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Saturday 29 January 2011


Phil had to nip into work this morning and left home at 6.55am and got back at 8.00am exactly. He woke me up with the words "We've been broken in to"!
In 65 minutes some little toe-rag had managed to break in whilst me and Hal slept blissfully unaware upstairs.
The police came and took a statement and the officer thinks that they've managed to open the cat flap - which is a magnetic one so it takes some banging from the outside to get it to open unless he held my cat in front of it! - and reach up to open the door from the inside.
The officer had just come from another house in the same area where they also had a cat flap and so he thinks it was the the same way of entry and the same toe-rag.
The CSI guy came after (whoo hoo he really did have CSI on his van!) to take the fingerprints, and he tried to get in from the outside via the cat flap, but the lock is too far away, so he assumed that the intruder has some sort of device he/she uses.
Now me being so anally retentive about everything from cleaning to fire risks to security, I know I won't sleep tonight so I got Phil to ring the local locksmith to fit new locks.
The locksmith then examines our locks and says...It looks to me like it's been 'bumped'.
I've never heard of bumping before, so I googled it. If you type BUMP KEYS into any search engine it will bring up dozens of sites. Apparently it's hard to detect if your lock has been bumped, and if you are burgled and there's no sign of a break-in the insurance assumes you haven't locked the door and won't pay out!
Since Phil was only out for a short while and me and the boy were upstairs in bed, he didn't re-set the house alarm. Needless to say, we are now having bump proof locks fitted to all the doors.
But just to make you laugh...I awoke to Phil telling me this news and immediately got out of bed and walked into my craft room....needed to check my rubber was all there. Rubber first, valuables later, I've got my priorities right!
I'd certainly never heard of 'bump keys' before today.
The reason I'm writing this post is certainly not to alarm anyone but just to make you all aware.
The cost for 3 new locks and an extra one on the patio doors is about £300. A lot of money to fork out in a recession when folks are watching their pennies but better than the alternative.
Take care everyone, and keep safe.
Love Elaine xxx


  1. oh no Elaine...
    this makes me so angry... we were burgled years ago.. frightened the living daylights out of me.. had to have all the windows and doors refited.. it was that or move..
    i only nipped out to get the kids from school too.
    thank goodness both you and your boy were safe..xxxxx

  2. omg Elaine, how horrible for you. But I'm glad Phil came back when he did or who knows how long the toe rag would have been in your house, and to think you slept through it all. Boy that would give me the creeps. So glad we have our trusty Jack Russell to let us know if anyone is where they shouldn't be. I feel so much safer with him. He once barked for quite a while and we just told him to shut up, not realizing until the next day that someone had broken into our car on the drive. Now we listen when he barks. I'm just glad you're all ok. Sending you big comforting hugs......and glad he didn't nick any of your rubber either rofl.
    Donna xx

  3. Gosh Elaine, what a story. Happy to read that You and your son didn't bump into the bad guy.
    A big hug

  4. Oh Elaine, I'm really sorry to hear this. I've never heard of 'bump keys'. I'm just happy that you're all ok (and your rubber is still there!)
    Sending you (( big hugs ))

  5. Oh hun that is terrible, I'm so sorry for you. I'd never heard of "bump keys" before either and you'd have thought your CSI man would have, but I did have to laugh about you checking your stash.
    I always think the best burglar alarm ever is a dog, I'm sure ours has seen people off on at least a couple of occassions
    hugs Mandy xx

  6. oh my gosh how scary. to think you were in the house while this was happening. You poor girl. funny about the rubber but not so funny about your incident. Im sorry you had to go through that.

  7. Ruddy wee beggers (being polite) they need a good toe up the backside i tell you. Is nothing safe these days?? What an ordeal sweetie, I do hope you are ok?? I also have never heard of bump keys. I heard on the news yesterday too that they are now stealing heating oil from tanks to sell for cash I mean for goodness sake, the world has gone completely bonkers.

    Thank goodness the rubber was safe LOL....and YOU and Hal too of course :D

    You take care sweetie.


