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Monday 15 November 2010

hAnglar and stAnglar Christmas Candy No1.

Hmmmmm....anybody out there like hAnglar rubber stamps? Anyone fancy a peak at my Christmas blog candy? It's taken a while to work out how to do this candy. Hubby made an excellent suggestion, but when I really thought about it, it would've been a lot of work for me and at this time of year I really don't have much time to spare. I want to start the candy early so that whoever gets picked as winners will have their prizes before the mad Christmas rush starts.
Also, I've been hanging on as there should be 4 kits but the last one hasn't turned up, it appears to have gone missing in the post which is a bit of a bu**er as hAnglar won't replace them if lost in the post.
If it turns up in the meantime I'll add the photo and the kit into the candy.

Kit 14

Kit 17

Kit 18

So, this will be run in stages and here is the first one:

For this first part, the name picked out of the hat can choose whichever ONE of the above sets they would like to receive as their prize but before I get down to how to enter I want to say:

Starting my blog has been an amazing experience, I've met so many lovely people - bloggers and non-bloggers alike - and made so many new friends. In such a short time I've been asked to be a  Sugar Bowl Sweetie - Thank you Gayle for having faith in me and seeing something I surely couldn't see - and the honour of a position on the Sugar Nellie DT - Thank you too Karen, the honour is all mine. It was Sugar Nellie that set me off on the road to rubber addiction! (Though I don't think my hubby or my bank thank you much!)

Candy is my way of saying Thank You.
Thank you to the followers and the non-followers, those who leave comments and those who lurk!
Particularly those who leave comments when I don't always have the time to return the gesture.

So the first draw is now closed as the winner will be picked only from all the names who have already commented on my last post - Fairytale - I hope you like hAnglars but if you get picked and don't like hAnglars then please let me know! 
Just because I'm a witch and a tease, I'll be back tomorrow with the winners name and details of how to enter the other candy's.
Apologies too for my absence over the weekend, I'm full of a snotty cold and feel like poo!
Thanks for looking.
Love Elaine xx


  1. YUCK! Colds are no probably got this cold because you had to work in a building with no heat! LOL. I hope you are feeling better soon. This candy is so much fun...Now, if you could just have a talk with Hal and his name drawing skills! LOL! Get better and blessings!

  2. Aww, you really are so sweet! I, for one, am glad you started this blog. I love reading it and seeing (and getting mucho) inspiration from your gorgeous work!
    Kelly x

  3. Hi Elaine

    Where do you get your hAnglers from? Congratulations to your first winner. I am so glad you decided to take the plunge into blogland. I too have met some truely wonderful people. I love seeing your creations and do my best to let you know what I think. My computer is finally better so I should be round more often!!!

    take care hugs Ali x

  4. you know what these types of candy are the best because it sort of makes it more personal to your followers! I think its a fab idea!

    Hope you have time to enjoy the run up to christmas with all the chaos it brings!

  5. You really are a tease Mrs!! Hope you feel better soon...nothing worse than being a snotbag!

    Hugs to you!
    Judy xx

  6. Hi Elaine,
    Oooh you are such a tease hun. I know I don't visit as regular as I should but there just aren't enough hours in the day sometimes!! I do keep an eye on all your stuff though. Congrats to your first winner!
    DAwn x

  7. It's not enough gluvein at work that's given you that cold, keep you germs to yourself though please one thing I really don't mind not sharing via your blog. These are such fab sweeties , have to say none live at my house as yet though they have an open invitation on my wish list, but alas sugar nellies and lotv seem to beat them to the top. I do hate it when companies just say tough when things get lost in the post, you'd think they would be insured against that kind of thing and if not send them recorded delivery or something. Afterall how many crafters would want more than one set unless for something specific then they'd order more at one time wouldn't they or am I just judging everyone by my standards, hope it turns up for you. More gluvein or shoild it be whiskey and hotmilk and honey now for that cold. Thake care, off to order more sassy girls now.

