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Monday 26 March 2012

With Love And Sympathy...

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having...long may it continue! I love the sunshine but it spells the start of 'silly season' at work. A couple of days of sunshine and the phones are ringing off the hook with 'urgent call outs' if we weren't busy enough already! But I'm not complaining, we are a small business and in this economic climate when our competitors - both big and small companies - are laying engineers off and struggling to find work, we are doing OK. And I need my job...just to keep me in new rubber and paper :)

No card to show today :(
I know, I know. I am a disgrace to the card making community and probably should have all my stash confiscated and be drummed out of blogland.
My Mojo vanished weeks ago and still hasn't come back, and I have neither the energy nor the desire to get inky. It's bloody terrifying actually! What will I do if it never returns?
I have the rest of this week in work and then I am off on my Jolly Holly's for a week and it can't arrive quickly enough. I am praying that a week of R&R will bring the missing Mojo crawling back, begging for my forgiveness...I hope so anyway.
We are going to take off in Bessie for a few days and see where we end up...though the first stop in Tetney is already organised :)

In the meantime I am still trying to re-organise my craft room, dusting all the crooks and nannies and clearing out the unwanted stash.
I have a duplicate set of the stamps below. They are brand new red rubber stamps by Stampin' UP in the dvd case. It's only a small set consisting of 3 stamps (two sentiments and the flower image.)

I always find sympathy cards very hard to make but I think a nice sentiment goes a long way.
Today is one of those family remembrance days when we go to the cemetery to leave flowers on the headstone and I thought it an appropriate day to put these stamps on here.

If you want them then please leave a comment.
Thanks for looking


  1. ah Elaine, it is a beautiful stamp set I agree!! I hope your mojo returns very soon, I am missing your creations....a few days away in Bessie should do you the world of good and you'll be back raring to go!!


  2. Don't want the stamps thank you but I am requesting photos of Bessie! Of course I love photos of you and the family too but I'm not pushing my luck.

  3. Hi Elaine good to hear the business is going ok but you take care not to over do it . Wont be long now to your R&R enjoy iy and dont worry mojo is just hiding. Lovely set of stamp and the verse is just beautiful. Hugs Sue xx

  4. Maybe you just need to come and play with me! I might have your mojo at my house!

  5. What a beautiful saying. I have a friend who lost her daughter 2 years ago next month, she was only 21. I am in the process of making her a card and that is just perfect! I will copy that down and use that one! Thanks so much.

  6. I find sympathy cards difficult to do - that looks like a great set. Thanks for the chance of winning

  7. Hi sweetie we are all missing your creations so much hun & I' m sure your mojo will return, you have so much going on its no wonder its took a wee break, it wants you to do the same shug.
    Hope you have a super fabulous holiday sweetie, a good hol will do you good.
    Take care shug.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  8. Hoping for your mojo to come back after your vacation ♥♥ Miss your pretty cards but you shouldn't force your self to get inky then there is no fun in the whole thing...

  9. take care Elaine - Mojo will probably crawl out from his hidey hole when he feels like it. Hope the day goes as well as it can do.
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)
    PS - don't worry about including me for stamps, I just wanted to leave you a comment.

  10. I always find it hard to make sympathy cards! This would be perfect!! I would love to own it!! Thanks Hugsxx

  11. Here's hoping you have a loveky rest nd come back refreshed and ready to get cardmaking again. I would love these, that sentiment is lovely.

  12. Hoping your Mojo comes back soon.. i am sure it will after a trip in Bessie lol... thnk that's what we all need ! who knows ?? i might get a trip soon lol
    Lisa x

  13. Hi Sweetie..

    Don't put me in the draw hon.. But I just wanted to say have a very jolly holiday.... and maybe I'LL do the confiscating while you're away!! (((evil smirk))) Shall I girls?????

    Big Hugs (and coughs)
    Christine xx
    PS... I'm sure Mr Mojo is just hiding in a corner of your craft room quaking and terrified in case he gets spring cleaned too!

