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Tuesday 16 November 2010

hAnglar and stAnglar Christmas Candy Number 1 WINNER!

Apologies for the delay. My boy, the candy picker, refused to do his job until he had been fed! Anyone with a hungry teenager and particularly a boy will understand and sympathise with me!
All names were written on papers, folded, placed in a jar which the boy then shook vigorously whilst dancing strangely around the room and.......

...yes I know the photo's blurred, but to re-take it means doing it again which to me defeats the object of me showing you the draw as it happens.. And it looks like the first winners prize will be travelling Stateside......

.......Congratulations Patty, no need to ask you if you like them, yes I do read the comments everyone kindly leaves for me. If you could please let me know which set you would like and just for your information, kit 14 has some sentiment stamps in that hAnglar didn't show in their picture, I think they are 'skateboard' and 'hiphop'  and kit 17 has a snowflake stamp in that also wasn't in the photo.
I'm so pleased for you Patty, but I would've been happy whoever won, you are all lovely ladies and I truly appreciate you.
I am also truly sorry to the people who didn't like the way I did this first candy. I was NOT trying to be sneaky, I was giving first choice to the more regular commenter's but that does not mean that I don't appreciate all my visitors. One point made was "If I'd have known before that you would pick a winner from a particular post then I would've left a comment"...... well yes, you and a 100 others. Sorry if I've pi**ed anyone off!

The remainder of the candy' intention was to post one kit a week over 3 weeks so that everyone who wishes to enter has at least 3 chances of winning, and they will be open worldwide to any of my followers (and also the regulars who don't have a blog). Please drop me a line if you object!
I need to find out which kit Patty wants before I can put the next one on, I also need to find out how to put a Mr Linky/froggy thingy on. I've never done it before but I guess I need to try it out sometime?

So before I leave you all in peace I just want to let you know that one of my blogging buddies Sarah has some gorgeous candy up for grabs right now. Sarah will soon be celebrating her first year living in blogland. Sarah is a real sweetheart and she makes the most beautiful cards. You can find all the details HERE so bob over and get your entry in.

I'll be back soon with the 2nd candy, thanks for looking and just for being there.
Love Elaine xx


  1. I'll help you with the frog sweetie or you can just put Hal on it ;)

  2. Oh Elaine, have I missed something hun? this internet has a lot to answer for doesn't it lol, hope your ok hun, don't shout to loud but I think my internets working ok, so I should be able to visit again soon lol, luv and hugs Liz xx

  3. Congratulations Patty and Elaine i hope you are ok hun?
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  4. I think i was one of the cheeky b*ggrs who said had i known, but really its your blog and you sure as hell can do anything you please and if anyone gets a pain, they know what to do, stop watching, LOL. Congrats to the winners, everyone likes to win.

  5. who has the cheek to complain??? Oh my.....I'm shocked!

    Congrats to Patty!

    Hugs Judy xx

  6. Thanks for the chance to win some hAnglars.

  7. Congrats to the winner woop woop!!

    I think its your candy and your way of doing it, the fact that you are giving us the opportunity is just fab in itself!

    I know Sarah too and she is fab!

  8. Hi Elaine,
    There you are being all generous and people are complaining - wonders will never cease!!!
    well done to Patty!!!
    have a great evening
    Suzie Qx

  9. Congratulations to Patty. You're more than fair Elaine!
    Paula (PEP)

  10. Congrats to the winner...fab early xmas pressie...never mind boys try having 2 teenage girls...aaaaaahhhh...hormones the lot....and breathe Sarah.....

  11. congrats Patty! No need to apologise Elaine... I think it's a great idea to surprise your regular commentors with this delicious candy! I didn't comment on your post but it's your candy - you can surprise draw from anywhere! Can't wait for the next draw though.. you'll have comments galore on every post I'm sure lol!