  8. Awww Sweetie, hope you feel better soon!! Must be that horrible cold office they stick you in at work hehe! Oooooo I just luv hAnglers, how'd you get so lucky to get your hands on all these kits? Please may I go into the draw for your lovely candy. Thanks for the opportunity, you're such a honey! I'll pop back tomorrow to see the requirements. Lotsa luv xxxx

  9. Beautiful stamps,and they are welcome to my Hobbyloft ♫ ♪
    I have a blogfriend who lives in Denmark.She want to buy hAnglar stamps,but where from.

    Best whishes from Helle in Norway

  10. Ooohhh - gorgeous candy, Hunny. Hope you feel better soon x

  11. Could your cold have something to do with adverse working conditions perhaps???? Hope you feel better soon & take care. I can see that Hanglars are stalking me as well as Magnolias..............working on that one or even those........
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)

  12. yeah, snooze you lose, i am one of your lurkers, i totally get your sense of humour and love it when you do a new post and it comes to my google reader. I would give my left t*t to own ANY haglar or staglar image, so i will definitely be back to lurk more.
    P.S: if you're on skype would love a chin wag from across the ocean.

  13. Hope you feel better soon. Nothing fun about being sick. Great candy you are giving away. I think most of us love Hanglar & Stanglar.

  14. Hope you get better soon must admit I am a lurker xxx

  15. Ellen - hope you are feeling better - colds are the worse, hopefully this will be it for the winter season and you won't have to deal with another one.
    it is very sweet of you to offer up such beautiful candy - we don't see much of hAnglar in the States.
    take care, as I say to my kids when they have colds, drink, drink, drink - drown it out of you.

  16. Hi Elaine
    Gorgeous candy,hope you are feeling better soon,
    Take care
    Hugs Dianne xx

  17. Ohhh Elaine sending you BIG Healing Hugs
    hope your cold is soon better congrats to the winner whoever they are...&&& where the HELL do you get the B...hAnglars from??? every time some blogger puts it up there gone..

    smiles Christine xx

  18. I thank you for your blogs. I truly enjoy them. I love Hanglers. Get better real soon!
    Hugs, Pamela

  19. Oh dear about Kit 4 - They should turn up, maybe just delayed. I'd email them and see what they say?

    I can agree with you - this time of year there is no time for anything but breathing and stressing about what to buy him, or what to get her, and I got that last year, so cant do that this year! Argh!!!!

    Have a lovely week!


    Kimmi xx

  20. would dearly love to know how you get your hands on the springs to mind....congrats to the winner also, take care.xx

  21. sarebbe bello ricevere questi timbri molto belli, spero che il viaggio ad edimburgo ti abbia reso felice ciao rosa.kreattiva

  22. I must admit that I too have met some lovely people in blogland and I think crafters are so giving and appreciate the workmanship in all handmade things. Gorgeous candy and I have to admit I am one of those that leaves comments and then at other times lurk in the background, looking but not always writing as time just does not permit. I work full time, try to make my cards in the evenings and weekend and try the blog the rest of the time. I have a very understanding husband who ocassionally sings, "I'm so lonely", so use that as my cue to return downstairs, lol. Hugs Tracy x

  23. Awww, so sorry you felt like poo all weekend...are you better now? Poor dear! Lovely candies you're sharing. I just want to say that we all saw the talent that got you on those 2 DT's!


  24. Hi Elaine - You are such a love giving away stamps like these, I've always been outbid on the hAnglars - you are really going to make someones day with these cute images.
    Sorry to hear you have a cold, you can blame work for that, they should have given you a personal heater!
    Take care Hugs Sarah x

  25. Sweetie, your one of the kindest people I know of! To be honest I found your blog through one of or maybe your first candy in a link at a blog I was following.
    And I fell in love with your cards and your gorgeous coloring! Thank you sweet sweet Elaine for the Inspiration and for our little(and long) chat's over the mail ♥♥♥

  26. Oh, you`re too sweet, I`m almost drooling so I would love to join in the drawing! :D

    Hope you have a nice week. :)
    Hugs, Anne.

