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Wednesday 12 January 2011

WOYWW and stuff.....

I'm always looking around blogland at the WOYWW posts. My Oh My you really are a messy lot!
You might not believe that this is the actual state of my desk (unless you're one of my buddies and you'll know it's true!) but I am a very clean and tidy crafter - hubby calls me anally retentive!
My craft room is laughingly called the spare bedroom but it's so tiny we used it when Hal was small and still in a cot. I know I've said this before in an earlier post but the alphabet on the wall ran around 2 sides of the room. I stuck it  there when Hal was a baby and being me, I used superglue and it won't come off without taking half the wall down with it - we need to get a plasterer in to replace the darn wall now!

All the stuff at the back of my desk lives there permanently so it's within easy reach.
After I took the photo I picked up all the rubbish that was on the floor and put it on my desk instead.........

.......hmmmmm doesn't look quite so tidy now, does it?
Just because I've not posted any cards this week doesn't mean I've not been busy! I've sorted through all my wood backed stamps, embellies, dies etc and cleared out all the stuff I don't use any more. Just the papers to go through now! Anybody want to help.....please? I fear this will be a mammoth task!
Phil's taken 2 full bags to the local learning centre where they run various crafting classes for disadvantaged people, OAP's, and those with learning difficulties. The funding is almost zero for this community project so I like to donate most of my unwanted stuff there, but they don't want stamps/dies etc.
I'm off to climb the paper mountain!!

I'll be back tomorrow with the new Sugar Bowl Challenge.
Hope to see you then
Love Elaine xxx


  1. wow! Good for you ... I need to do that purging too, but I have not reached the point yet that I want to part with anything .... maybe I need an intervention!
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Sandra ltb

  2. Hi Elaine

    What a genrous thing to do - you put me to shame. I wish I was so organised and tidy - but then it would help if I actually had a room to put all the stuff in!!!

    Hugs Ali x

  3. oh Elaine you are so kind this is a wonderful thing to do and my gosh there are lots of beautiful things on your desk too wish i was as tidy as you but i don't have a craft room i have a double cuboard and i craft on the large round table in the front room so it all gets put back after each use.thanks for sharing with us xx

  4. Wow girl now you talk about a neat crafter that you are. I so need to clean my stash out and that is so thoughtful what you have done donating the things you don't need anymore. Hugs dear

  5. Hi Elaine,

    I LOVE your desk - very organised.

    Love Kerry xxx

  6. Sweetie dear, I know you wouldn't want to see my messy crafty space..

  7. I would hardly call it rubbish on your floor though if you are throwing it out...throw in my direction...Yes your desk is too neat - but I love it
    Sarah - Stressed Stamper #28

  8. Snap my desk looks like that, I carnt stand to leave my desk in a mess, it all has to go away when Ive finished. Hope you manage to catch up with all your tidying up, then you can come and help me, I hide a lot of mine in the cupboards. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  9. Hiya Elaine!

    Wow, you are sooooo tidy hun!, fabulous desk and so organised :o)
    What a lovely thing you are doing about your un-wanted stash, wish I had some where I can take mine! I have oodles and oodles of stuff I don't use (shame on me lol)

    Hope you are well sweetie and If your bored doing your stuff you can always pop round to mine hehehe!

    Hugs Vicky xx

  10. Hi Elaine your far to tidy to be a crafter..theres always one to prove us wrong..LOL did you know you can take stamps OFF the wooden blogs??? put them in the MICROWAVE for a FEW SECONDS when heated they peel off the wooden blocks hey presto umnounted..

    smiles Christine xx

  11. You are like me, I can only work in a neat and tidy area so my desk gets cleaned up every time I make something. Now, I'm not saying the same thing about the floor around me but I can't help it if I ran out of storage space! Hey, could you buy a new pretty border and just put it over the old one (no super glue this time perhaps). Maybe I will send you one in red, white and blue (no fur ha ha)

  12. Your a very organised crafter chum, neat and tidy I like tidy too!! but I'm very messy when I'm crafting, what a wonderful thing to do giving to your local learning centre, that's the huge heart that you have, you are always thinking off others Elaine, you're one in a million chum, Big Hugs
    Sarah x

  13. It is so neat and pretty, that you hate to mess it up. Do you want to come an organize me? I would love that. If you do that I will come and work on taking down the alpa..although I think it looks cute! LOL!
    Way to go!