  12. Congrats to Patty enjoy your lovely goodies!!!
    Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Elaine you are a wee sweetheart Big Hugs for including my Candy details in your post your a star!!! will be waiting patiently for you next Candy info chum!!! lots Hugs xxx
    Sarah xx

  13. i can't believe someone is complaining
    you're so generous and do not have to do this
    a huge congrats to the lucky winner
    hugs angelique

  14. Lol, sounds exactly like my son. Congrats Patty. Hugs Tracy x

  15. Well done Patty.
    Hope you feel better soon Elaine.

  16. congrats Patty huni enjoy your stamps.I agree Elaine loads of people would have entered if they new but I think it was a lovely thing to do for your regular commenters(I am not just saying it as I am quite often commenting lol)I personally agree its good to show you care for your loyal followers I would have done the same.Hope your having a great evening sorry I can't help with the linky thingy as I have never had one on my blog either hun
    night night xx

  17. it's your candy so you set the rules, you go girl =)


  18. Hiya Elaine & congrats to Patty enjoy your sure you will..LOL If I can do the blue froggy then am sure you can..just shout up if you need help..BTW you can give YOUR candy to who you wish after all it is YOURS to give..if peeps dont like it then they dont have to come way of thinking anyways..
    Hope your feeling better ??

    smiles Christine xx

  19. Contgrats to Patty. Elaine, I hope you are ok? Hugs Suzanne x

  20. Cant believe people are giving you grief. If you've pissed anyone off Elaine I'd advise you not to lose sleep over it!!! If people will only leave you comments for your candy, sod them!

    I'm always here to visit and 9/10 leave comments, sometime I go back a couple of weeks as I don't get chance to blog very often!

    Grrr - People make me so angry!

    Nuff said! I think the way you're drawing your candy is only fair! Some lovely bloggers will have a candy and use the names from a post which was commented on the day before or even the week before. No difference!

    Ok Ok Ok - so I wasn't exactly finished! Now I am.

    Hope you had a lovely day today! Will catch you soon... Was planning on getting the inks out this evening, but alas - Poppy put a hindrance on it, but I don't mind, as we say nicely for a WHOLE hour - something she never does and watched a Disney film!


    Kimmi xx

  21. ... Oh and big congrats to Patty!

    I ran away with the rant and forgot to say it, so I'm back again!

    Kimmi xx

  22. Congrats Patty enjoy ;)

    I think I've missed something ..... candy where???? HA to the people that you've p**sed off, it's your candy, your blog, your wonderful creations, so it's up to you.
    hugs and can't wait for the next installment LOL!

  23. congrats to the lucky winner....and tough to the people who seemed p***ed off.....thats the way the cookie crumbles girls....xx

  24. Congrats Patty! Woohoo! :O)

    Sorry you're having to deal with "haters" about how you chose to do your blog's yours after all! ;O) I think you're doing just fine, Elaine!


  25. Congrats Patty for winning, and Elaine, I wouldn't worry about it, it's never worth getting upset over. If people are only leaving comments so they can win a blog candy, then that's pretty pathetic and they don't deserve to even be entered. I know for a while that certain people were only entering blog candies and then just posting it on their blog candy only blogs, which I thought was pretty shameful as they weren't even crafting, but thats the way it goes sometimes. But I think you're one of the nicest and most generous bloggers out there and always have been.

    Have spent the day designing yet another blog and uploading to it for hours it seems, and still have at least another days worth of

    Am looking forward to this weekend, when I shall be all caught up with everything and can get back to normal with blogging and blog hopping, etc, etc, know how time runs away with you.....enough rambling.

    Donna xx

  26. Hi Elaine!!! Congrats to Patty!! Elaine you made me laugh when you talked about hungry teenage boy dancing around shaking the jar. My son is 15 years old and he keeps me laughing! He does a move almost like Michael Jackson where he shuffles his feet and his body moves backwards. Thanks for sharing!! Teresa E.

  27. Hiya Elaine,

    My wee follower wummin!

    How are you my little sweetie Angel or is it Angle hee hee

    Oh my my what a carry on you been having - how are you feeling now? are you ok?

    Poor you, horrible work house not giving you heating - do you need a coin for the scrouges meter hee hee!

    Have they sorted the heating out now?

    Well I have missed the candy too but me not give a jot as long as you ok!

    I think it is rather cute & sweet that you get your son to help with the draws, better than the lottery & a lot more entertaining!
    And you don't lose money gambling either - you a family fun draw for all!

    Elaine. sweetie, as the saying goes - you can't please all of the people .....

    No doubt, the people concerned do not realise that their comments were rude but never the less, I know you feel hurt & want to please everyone.And seemingly negative comments hurt!

    BUT YOUR CANDY & your a lovely good girl that likes to SHARE!

