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Thursday 27 May 2010

No Cards To Share.

I've nothing to show this week. I have made something but it's top secret until next week!
The bedroom is still ongoing so I'm having a little trouble getting into my craft room as it's full of boxes since we've now emptied our bedroom ready for the fitters to come in next week.

I realised this morning that my blog was a month old yesterday! I can't believe how quickly that first month went by, but on the other hand it feels like I've been doing this for ages, strange?
The candy was a huge success, and I owe a debt of gratitude to my buddies who advertised it on their own blogs and spread the word for me, and a big thank you to everyone that entered.
The best thing to come out of it was all the new blogs I've discovered, and the lovely people I've met. I'm still working through my list of blogs to visit!

We are going away this weekend, provided the house sitter remembers that she's house sitting and feeding the cats! The contents of the wine rack will diminish before we get back home! So I don't know whether I'll get a chance to post anything before we go away.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and it's a long weekend if you live in the UK, let's hope the good weather stays around a bit longer.
Love Elaine xx


  1. Hi Elaine, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and relax after being busy with the decorating and not being able to play
    hugs Mandy xx

  2. Have a great weekend Elaine! Hope the sun shines for you! Can't wait to see what you have made for us for next week :)

    Love Judy xx

  3. Ooooooooooo can't wait to see this secret project Elaine. Hope you have a lovely weekend away and that the sun is shining for you. The sun is out here today, but it's Brrrrrrrrrr freezing outside with the winds, so I'll be staying indoors.
    Donna xx

  4. Hope you enjoy your trip away and the weather stays fine too. Looking forward to your secret project next week.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  5. please dont let us wait toooo long for new cards, yours are always so beautiful!!

  6. Your bedroom sounds like mine, lol. IMine doubles as a craftroom so I can't get much done either, lol. Can't wait to see the secret project. Hope you have a fantastic time away
    Suzanne x

  7. Have a lovely weekend away! I'm sure you will come to a house which is still standing, even if there is no wine left hehe!

    I shall wait in anticipation to see some cards from you next week when you can finally venture into the craft room. Hope the renovations aren't too taxing :)


    Kimmi xx

  8. Will we see pictures of the new bedroom?
    With us is not a beautiful weather, storm and heavy rain yesterday in my city, there will be floods.
    Fire department and the people are now have.
    Are very curious about the secret.
    Greetings from Austria

  9. Hi Elaine
    hope you enjoy your week-end away. I am cat sitting this week-end, as my daughter is camping (hope the weather warm's up). Can't wait to see what you have been making.

    Sandra (craftynan)

  10. Have a wonderful weekend away Elaine. I know what it's like when you have to move all the craft stuff into boxes. Horrible isn't it. Hope things get back to normal for you real soon.

  11. Hi sweetie,I'm sure you can't wait to get your rooms back to normal once more. Hope you're going somewhere nice and that the weather behaves itself. It's very cold here in N.I. hope it's much nicer with you.
    Enjoy yourself and come back recharged and ready to show us what you've made & of course the intriguing secret LOL!!
    Many hugs,
    Trish x

  12. Hi Elaine,
    Have yourself a great weekend!
    (hide the wine lol!)
    Happy month blogoversary!
    Suzie qx


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