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Sunday 30 January 2011

Even More Going Green and Recycling!

Thank you everyone for your kind comments and thoughtfulness over yesterdays post. We are all fine, but I must admit I didn't sleep too well last night- I kept listening for noises! I know how lightly we got away with it, the things they took were all small and easily carried items and I think Phil disturbed them coming back home as they'd dropped stuff in the garden. All they actually got away with was Phil's laptop, charger and external hard drive, my Ipod and my Bose docking station - Grrrrrrrrrr - and my mobile phone.
But these are all replaceable and the insurance will sort it all out. No-one was hurt and that's all that matters.

I've not had much time to go a-blogging this weekend with all the folks trailing in and out yesterday, and today I've spent catching up on my chores. So I've got some blog catching up to do this week, starting with some more of my clear out stuff. I did intend to get all of it photographed this weekend so I could shove more of it on in one go but it just didn't happen.
Stamping Bella Eloise Greengrass- mounted and I think used once.

Stamping Bella Bettina Buttercream - again mounted and I think used once.

Stampendous Flutterfly Friends - brand new.

Stampendous- Fluffles Wuv, One of the stamps and a sentiment used once.

As in the previous posts, if you want anything just leave a comment after this post, UK and Ireland residents only.
Thanks for looking, and once again Thank You for all your lovely comments yesterday.
Love Elaine xxx


  1. So sorry to hear about your burglary - I hope that you get things sorted very soon, and that those nasty rotters get caught!
    Please could you count me in your draw for the Flutterfly friends stamp set.
    Thank you.
    Love, Andrea xx

  2. Hope you have a better nights sleep tonight.
    Thankfull they didn't take too much, and as you said the insurance will pay. I'm still sending you all (( hugs )), 'cause it must be horrible.
    Anyway enough of the sad stuff, I can't believe you're doing a blog candy with all this that's going on, but thank you, you are very generous and thoughtful. I haven't any of those stamps (the butterflies are wonderful), so I'd be very happy to win anything :)
    Take care
    big hugs

  3. Oh' Elaine they took a lot from you chum, but as you say you and Hal were safe and not hurt in any way thank goodness!!! you are really so kind with your giveaways I have took a liking to your flutterfly friends stamps if that's ok chum,
    Huge Hugs take care
    Sarah x

  4. Hi Elaine
    Hope you are ok,and thanks for the chance to enter the draw,these are fabulous,
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  5. I think you should call your cell phone to see if they answer it!

  6. So sorry to hear about the b**gers that burgled you - dreadful people!! I'd love to be included for either of the stamping bella's - I love these stamps!! Thanks, so kind of you. Hugs, Marie x

  7. Do hope you have a better night tonight, St R gave me a lesson in lock construction after reading your post & thank you so much for making your awful experience a basis for warning others - very thoughtful & positive under the circumstances. Still very thankful you are all safe. St R hopes Phil didn't have too much irrecovarable data on his laptop & hard drive. Am concentrating on certain brands so don't include me in this one just wanted to touch base as can see I won't get to the emails for a bit.
    Paula (PEP)

  8. Elaine, that is so scary that you were broken into while you were asleep, thank goodness your hubby came home when he did! We will definitely be looking into buying new locks after reading your story! (((hugs))) Take care, I hope you are able to get some sleep tonight!

  9. Good news that they only took replaceable things. Hope you will sleep better soon.
    Hugs Sinikka

  10. OMG - that's so spooky. The exact same thing happend to me and my ex-husband although it's a very long time (19 years ago) but I totally know how you feel. We were asleep upstairs and they didn't manage to get much (think they got disturbed too as lots was unplucked but standing in the garden). I was unable to sleep and hated being alone and in the end we moved.
    So glad your unharmed :). Hugs, Mette

  11. So glad your unhurt, hunni. Awful your stuff has gone but, as you say, your all unhurt. Hope you get settled a bit better tonight. Gorgeous goodies again x

  12. Sorry about your news Elaine and have never heard of bumping and guess it's another reason or excuse for insurance not to payout not that they need much of an excuse, hope they pay-up fast and that you soon get a good nights sleep.

  13. Elaine , thanks for bringing our attention to stuff that can be bought over the is just unbelievable and so is the price it can be bought for......... at one time you had to know a dodgy locksmith... it's a wonder we all have anything left.
    I am just so sorry that you had to find out this way, and hope you can sleep well now you have new locks fitted. Have a good week
    Tilly x

  14. Hi Sweetheart you must be feeling rather scared going back to work today, I do hope it wont belong before the new locks are fitted then you hopefully will feel more secure.
    Its a good job you dont come to my house as I need to have a sort out to. With love and huge hugs Shirleyxxx

  15. Hi Elaine,
    It must be a nightmare for you - I bet you are having to change all your bank details etc. As for your clear out stuff, I like Eloise Greengrass and the Fluffles Wuv set.
    Thanks for the chance.
    Take care
    Dawn x

  16. Hi Elaine as you said all replaceable thank god. Hope you have a good nights sleep. Please put me in the draw and thanks

  17. Hi Elaine, As you say, no one was hurt. It is just disheartening to think you can't feel safe in your own home. Love those butterflies.

  18. i am so sorry you have been put in the position where you feel a little unsafe in your own home its just so unfair huni especially as you are one of the nicest kindest people i have met through blogging and through life really,I think these stamps are super cute and i want to thank you agin for the gorgeous papers i can't stop looking through them so thankyou and i hope your ok given the circumstances i am thinking of you xxx

  19. Hi Elaine I was shocked to hear your news and really hope that you manage to have a better night's sleep now you have got your new locks installed.

    The stamps are so sweet I love the fluffles stamps.


  20. Oh Elaine, I'm so sorry you didn't sleep well, hopefully in the coming weeks you'll start to feel a bit safer. With the new locks and the burglar alarm, I'm sure you'll be ok.

    I hope you sleep a bit better tonight. I'll be thinking of you.

    You're giving away Bella's I don't know how you can, they're so precious. I love Bella's (as you well know!)

    At some point, when I have time (and some followers), I'll be taking a leaf out of your book and giving some of my stash away.


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