  14. Hi Elaine, hope you dont have a too stressful day at work. Thanks for the chance to win one of your lovely stamp sets.
    Take care Wendy x

  15. Hi Elaine
    Firstly you are NOT a disgrace to the card making community, so DONT even think it. You should not worry about blogging & making cards if your Mojo/inspiration has gone walk about. We all have times where our Mojo clears off & is no where to be found, BELIEVE me I have first hand experience of this right now. It's my Daughter's birthday REAL soon & I just can not find the inspiration from anywhere to make her card. At this present moment in time I may well have to go (you may want to cover your eyes for this) & buy one for her. Like you we are off for a weeks break next week, so hopefully things will be better after that, although that said, we are only back for a day then it's off to France to look after 4 of our Grandkids for a week, while Mummy & Papa go away. so possibly I'll be so exhausted I may well (after finding it) lose it again lol.
    Hope yesterday was not too sad a day for you & your family.
    Hope your Mojo/inspiration turns up after your holiday, IF it doesn't don"t worry it will turn up eventually.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  16. oh elaine.i do hope your mojo returns soon, maybe a little retail therapy will kickstart it.have a fabulous holiday :D
    please don`t include me in your candy draw as i have already been a very lucky winner of your generous giveaways ;D

    xx coops xx

  17. yes please, this would have been just right for a card I had to make this wee, (neighbours Mum died)
    I hope you have a wonderful few days away and the sun stays out just for you!

  18. Oh Elaine~~I am proud of you for your organizing efforts :) I pray you have a delightful R&R week and thanks so much for your generosity ;) Love this saying!!
    Hugz--mary lou

  19. Hey Elaine

    Hope your Mo-Jo returns soon - I know what its like when it goes off for a while - terrifying is true but I know it will be back before you know it.

    No need to ask what you will be doing in Tetney!!

    I'm nosey - what is Bessie - I'm gambling that it is a motorhome or a touring caravan.

    No need to enter me in the draw - I hope you have a good break and I will look forward to seeing your mojo return.

    Take care

    Hazel x

  20. So sorry to hear your mojo isn't back yet! Mayby a bit of relaxation will get it going again. What sometimes helps for me is to visit other people's blogs, or try and use a stamp I haven't used before, so you will make something brand new. Hope this helps! I don't have any stash for making sympathy cards, so I would love the chance to win these elegant stamps (and hope I don't have to use them soon!). Hugs, Hanneke

  21. aww bless you Elaine, you could never be a disgrace to the crafting community. Take your time and the mojo will return when it is good and ready. Enjoy your break, it will do you the workd of good I am sure x

  22. aww huni sweetie we all love you no matter what,this is a fab set huni i have nothing for sympathy cards but this is great with the beautiful sentiment too xx

  23. Still no mojo, sorry to hear this, must be the weather! Thanks for the chance to re-home some of your lovely stuff

  24. Oh' no Elaine your never a disgrace to the card crafting chum, and please don't be so hard on yourself, this is normal for all of us crafters for our Mojo to go walkies mine does all the time :)love all your posts with or without card chum... I agree sympathy cards are the one's wee all don't like to make, but it is good to have a lovely sentiment like these stamps if you need to...
    Glad your business is doing good and your job is safe, and you have a lovely relaxing time on hols look after yourself will see you when you return... take care chum..
    Lots Hugs
    Sarah x

  25. Love reading your blog...even with out a card...I expect your Mojo is hiding behind a pretty piece of card or will come out to play while you are away and won't be able to hide as you have tidied!!!lol

    Have a super break,

  26. Awww Elaine, you'll mojo will return, you'll see.

    Have a great time!
    Hugs! xx

  27. Elaine, maybe our mojos are on holiday together? I can't seem to find mine either. Here's to both of our mojo's returning home. Maybe a trail of chocolate for them to follow would help?

  28. Awhhh no!! I'm sure your mojo will return. Well.. it best do. Else it'll have me chasing after it to bring it home. I'm missing drooling over your colouring!!

    Gaah, reading this has just reminded me of the tip my room is at the moment. Can barely make it to my bed for all the poop on the floor, although this stamp set wouldn't go amiss! LOL.



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