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Thursday 5 April 2012

And I'm back home...

We are back home again after enjoying a fabulous couple of days away in Tetney. We went in Bessie - the other woman in Phils life is Bessie, his motorhome, which I am allowed to stay in only if I've been very not very often :)
We stayed on a little caravan site called Little End Corner which was so quiet and peaceful, overlooking a fishing lake, but best of all it was just a few minutes drive away from who we were visiting...the lovely Jill, owner of  The Hobby House.
I spent all day Monday with Jill, and as the shop is closed on Mondays I had the place to myself...I always knew I was special :) And on Tuesday we went back again while Phil finished what he was doing and I did a little more shopping...well it would be so rude to not make the most of the opportunity!
Jill is one of the nicest people I know, she's such a lovely, fun lady and I can't believe how quickly the days went.
My heartfelt thanks go to Jill for putting up with me for 2 full days :)

As many of you know, Jill had closed The Hobby House webshop while work was being done on it and now it's back up and running again with an all new fresh look...very stylish and classy and there are lots of new products too, loading all the photos is a work in progress so keep checking back!
Nosey old me had a good mooch about with lots of oooing and ahhing at all the lovely new goodies which of course I had to buy...would've been against the "unwritten crafting law" not to and you know that I'm a law abiding citizen of blogland.

Just a little portion of what I came home with :)
I bought some extras ready for a candy later on this month.

Hal also had a great time while we were away...too great a time I think, judging by the amount of cleaning we've done since we got home! I think he has learnt a valuable lesson...choose your friends wisely, and those that deface your parents house while they're away are not friends...particularly Scott who thought it a blast to draw smiley faces in permanent bright blue marker on the light switches! 
I was not a happy Mummy at all.
OK, I'd better get in the kitchen....humble pie for Hal :)

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter.


  1. Welcome back...... and what a fab time it sounds, and I think, well needed break.......
    I really hope Hal learned much about responsibility and friends while you were gone lol... your new stash looks lush

  2. It's great to hear you had a lovely time away. And to get the opportunity to treat yourself with some goodies - even better. lol ;)

  3. So glad you had a great time Elaine. Crafty shopping - what's not to love, right?

  4. Sounds like that would have been a lovely spot to visit. Both the quiet place in "Bessie" & best of all the Hobby House. Looks like you made a nice haul & can't wait to see what wonderful things you create with them.
    I left my 2 teenage daughters home ONCE, and boy did they get in trouble. Took our new car out 4 wheeling. Bad decision ...
    Big hugs, Janie

  5. Hi Elaine!
    It's great to hear you had a lovely time away.

  6. Sounds like you had fun! Quick tip for removing permanent pen- have you tried JML Magic eraser? It's like a sponge that you cut into chunks and it works brilliantly on loads of stuff you can't get off otherwise. Just thought I'd mention it in case you're still looking at smileys!

  7. OMG - I would have killed him....funny - but I would have hit the roof....mine know and there friends do this is NOT the done thing...Oh I am so sorry for you...they will learn - the hard way - but learn...relax with the chocolate I am sure has been bought for you hun
    Sarah x

  8. That is such a cute place name!! :) Sounds like you had a beautiful time. Even better that you come back with some goodies!! :) xo

  9. Did you find your mojo hiding in all of those pretty embellies? So glad you had a nice time, hope Hal is helping you to scrub!

  10. Nasty nasty boy.. But you we're quite the good girl buying these lovlies ♥

  11. hi huni so pleased you had a great time Jill sounds great too the pearls and other goodies you bought are so beautiful enjoy using them on your projects,now its time for an after holiday rest so much cleaning so take it easy huni xx

  12. Glad to had a fab time off for a nosey at the new site

    Ali x

  13. OH so glad you had a lovely time thinking about you. We have named ours Bonnie - after the Bonneville racetrack lol
    Love all your new stash.. cant wait to see it in action.
    I left my daughter on her own for a week recently - but luckily no wild partys. Well apart from Kath from Plain and simple lol
    Lisa x

  14. Welcome back! Oh sounds like heaven in the Hobby House, every girls dream.. not sure my hubby could have even dragged me away after two days.!!! LOL

  15. hi Elaine...sounds like you did have a fab time away, so Phil must have been in his element too...away with his 2 favourite ladies!!

    I hope Hal helped you clean too!!


  16. Glad you have had such a great time Elaine!
    Hugs Heidy

  17. Glad you had a good time and love The Hobby House. Some fab goodies ther.

  18. Hi Elaine,
    Welcome back!
    Sounds like you had a fab time and came back with some yummy goodies to play with too,look forward to seeing what you create with them :) x

  19. Hope you had fun and that you re-discovered a little bit of your mojo.
    I teach college students--so I know they do lots of stupid things--but what would have possessed one of your son's friends to draw on the light switches? Honestly.