  14. After looking at your neat desk I daren't show you mine, lol. Although, the rest of my house is spotless. I don't like clutter so the less the better. Don't know why I'm such a messy crafter, lol. Want to come and tidy me up?
    Hugs Tracy x

  15. Hi Elaine
    A very tidy desk,like you i like to keep mine clear but it doesn't seem to work for long,
    Hugs Dianne xx

  16. goodness me Elaine, that IS a super tidy desk - ok I've now been totally shamed and will go tidy up my midden

  17. Hi Elaine,
    I am the same as you, my desk is always tidy, I clear it after every project. You should sell the stamps that you don't want as you have some lovely ones there. It would pay for new stash.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  18. I knew I should have taken a photo before I sat down!! Such a tidy and organised space, love it!

  19. hi elaine,
    oh my gawd that is extremely tidy cripes if you looked at mine you would think i had been burgled!! lol x
    my kids also had them wooden clown alphabets lol x
    Suzie Qx

  20. Hi Elaine
    Oh you have made my day, I'm soooooooooooooo pleased that I'm not alone, as I am also a tidy crafter. I HATE mess, if I do make a mess whilst I'm crafting (and I do at time's), I can not leave it, I HAVE to tidy it up. I drive my hubby round the twist at time's, he'll say to me just close your craft room door and leave the mess for tonight/now, BUT I just can't leave it like that, no way. Please don't take the alphabet down, I think it looks really cool, a real design feature.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  21. Oh elaine that is tidy must say mine does start like that but doesnt end up like it.

  22. Oh my Elaine, your desk is positively spotless, compared to mine, but I have a good excuse, I'm rearranging again. I always have to rearrange when I get new stuff, but now we are in the process of building a unit to house all my ribbon, as I've just made spools for each roll of ribbon (took 4 days to make them all) so hopefully the rest of my desk will be clean soon too.
    Hope you are keeping well.
    Donna xx

  23. Love your desk and what you and I call rubbish are really 2 different things mine is something you don't want to pick up you just wanna trash lol

  24. what a generous lady you are Elaine, I gave some of my stuff to my sons special need school they really enjoy crafting. You rdesk looks lovely and tidy...hope it stays that way x x

  25. Hi Elaine, a big a heart as ever - ever thought about doing a "swap shop" for your items you know like they used to "in the olden days" as my sons now say!!!! you may get something you want in return for swapping your unwanted items? I've got my problem solved, my 4 year old takes all my unwanted items and has her own crafting desk now so no waste at all! Hugs Sarah.x

  26. Oooo you've got some fab looking stash Elaine, I love to peek as your desk as I'm also anally retentive lol. I probably spend just as much time cleaning and tidying in my craft room as I do making cards lol
    hugs Mandy xx

  27. I like my desk nice and tidy too...usually. But when I get in a stamping out!

  28. I love how the 'mess' from off the floor is all neatly stacked ready to put back in its rightful place. You do make me laugh. I wish my space was as organised as yours. I dream of being a tidy crafter but I don't think it's ever going to happen. Unless I come into a lot of money and can just start from scratch.

    You are so kind to give your old stash to the local learning centre. If I ever get round to sorting out, I'll have to get the details from you so I can send it on. Unless I can find a local project here (there's bound to be one!)

  29. Oh wow. I am amazed by your generosity. The crafters from your local community centre sure would be very happy to have many goodies to play with.
    I wish I could do the same, but what you have on your desk, would more or less correspond to my entire stash.
    Happy cleaning and stamping,
    Laetitia xx


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