    My little peeps, sorry not been on last week much, reality sped up & I had to get on hee hee

    You a lovely Blogger & if you need help with blue froggy I can help anytime hunny ok?

    Grab a froggy by the toe, click & go to his pad, sign your rivits in & add to your pad!

    Really hunny just go to blue froggy site, sign up & away you go.I have an account as at the beginning I was having so many probs trying to upload a card to Sugar Nellie.I ended up opening up an account to see if that was what I needed.Nope!

    That was not the prob but that's sorted now & I have an account too (unused)

    Lots of offers of help there Elaine, but I like cute jar & drum roll T.V. entertainment version you have!

    THAT MAKES ME SMILE, you make the effort,a big effort to entertain & I like it!

    Long post ooopss

    Me kicking myself off now!

    Have a great day hunny, get better soon!

    Your Fairytale care is ace,I did notice it at Funky Kits but was mystified by it until I seen your colouring & your amazing card!
    You made it look fab!

    Have you managed to track down any good offers on your distressed inks yet?

    Tim Holtz ones?Let me know what you looking for & I will look out on my travels for good deals for you as I know you need to replace at least 36 of them!

    Elaine.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................SANTA IS COMING yyyiiiiiiiiiiiippppeeeeeee

    Take care
    Big Hugs & Post

  28. Dont worry about others chick...they aint worth it...I have much sympathy with you and a hungry teenager...I have it 3 times over and boy I wish I had trained them forward to the next draw and well done to Patty Im sure she will be delighted to have won :-)

  29. yes, I understand - I have 2 boys ... but I must say I think my daughter is worse when she gets hungry!
    thanks fro the fun!

  30. Hi Elaine, Don't seem to get much blogging time at the mo, but I just wanted to let you know that I think that it was a great idea of you to give the first candy choice to someone who left you a comment....Although even if I didn't, how dare anyone complain about you when you're being so generous in the first place!!

    Ok, rant over. Have a lovely day. Susie x

  31. Ahem, and congratulations to Patty! (So busy ranting I forgot this bit in my last comment, sorry!).

  32. Congratulations Patty, you lucky, lucky girl!
    As for folk getting shirty...OMG how rude.

  33. Hi Elaine, tough if anyone doesn't like how you do your candy after all it's your candy to give away just how you want to and I'm sure most of us would agree that we should be greatful for your kindness and generosity but there will always be the odd one who thinks it's not fair and usually as they didn't win. Congrats to Patty too and hope your cold is a bit better, is the aircon fixed yet?

  34. Hi Elaine
    First of all a BIG BIG congratulations to Patty, hope you have fun creating with your new rubber stamp's.

    As for YOU pi--ing some one off I'm speechless, and that doesn't happen often lol. What visitor's to your blog need to realize is that it is your blog, and you can do what ever you like regarding YOUR blog candy.
    You are so generous with all you give away, that I feel pi--ed off that some one has the down right nerve to say, that they wouldn't have left a comment had they known that they couldn't have won the blog candy.
    I find it hard to beleive that there are people that only comment on a blog to win the blog candy, how sad is that.
    The thing that you need to take from this Elaine, is that in general the blogging community are a great bunch of people. I think it's a great shame that there are a few sad people out there that some how think they have the right to upset other's.
    I hope all this upset hasn't put you off from having a blog, as I love to visit your blog. I think it's great that you have put up such a FANTASTIC blog candy, BUT I know you would still have follower's if you didn't have any candy, as other's as well as myself love to read your post's. As well as your fantastic card's, your post's always make me smile/laugh, and you brighten my day when I read your post.

    Sending you huge huge huge hugs
    Sandra (craftynan)

  35. You know what they say about pleasing people isnt there a saying something "you can please some of the people" etc. Never mind well done Patty.
    The Mr froggy thing isnt to hard, when you are writing your post out finish it then look at the top it will give you the html page tab click on that and put the code you are given at the bottom of that page, you wont see it when you go back to the written one, click on the button to publish your page it will show on your blog at the bottom under you writing.
    Hope this helps. With love and hugs Shirleyxxx

  36. Hiya Elaine,

    How are you?

    Me did a whoopsie!

    Got to ranting too much yesterday.

    I forgot to say -


    Yiiipppppeeeee you won!

    Hope all is well my little angel.

    Have a great day
    Take care
    Big Hugs


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