  27. Hi Elaine,
    or should i say Mrs Christmas you sure are gonna be loved for this you will make lots of new friends lol!!!!
    thank you for the chance to win such sought after goodies and good luck to one and all x
    Suzie Qx
    i know you feel like poo but so hope you don't smell like one !! lol x

  28. Aww sending you great big squishy hugs Blether feel better soon MWAHHH

  29. Hiya hun!, sorry I missed you last post (not been to clever myself boohoo), but she is stunning! And before you ask, yes I have bought the new collection of Sassy Stamps (Well Steve did for me for Christmas!!)
    Hope you are feeling a little better now, and you feel warmer at work!
    Hugs Vicky xx
    P's So love the new adorable stamps, and have you got them now? and I cannot wait till they come out :o)

  30. Hope you are feeling better, and the stamps are gorgeous!

  31. i just hate a colt
    i hope you get soon on your feet sweetie
    hAngler and stAngler are so cute, just love them very much
    hugs angelique

  32. My goodness Elaine, how generous are you! You and the Hanglars, a great combination. I keep missing the Hanglar kits on Ebay so I don't know how you manage to find them each time. I think it's terrible though that they won't replace a lost kit, I do hope you can get a refund through Ebay or Paypal for it though, as it's just not right.
    Spent my birthday out shopping today, as I received some vouchers for the Range and was trying to find some new storage units for my sentiment luck, but I had a fun day out anyways with Alan.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Donna xx

  33. Hi Elaine
    I can not beleive your FANTASTIC christmas blog candy. You are going to make some H&S fan's VERY VERY happy, & they will think their christmas's have all come at once if they are lucky enough to win. I love your blog, I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy that you decided to start one. You are like a breath of fresh air, & give everyone a laugh with your humerous post's. I hope my comment's reach you, as I am on mobile broadband and the internet is VERY VERY hit & miss. My lovely hubby has whisked me off for a few days R&R in Norfolk.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  34. Hi Elaine blame that work place of your for your cold chum, ahhh!! the wee people with something missing from there faces!!!!!!lol' but cute also, Thanks chum for this beautiful candy and same here I have made the most wonderful friends and your one off them chum!! I have followers Candy on my blog too, pop over chum!! Big Hugs for kindest friend that you are, take care and keep warm!! Hugs
    Sarah xx

  35. oh my gosh so much candy huni i love what you are offering you really are one of the kindest loveliest talented people i have met(sort of met)i love commenting on your blog as everything you do is always so beautiful and inspiring to me.I hope you are not feeling too poorly huni wrap up with some cocoa my orders.
    Thankyou for the awesome chance of winning your candies xx

  36. are one generous lady, Elaine!!! A really great christmas candy...and I just adore these hÄnglar stamps..they are the cutest :)
    Hugs, Wenche :0)

  37. Wow, what an amazing candy, you're going to make several lucky people very happy!

    Feel better, Elaine! I hate colds :(

  38. What an amazing candy! Those Hanglars are so hard to come by in the US. I think I check ebay four times a day trying to buy them. Sometimes I get lucky, most times not. They are just the cutest!

    Hope you are feeling much better soon!

  39. Hi Elaine Ive been trying to get my hands on set 14 so far I missed it when the opportunity came up on Ebay, we had the children here and I didnt get a chance to buy a set, very frustrating. With love and hug Shirlexx

  40. Snap I love hanglars the ones you have for grabs - fingers crossed - get well soon
    Sarah x

  41. Elaine! I felt the same way a week ago. It is miserable!!! I hope you feel better soon!!!
    Please, add me to your list in the drawing ha ha!!!! since I totally adore the Hanglars! You are such a sweetie for giving these as candy!!!
    Hugs and hope you feel better!

  42. Great giveaway Elaine, love hanglars too.
    Hope you are feeling better soon. x

  43. Hi Elaine, I have been one of those lurkers you mentioned. I just love hAnglar and stAngler stamps. I have been lucky enough to accumulate a few, but would love to have more. How very nice of you to offer these as Blog Candy! Hope you are feeling better soon! Teresa


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