  20. Glad you had a nice time, the caravan park where you stayed sounds absolutely lovely.
    Becky x

  21. Sounds like a fab time Elaine, I so miss our Camper Van for these little trips away :(
    You mean you are still feeling Hal!!! I think even Humble Pie would be too
    Hugs mau xx

  22. Oh you make me smile each time i read your posts...glad you had fun and of course you have to bring things home...who could argue with that. And i have to say, my son of 21 gets the big lecture when we go away and boy oh boy my hubby goes through the house like you wouldn't believe when we do get home...if anything is out of place he is soooooo busted...but of course he gets caught all the time..we know people come over but thankfully the house is usually clean..thank will be kids eh???

  23. Hi Elaine, glad you had a good time, oh is that every crafters dream to be locked in an craft

    Sorry you had to come home to a mess, bet it won't happen a wonderful Easter break.xx

  24. Morning sweetie.....

    Confession time on your stash spend huh? Well part of it, methinks!! I'm going to hop over to Jill's new site - see if I can't let something hop into my basket!

    Glad you've got your house sorted now... and yes, humble pie will be good for Hal..

    Christine x

  25. Hi Elaine
    I'm so pleased that you had such a great time on your break, can't wait to see what you create with all your new goodies. As for Hal's (so called) friend I hope he is going to pay for the damage caused. It took me back to when we left our 3 for the first time. One of their friends managed to ruin our VERY expensive yew table, it was covered in scratches. After getting a VERY expensive quote from a french polisher (to repair the table), the kids had to pay us back weekly until the cost of the repair was paid for. It was a valuable/expensive lesson for all of them & nothing like this happened again when we left them lol.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  26. Hi Elaine
    Lovely to see you back and glad you had a lovely time cannot wait to see what you create with your new goodies ,have a lovely weekend and Happy Easter
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  27. Hi Elaine

    Glad you had a good break - thank your hubby for me for taking the picture of my blog candy at Jill's!

    I'm nosey - what kind of motorhome do you and your hubby own as I work for a motorhome manufacturer?

    Thanks again and glad you had a good break.

    Take care

    Hazel x

  28. welcome back elaine.glad you had a nice relaxing break and i really hope hal has learned his lesson.

    xx coops xx

  29. Oh my Elaine I am glad you had some fun but that sassy Hal.....hmmm. Excited to see what you create with your new stuff.

  30. Hi Elaine

    I don't work for Autotrail I work for Swift so thought Bessie was a Bessacarr that we manufacture - but Phil has a very nice vehicle and I'm sure you get lots of time away and enjoy it as it should be enjoyed.

    Thanks for your lovely comments I will be back to see you soon.

    Hazel xx

  31. Oh wow you did do well, Im so glad you enjoyed your trip to Jills I know I would especially if it was closed as well. Sorry to hear that Hal stupidly invited his friends who caused havoc, at least next time he wont be so stupid. Hugs Shirleyxxx

  32. Wow what a trip hun! could have called for me on the way lol, glad you had a good time, love goodies you've got there,

    ps did you get my last e-mail sent it this morning, enjoy your Bank Holiday hun, hugs Liz xx

  33. welcome home Elaien, sounds like you had a lovely time away. Yummy gooes too. As for the blue smiley faces....hope Hal helped clean them up

  34. It sounds as if you had a wonderful time shopping all by yourself. Hope that the prospect of playing with your new goodies helped to ameliorate the smiley faces damage somewhat - try lighter fuel as a last resort but don't set fire to anything.
    Paula (PEP)

  35. Hi, I have finally found out how to leave a comment.I've visited your blog so often and love to read about your ups and downs. Life eh? Glad you had a super break, pity about the artistic work, busy girls don't need that. I'm off to look at The Hobby House, look forward to seeing another beautiful card soon. I love the way you colour in your stamps.

  36. so I take it the laddie with the magic marker is now banned?
    I have to say I'm loving the Hobby House goodies - Charlotte started stocking them after we met Jill at Stitches and I just can't get enough of it

  37. Hi Elaine,
    Hard lesson learned for Hal. I expect he won't be doing it again.
    Hope you had a fabulous time away and feel better for it.

  38. Hi Elaine so pleased you had a lovely time, and so deserved, but not what you came back to chum/
    I know young ones can do silly things, but this was a step to far!! I'm sure Hall has learnt his lesson!!
    Your goodies are so pretty and beautiful, thanks for popping by chum means a lot... take care x
    Lots Hugs Sarah x

  39. Elaine what a dream break you had! wish i would have tagged along!! lol!!! love the goodies you got iv'e gotta go and have a little look now!

  40. That must have been every crafters dream break away Elaine, sounds wonderful, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.
    Shame you had to come home to that though, I think I would be angry too.
    Take care. Hugs Teresa xx


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