    Ali x

  8. Awwww Elaine this is awfull... thank you for the warning..we live in a bungalow so are extra careful...sooooo glad they left your rubba alone..they obliviously dont know the true value of such treasures...LOL £300 a small price to pay for peace of mind...hope you got Miss Lisa trained to guard???

    take care Christine xx

  9. Hi Elaine,
    Glad to hear that you and Hal were OK - you just never know these days do you. So glad your rubber was all still in situ too! LOL I guess you have to look on the funny side otherwise you'd go mad!! Take care hunni.
    Dawn x

  10. god there are some gits about and glad you were all safe though hun and there fingers ought to drop of xxxxxxxx denny

  11. OMG are you alright? I'd be a nervous wreck, and am not in the least bit surprised you don't think you'll be sleeping tonight. My parents were broken into a few years ago, my dad was in hospital and I was staying with my mum so she wouldnt be on her own. The police reckoned the guy had watched the house for a few days and broken in just after I'd left the house that morning. I was devastated and it wasn't even my house.
    Did they take anything?
    I'd never heard of bump keys either, and I'm actually pretty terrified now that I've googles it and this info is so easily available to all and sundry.
    take care chum

  12. You poor things. My dog is the best intruder alarm, he's picked up 2 now.
    They are such mongrels. Why cant they get a job like everyone else instead of breaking in and knicking our stuff.
    It was a good thing that you slept through it and that he left you alone,and thank goodness your rubber was safe.Sorry... but that did make me giggle.
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  13. OMG the ba****rds how dare they please excuse my language but i think i can be forgiven under the circumstances I hope they didn't take too much huni,I can't believe you checked your rubber first sounds just like something I would do,I am so sorry Elaine and now they have cost you even more as you need new locks I hope they catch them
    take good care
    Lorraine xx

  14. Geez Elaine, what a way to start your weekend. I hope they weren't able to get much. I just don't understand why people think it is okay to do things like that. Thank heavens you and Hal were okay, of course if Hal was up he could have karate chopped them!

  15. Oh, I'm so sorry! How frightening and maddening!! I'm so thankful that you and your son are safe. Thank God that you didn't wake up and surprise the idiot that did this.
    I hope they catch the culprit and that you will get your belongings back.

  16. Oh this is so scary sweetie!! Hope you get some sleep tonight and yeha, of-course you had to check the crafty room first ;)

  17. Oh, doesn't it make you mad? I will e-mail you with all my fantastic thoughts...hugs

  18. This is not what you want to wake up to at all, it must have been horrible for you. Never heard of bumping either, or getting in via the cat flap for that matter! Take care. Jx

  19. Oh my Elaine what a story. How awful.
    hugs Yvonne

  20. Hi Elaine
    This is awful i have never heared of bumped keys before sending you Big Hugs,take care
    Love and hugs
    Dianne xx :)

  21. Elaine how awful for you, I hope you get some sleep tonight hun x

  22. OMG!!! Elaine so sorry to hear this chum, glad that you and Hal are ok, and maybe it is a blessing that you both did not wake up and hear this sh...tttt and you are both safe thank god!! my dog lets us know if anyone is about outside, and have never heard of this bumping either, I do hope you will feel safer with getting your locks all changed now, and great to here all your rubber was there you did make me laugh with this!! take care chum,
    sending you lots of Huge Hugs xxxxxxx
    Sarah x

  23. OMG! How awful for you and your family hun and I have a cat/dog flap myself!! Never heard of BUMP before, so I will be on google laters to check it out.

    Hope you are not to shaken up and you can sleep tonight and I hope they find the b****rds (sorry about the language, it makes me MAD!!).But you did make me smile about the rubber, I would be the same lol!

    Take care Elaine, big hugs Vicky xx

  24. Oh Elaine what I nightmare...I'd not heard of bumping either?! Hope you are ok and all your family and rubber is safe. Big hugs. x

  25. Hi Elaine sorry to hear your news glad Phil came back when he did and you slept through it. I to had not heard og bumped keys either

  26. Oh Elaine the little sh..thead, what a rotten thing to happen to you, I do hope they catch them, and what a pain having to have all new locks. We always remove the key from the door when we lock it, and yes we do have a catflap but dont take the risk of leaving the key in the door at nighttime, but its there during the rest of the day.
    Im so sorry that it costs so much to replace them and of course the Insurance people dont like it if you dont follow their rules so its not a happy time for you, you poor loves. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  27. Hi Elaine,
    scum of the earth springs to mind this sort of thing makes me so cross they have no right!!
    thinking of you all x
    Suzie Qx
    trust you to check your rubber lol x

  28. OMG! Poor you Elaine :( That is just shocking! In the short amount of time that he was out and everything!They must have been watching the house! I hope that they didnt take anything too valuable or irreplacable! I've *touches wood* never been broken in to so I can only imagine how awful it is. Glad to hear all your rubber is ok lol and at least you slept blissfully father than getting the fright of your life.
    Lots of hugs,
    Fiona x

  29. Oh Elaine that's awful. I'm glad the evil g*t left you both alone. Terrifing having a stranger in your house when you're asleep in bed. I hope the CSI man is as good as they are on the tele ;)
    Please to hear you, Hal and the rubber are ok.

