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Tuesday 11 May 2010

Just a bit of news.

Sorry, no card from me today. I've been rushing around like a headless chicken!
But a few snippets of news instead. Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who left me such lovely comments on my last card, and those of you who laughed at me for getting in bother! You all made me laugh out loud, which stopped me from sulking about getting in trouble so soon. Serves me right for trying to run before I can walk. So that's my "entering challenges" phase finished I think!
Next I would like to thank the lovely Poppet for this award. Poppet always leaves me the loveliest comments, and has made me feel very welcome in the blogging community. If you've a free minute please pop over to her blog and say hello.
I am supposed to pass this on to 12 other people, but since I don't know many people yet, and most of those I do know already have this award, then I shall sleep on this for a night or two.
Lastly, if you're still with me? I shall be back later in the week with a little Candy! I have in my possession a set of stamps, bought for my bestest blogging buddies birfday. I seriously underestimated the Supernatural Psychic Abilities of this woman! Little fiddle fingered witch had already ordered them! And since - shock horror - I don't actually like them then I thought I would offer them up as candy. Hmmmm, wonder if anyone can work out what stamps they are? Want a clue? They've come all the way from Sweden. Fingers crossed someone wants them and enters!
I shall be back soon with the candy post, can anyone tell me how to add a Mr Winky,(yes, I know it's Mr Linky) just in case there's more than 10 entries?? I know at least 3 of my followers have bought them already!
Elaine xx


  1. Don't stop entering challenges Elaine. You need to spread your talent so others can get the same pleasure from looking your cards that I do. :-) xx

  2. Oi dont you give up on the challenges missus ! :D XX

  3. ok my dear, so i have to give you a little bit presure, I WANT TO SEE A CARD!! hihi.... just because your cards are so loveley...


  4. Don't you dare give up on challenges missus- I need someone to share this experience with me LOL!!
    If I can do it then you definitely can (and you know for sure that's true!!)

    I look forward to seeing your next card and I'm intrigued as to what stamps you don't like.

    ps Pop over to my blog and have a look at the new handbag card I've just put on... Do you like it?

  5. I'm your bestest blogging buddy?
    Aw honey I'm touched!!!
    I'm having a birfday??? Nah!!!
    I do have Supernatural Psychic Abilities, but only when it comes to rubber!
    Can't quite believe you bought those for me....

    Luvs ya

    The fiddle fingered witch x

  6. Elaine, you are so funny! So sad for the fiddle fingered witch, but so happy for the other OVER 250 people who would love to give those stamps a home - hee hee! Actually, I think all the other ones made a mistake, you can delete all of them except mine - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

    Love and hugs ~


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