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Sunday 17 June 2012

Happy Fathers Day ♥♥♥

Here in the UK today is Fathers Day. The day we celebrate and give thanks for all the amazing Dads out there, and a day to remember those Dads that are sadly no longer with us.

Now I have to tell you something, I have the BEST Dad in the whole wide world! He's kind, loving and generous and I am blessed that he's my Dad. It was his 84th birthday last Monday and every day I am thankful that he's mine. *Love you to the moon and back Dad*

And this is Ern, my father-in-law. Ern is sadly no longer with us, almost 5 years now, but he's always here in our hearts, always loved.

I hope all the Dads have a lovely day today, and I hope that all those missing their Dads can find some happiness in their precious memories.

Today I also want to wish a very Happy 50th Birthday to Jules...Happy Birthday don't look a day over 49 lol!!

I'll be back in a bit with my candy, just going upstairs now to take a photo or two :)


  1. Happy fathers day Elaine's dad!!

  2. Awww thats lovely Elaine, my Dad was lost to us a long time ago now, but he is remembered each and every day, hope you've had a nice day with your precious Dad and many more.....and I do hope Jules has enjoyed her big day and is not to depressed about

  3. Hi Elaine
    What a great pictures,trasure you dad,mine past away 9 years ago on june 8 and my mum past away 4 and half year ago,today it's fathers day here too,and it is also my mums birthday,so it's really a sad day for me,but what can I goes on!!
    Big XXX Heidy

  4. awe Elaine what a lovely post....


  5. That is lovely Elaine. I lost my Dad many, many years ago but I still have many precious memories, especially on Father's Day.

    Pam x

  6. lovely pics .. your dad looks really well. Hope he has had a great day
    Lisa x

  7. Hi Elaine
    A fabulous pic of your Dad have a nice day with your Dad and these times are precious ,lost my dad a few year's ago but will always love and remember him
    Hugs Dianne xx

  8. Hope your dad has had a lovely day!!Sad that your father in law is no longer with you, but you have your memories and as you say they are forever in our hearts

  9. What lovely photos Elaine,Happy Fathers Day to Elaines Dad..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  10. Awwwww, what lovely pics of your 'two' dads, I'm sure they're looking down on you from heaven with love. I'm very lucky to have my dad with me - in fact, when he dropped my son off earlier he was telling me they'd both been out on their bikes - given as my dad has got a beer belly the size of someone who's 9 months pregnant, I bet that was a sight to behold!!! Hugs, Marie xxx

  11. Hi Elaine, lovely photo's! It's fathersday over here aswel!!
    hugs Yvonne

  12. Hi Elaine still have my Dad and he will be 74 in December went to see him and spent some time catching up. We are luck they are still with us. Hugs to you all and sa Jules she is having a fab day too.

  13. Hope your Dad has had a lovely day. It's very strange nowadays & I'm still not used to these days occurring without sending something to my Dad who's no longer here.
    Paula (PEP)

  14. Thanks for sharing with us lovely Elaine. Your dad sounds so weet - hope he had an amazing father's day :) And glad that you have happy memories of your father in law xx

  15. Hiya.... hear hear to those sentiments...(is that how you spell hear??)) if my Dad had have still been with us, he'd have been 104 this year!! Sadly he passed away in 1980, then my mum in 1989.... and I've got to say I'm always slightly envious of those of us with parents still around. I still miss them every day! So glad to see your Dad is treasured hon!

    Christine x

  16. Hi Elaine
    your Dad looks lovely, I'm so pleased that you treasure him every single day, hope he had a lovely Father's day, & got spoiled rotten (although knowing his lovely Daughter that's a given). This will be the first Father's day (without) my lovely Dad, he may not be here physically BUT spiritually he's always around me & he is never far from my thoughts.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  17. Hi Elaine
    I'm sorry to be a few days late in reading your blog, the last few weeks have been so hectic due to our grandson running out in front of a car on his bike. How lucky are we, that he survived with a leg broken in two places below the knee and a rather sore head injury which gave him a swelling on the brain but no clots or bleeds. Hopefully he will have a chance to grow up and become a loving father one day just like all the dads present and past in our family.


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