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Sunday 3 February 2013

2013...So Far.

Huh well it's been a very funny year so far, and we're only just into February!

January felt like a roller coaster ride.
Phil's Mum came home poorly after spending 3 weeks over Christmas and New Year in South Africa. She'd gashed open the back of her leg and ended up in hospital with a DVT and cellulitis.

Phil was poorly with the Winter bug that everyone seems to have fallen prey to...except me, I did keep well clear of him!
A friend of ours - Dave - passed away very suddenly and we attended the funeral this week.

On Friday night I went out with 3 friends for a meal, we all used to work together in the Pharmacy, and we meet up every 5 or 6 weeks and go for dinner. We'd only got as far as the starters when one of my friends had a severe allergic reaction to an ingredient and so we spent the rest of the evening in the Accident and Emergency department!

But there has also been some good news :)
The lovely and extremely talented Mariska emailed me and asked if I would like to be a guest designer for Wee Stamps for the month of February. I love Sylvia's designs and I was thrilled and amazed to be asked and of course I jumped at the chance! If you've not seen it already then you can read the post on Sylvia Zet's blog HERE...but I'd better warn you first. I've spent almost 3 years hiding behind a photo of a cute, fluffy kitty, until now!
Sylvia's images are gorgeous and I've had great fun colouring them, I can't wait to show you!

I also had the most amazing fantastic news off two of my bestest buddies in America, Amanda and Patty
but this is way off in the future, too way off girls!
I do have the bestest friends ♥
Thanks for looking.


  1. Do you know Elaine, sometimes your whole year ends up like this. A few years ago I had a whole year like this, I got to the stage where i couldn't believe what was coming next! but we do get through it, so keep your chin up.
    I think you have to be possitive and think it can't always be like this!!.
    Good Luck. Debbiex

  2. Congrats! I am gonna hop over to see the post now.

  3. Hi Elaine yes saw your week true nothing to hide behind a little furry friend for it is a lovely picture. Oh you have been having fun and how terrible for your friend hope she is ok. Can't wait to see your creations they are such sweet images. Now you have me wondering about your American friends what the news is. Have a good Sunday with feet up.

  4. Oh my, the start of 2013 surely wasn't the best one for you. I hope the rest of the year will be much better and that there will be lots of good things happening to you.
    Looks like things are already changing to better. Congrats on your guest designer position!
    Hugs! xx

    P.S. You look great on your photo! :)

  5. Hi Elaine I saw your fab news on FB many congrats sweetie..not surprised tho being as talented as you there bound to snap you up..nuff of the buttering hope to see in March at H/gate fingers crossed.?

    smiles Christine tother one..X

  6. Elaine, you're beautiful AND have amazing news !!! Doesn't get much better than that. How wonderful to see that lovely face you've been hiding & I'm so thrilled to hear you're going to be a Gueset Designer for Wee Stamps ... What a thrill for you & for us to get to see what you make with their wonderful images ... Can't wait to see your gorgeous creations ...
    Hugs, Janie

  7. Sorry to hear the news of your friend's death. It's quite a shock when such things occur suddenly. Great to see what you look like at last & congratulations over your Guest Appearance.
    I must admit I have similar feelings about the roller coaster of January this year - the bugs, as you say, are very nasty (I don't normally black out & have to be scraped off the pavement so I can vouch for that personally). I do hope that Phil & your Mum in law have both recovered - plus your friend (that sounds a bit hairy!!).
    Paula (PEP)

  8. So sorry to hear about your lost Elaine,my thoughts are with you and his family.
    Hope your friend is okay now!
    And what a great news ,I saw it on Sylvias blog and you look lovely,you don,t need a cute picture
    my friend!!
    XXX Heidy

  9. Congratulations Elaine i so pleased for you and you are right Sylvia's designs are gorgeous and just love the pic
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  10. Well done - looking forward to seeing your creations - the wee stamps are beautiful.

  11. oh you have had a busy year so far, congratulations on your Dt spot and hope there are lots more nice things in store for you this year x

  12. Oh it has been a funny January for you. Such fab news though re the GDT, well done you. Lovely to see what you like too, very glam.

  13. Congrats Elaine for being a Guest Designer for the gorgeous Wee Stamps. Can't wait to see your fabulous creations with those sweeties.
    Hugs, Anja

  14. Sad to hear all the bad news, but after some bad news should come some good news too. I loved to be a guest designer too, but no one ever asks me :-(
    Well I will be back to look what you've made. Have fun with you DT spot.
    Hugs Sinikka

  15. What a start to your year, it can and is getting better.
    After your sadness comes the joy, well done on joining Wee stamps as GDT and what a super photo, just like I imagined you.
    I can't wait to see your special designs and sounds like we have more happy news to look forward to from America later on
    Tilly x

  16. oh my gosh you have had such a month elaine!! i am so sorry to hear about dave :( and it sounds like you had had a lot of bumps int he road....heres hoping to a better february. You ahve done an amazing job at wee stamps!!! I LOVE your card!! You always colour so beautifully :) xx

  17. Can't wait to see your sweet sweet cards ♥♥♥

  18. Hi Elaine
    so sorry to hear all of your bad new's, (we had one of those year's last year), we were glad to see the back of 2012, I do hope everything improve's for you & your lovely family.
    On to your good new's, I am over the moon for you, although WHY you should be amazed is beyond me, as your creation's are O.O.T.W. & your colouring is T.D.F. I am just surprised/gobsmacked that more D.T's. are not beating down your door, for you to be on their team's.
    Onto your photo, it is so lovely to put a face to such a lovely lady, AGAIN I am amazed that you hid behind the photo of the cat for soooooo long, your photograph is beautiful.

  19. Hey Elaine

    Nice piccy - like it!

    What a roller coaster you have had so far - I hope the rest of the year straightens itself out for you and that your run of horrible luck is over.

    Great news about Wee Stamps - but your creations are gorgeous so I'll look forward to seeing them.

    And you are such a tease with the way off news! ;o) Can't wait to hear about it.

    Take care.


    Hazel x

  20. Hi Elaine,
    It has been quite a roller coaster for you in January - hopefully things can look up now.

    Wow you have a face! - you really should use that as your profile picture - why hide such a beautiful face?

    Great news on your DT for Wee Stamps - I know you'll be inspiring as always.

    Hugs SarahSx

  21. Hi Elaine,the beginning of 2013 hasn't been very pleasant for you so far, I hope things start to become a lot more pleasant for you and all the family. What a pity Phils mums holiday was spoilt with a stay in hospital, bad enough when things go wrong at home,it's ten times worse in another country.I trust she is on the mend. There's so many bugs out there, the older we get, the longer it takes to get over them. Life can be very cruel, but we manage to carry on regardless.That's enough of the sad bits, what a lovely surprise to see a glamorous photo of you on the other blog, you must have been dolled up to go somwhere posh that night. It's nice to put a face behind your lovely cards, and that card is one of my favourites. I do have one or two Wee Stamps and yes they are so cute, I look forward to seeing your cards. They couldn't have asked anyone more suited for the job, how lucky they are. Healthy wishes to you all...Trish

  22. Hi Elaine, wow what a start to the New Year, hope you MIL is now on the mend now, and Phil is over his nasty bug. I have a daughter with a Allergic reaction to certain things so has to have immediate medical attention if she shows a reaction to it, we nearly lost her to a Asprin so have to be very careful its not in any tablets she takes, especially as she also got MS.
    Congratulations on being asked to be a GD you really are so very talented so Im not surprised they ask you. hugs Shirleyx


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