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Sunday 8 April 2012

Happy Easter and A Shout Out.

A bit late in the day but a Happy Easter to all my lovely bloggy buddies, I hope you all got lots of yummy chocolate. The boy has decided that being 17 is no fun anymore...the only chocolate he got this year was off me, and he still remembers fondly the years gone by when he had eggs by the dozen. There was a bit of sulking going on today, though I did remind him that he was darn lucky to get anything at all this year!

I wanted to give a shout out about some candy...whilst I was at The Hobby House last week, Jill was gathering together this gorgeous pile of goodies for a candy she was making up for a customer...I can assure you that it's even more delicious in the flesh as the photograph doesn't do it justice (though please don't tell my husband I said that as he was the one snapping the photo!) The candy is being offered by Hazel as a thank you and to celebrate her 100+ followers. 
I met Hazel at Harrogate last year and she is a lovely lady as well as a very talented crafter, and it's well worth a visit to her blog to check out all her gorgeous cards. 
I love this candy and it's exactly the sort of prize I would love to win myself but I didn't enter it as it doesn't seem fair when I bought the same things for myself last week...don't want to be greedy!
Plus I also bought extras ready for my own candy later on this month :)
Go check out Hazels blog HERE.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Happy Easter Elaine.. my daughter didn't do bad she managed a few eggs .. lol . But was put out that she had to work at Mcdonalds at Easter! Welcome to the real world eh?
    Lisa x

  2. It's a good thing that the Easter Bunny isn't like Santa Claus. He'd have a basket full of coal, and then he'd really have a reason to sulk. LOL.

    Happy Easter!

  3. Thanx sweetie Hazel has a lovely blog! Haven't seen it before.. Thanks for the link!!

  4. Hey Elaine

    Thank you for your "Shout Out" on your blog I am very touched and its so appreciated and unexpected.

    Hope you had a lovely easter break and have had time to use some of your goodies!

    Take care


    Hazel xx

  5. Hope you've had a good day yourself & perhaps had a chance to play with some rubber & pearls. Interesting about Hal discovering there are disadvantages to growing older!
    Paula (PEP)

  6. hey Elaine...happy 2 kiddos feel hard to by that easter bunny too...will check out Hazel's blog..


  7. Hope you had a fab day huni xx

  8. Wow, this Hobby House sounds fantastic!! If I ever ever ever get to fly over for a holiday.. I know where Im going!!!

  9. Hi Elaine

    Ooooh thank you for the signpost to Hazel's blog... WOWWWW her cards are STUNNING!! I've become a follower and I look forward to her creations to come!

    Christine x

  10. Hi Elaine. Will take a look at Hazels blog later thanks for that. Jill and her husband Mark at Hobbyhouse are such lovely people, I met them a few years ago at Harrogate and have remained friends ever since, the products she sells are really nice.
    Can I thank you for letting me know about the blog posting, once you said it it all came back, so thanks alot for that. Debbiexx

  11. Hi Elaine
    hope you are having a lovely Easter break. I hope Jill from The Hobby House is going to be at Ally Pally this week-end, her & her husband as you say are lovely people, so I am looking forward to spending my Bday cash on some of her items that she is selling.
    Tell Hal he is lucky to get one egg (unlike 2 of my grankids), we are looking after (4) of our grankids & we were left in charge of hiding their easter eggs. They should have had 3 large ones and 3 small ones each, I hid the two youngest ones, which they found, HOW EVER the two eldest ones Hubby hid & they are still looking for 11 0f them (24) hrs later. My silly Hubby can not remember where he hid them (OH the joys of old age) lol I have told them WHEN/IF they ever find them they will need to go in the bin now anyway.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  12. Thanks Elaine for the link to Hazels will pop by and her candy is beautiful too...
    Hugs Sarah x

  13. Thanks for your lovely comment...and yes i did receive your are just the sweetest thing...many thanks kim

  14. Hi Elaine hope you had A LOVELY EASTER! i will go look at Hazels blog now thanks!

  15. Wow! did you have fun!!! what fab goodies Elaine.
    Huge hugs Mau xx

  16. Trust me to misread your post Elaine, Thought this was your goodies from your shopping
    Will pop over to say Hi to Hazel, is this the lady who was sat with you at harrowgate when we met.
    Hugs mau xx


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