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Wednesday 13 June 2012

Thank You!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. I'm relieved to discover that I'm not really totally bonkers and  there are plenty of other parents just like me, that worry incessantly.
Hal arrived home safe and sound..though very pale and just before 4am on Monday morning. Yes, I was still sitting here waiting up for him. The lad that drove them all home - Jamie - doesn't know how close he came to getting a big sloppy kiss off me just for bringing my boy back in one piece!
Once Hal got out of bed on Monday afternoon - by which time this golden oldie had done all his mud encrusted laundry! - he had a very long, hot shower, and then we sat down while he filled me in on the festival. He said it was totally awesome and he's going again next year! Yes it was wet, windy and muddy for the first 3 days but much better weather over the weekend. The food stalls were plentiful but expensive, and the worse thing about the site were the toilets which were filthy! So being his Mothers son he visited the aptly named "Comfy Crappers" privately run facilities for £2 a visit!!
Lord help go on sale this Friday for the 2013 festival!

This week is turning out to be more chaotic than last week! Of course it doesn't help that one night with no sleep has left me looking and feeling like a zombie! Tuesday morning when I turned my phone on all these emails poured in, all written in German, all from Amazon DE, and all order confirmations for the many gift certificates I had apparently ordered between 4 and 4.30am that morning!
I checked my bank and there'd been no payments to Amazon, so I tried to log in to my Amazon account and couldn't. I phoned them to be told that my account had been suspended. Hmmmm so there was some fraudulent purchases then from Amazon Germany? No.
Sorry Amazon, but lying to your customers is not a good idea. I then phoned my bank who confirmed that they were multiple amounts due out of my account the next day, and all from Amazon.
Amazon didn't phone me back yesterday, so I contacted them again today to be told it is under investigation.
My bank has cancelled my cards as a precautionary measure, so there'll be no spending here until my new card arrives.
Next Dad wanted M&S vouchers for his birthday, which I ordered last week and arranged for them to be delivered on Monday. I paid the extra charges for nominated day delivery and...yes, he's still waiting. Apparently they are still at Bolton sorting office. Dad is optimistic they might arrive tomorrow, just 3 days late, and M&S customer services did say "all we can offer is our apologies". 
Not good enough M&S!
So I have spent the last two evenings on the phone or firing off strongly worded emails to both Amazon and M&S. Which has left me with little time to do anything on blogger or leave comments.
I always feel bad when I don't get on blogger, even more so because I still get lovely comments off my friends and thanks to you all.

I'll be back tomorrow with my Sugar Bowl card, and I have a "friends and followers" candy to put on here when I've taken a photo, so that will no doubt be at the weekend.


  1. so glad the bairn's home safe and well - my Scott's away on a residential school trip all week, and I'm about ready to have a canary lol
    And you're not having much luck with Amazon and Markies either
    fingers crossed it all works out

  2. oh dear Elaine, what a nightmare. Sounds like your son had fun though x

  3. Hi Elaine,glad to hear Hal is home safe and that he had a fabolous time!
    Sorry to hear about the problems you have!
    Take care and can't wait to see your card tomorrow!
    XXX Heidy

  4. Oh my - that does sound as if it's suspicious with Amazon.
    So glad Hal is back home & I had to smile at the £2 facilities - sensible lad though for he obviously had his priorities right about expenditure when it came down to the nitty gritty.
    Take care Elaine - sounds as if you need another holiday.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. Hi Elaine so glad he is home and safe. Bet he cant wait for next year. Sounds like me 1st thing I do is his washing. As for M & S that is disgusting what happened to customer service. I hope you get satisfaction in the end. have they not heard of special delivery next day. next can deliver good next day. Shameful. Hope you get your account sorted these people want shooting.

  6. Oh! Elaine it sounds like you have had a bad few days...fretting about these kids of ours never gets any better....mine been married for 28yrs and so now I worry about the
    Glad he had a super time though and sorry to hear about Amazon and M&S what a total pain.
    Sending you huge hugs sweetie.
    xxxxx Mau

  7. Oh dear........... all go at yours, I'm keeping my head down lol, Pleased Hal had a wonderful time and maybe he will get you a ticket as well.... hehehehehe

  8. Thanks for sharing all that...I've only just read your last post and I'm sure I have all that to come! Good luck in your battles!
    Fiona xx

  9. So glad he arrived home safely. Sounds like you need a bit of R&R now. What a to do with Amazon and M&S. And breathe..........

  10. Oh how annoying Elaine!! First off - I have learnt not to trust my postie...even if it is express -_- lol. Secondly - woah!! Can't believe what happened with Amazon..that is crazy! Hope it all gets sorted out! xx

  11. Glad to hear your son is home safe and sound and so sorry to hear of all your problems with Amazon and M & S. Here's hoping it all gets sorted sooner rather than later.
    Caz x

  12. Oh dear, You are having a bad time of it at the moment hon.... Never mind, thing can only get better!

    Big hugs for you and tongues out at both Amazon and M & S!

    Christine x

  13. We mothers never stop worrying no matter how old they are.

    The Amazon thing has me worried now, I had just one email saying something had been dispatched that I had ordered from USA, and I assumed it was spam and junked it as I haven't ordered from them and it wasn't addressed to me by name. (Also I have M&S, oh dear).

    Cazzy x

  14. so glad he arrived home, I must have missed this post when I was on here the other day. What a right carry on. What is it with stores who think people will just sit back and take their rubbish?! Hope you get it all sorted soon.

    Suzanne x


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