.


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