  30. How dreadful! I have never heard of 'bumping' locks before either,,, what a scarey thought!!!!
    Thinking of you all! Hope you feel safer with your new locks.

  31. So sorry to hear this Elaine, but so glad you did not hear and get up........I had not heard of bump keys either but it is frightening what some evil people will do these days, pleased you made sure my win was okay hehehhe
    Tilly x

  32. So glad you and your son were OK, what a terrible thing to have happened. Take care
    Tracy x

  33. I'm just glad you are o.k. it could have been a lot worse! Thanks for letting us all know, who would a thunk!

  34. I'm so glad you & Hal are OK - & that you got those locks changed. So sorry that this happened to you of all people. Hope you've managed to sleep after all that. Never heard of a bump key. Shall direct St R to your post. Much love from me- hope Phil is OK too.
    Paula (PEP)

  35. wow, how scary is that. Off to check all my doors before I retire to bed.
    Hope the new locks do the trick.
    Sandra ltb

  36. Hi Elaine,
    So sorry this has happened. I don't know what things are coming to now. Extra expense when in a recession and most of us can ill afford it. Probably hikes up insurance as well. Trust a crafter to check their stash first! Take care hun.

  37. Hi Elaine
    how awful for you, thank God you or Hal did not wake up, because I can tell you from bitter experience, these scum bags go (tooled) up, they don't care who get's in their way, and will use what ever (tools) they have, be it a knife, a baseball bat, and even gun's in some case's, to take what ever they want. And these cowards/scum of the earth, don't normally go on their own, so while one of them is robbing you of YOUR hard earned possession's/savings etc, the other/s are either keeping watch or worse still making sure that NO one gets in the way of that scum bag taking YOUR things.
    The biggest problem we have, is WHEN/IF these scum bags are caught, they are given a slapped wrist, and possibly a few hours community service. The VICTIM (as often is the case) in the crime, is the one left with a life sentence (as in our family's case). It has left them so traumatised of it happening again, they are too afraid to stay in the house on their own, so someone has to be with them at ALL time's. So the day these scum bag's decided to break into their house, poison their much loved dog (so they could gain entry), is one that they will take to their grave & will never forget. The perpetrator has never been caught, even though the police said they had load's of forensics.
    Sorry to drone on Elaine, but I hate these b------s with a vengeance, and the old hard luck story of their hard life just DOES not wash with me, I had a very hard life as a kid, BUT my Mum (bless her), always taught my Brother & I, that if you wanted THINGS you had to save & pay for them, something these scum bags never do.
    The only bit about this post that made me laugh (bless you) is the bit about checking your rubber. Obviously these scum bags don't know how much money our craft rooms are worth.
    Thank you for the heads up about the bump keys, I had never heard of it before this, so this is one household that will be having anti-bump locks fitted. Hubby said our house is already like fort knox, but I would rather be safe (or as safe as I can possibly be) than sorry.
    sending HUGE HUGE HUGS to you, Phil & Hal.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  38. Blooming heck, I had never heard of bumping - thank goodness for people like you sharing your unfortunate news, so sorry to hear that it has happened but thankfully they did not do anything other than take items.
    Hugs SarahS

  39. Oh Elaine how horrible
    we were burgled after being married just 6 months. They took a lot of our wedding presents. They were still in the house when i got home, although at the time i never realized it ( they were upstairs)
    Just glad to hear that you and your son and Crafting goodies are all safe!
    hugs sarah x

  40. Oh my, this sounds so scary, I`m sorry you have to go through this. Thank god it was only replaceable items you lost, but still...
    Good thing all your hobby-things are still there, it sounds to me like you need som crafting therapi.

    Hope you feel safer now with new locks.
    Hugs, Anne.

  41. Elaine! That's so horrible! Thank God you and Hal were sound asleep, otherwise you could have disturbed the scumbag/s and been hurt. You never know the violent tendancies of that kind of FILTH! I'm putting my alarm on tonight and here on after!

    Get yourself a safe for that precious rubber! LOL. ;)

    Meesh. XXX

  42. Thank goodness you didnt wake up! Vile creatures breaking into peoples homes! I too would have checked my craft desk! How can you put a price on Rubbah!

    Hope you dont have to experience this again!

  43. Bit late in seeing this post I know but thanks for the info. Must have been one hell of a shock especially as you were blissfully unaware in the house at the time. Thanks fully you are all OK and of course the rubber and crafdt stuff are OK!!!!!!

    Take care hugs Ali x


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