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Monday 11 June 2012

Did Y'all Miss Me??

This is gonna be a long one and with no card to show, so either make a cuppa or skip to another much more interesting blog :)
I've been off work this last week, and I had so many jobs I wanted to work my way through that I haven't turned my laptop on much, and I haven't been on blogger at all. Once I start on facebook and blogger the days just disappear and I get nothing done.

Did I ever tell you what a worrier I am? Sheesh but this week has seen me a total wreck!
Hal was going away on Wednesday morning to his first festival..Download at Donington. Now I wasn't overly happy about him being away for 5-6 days but he bought the ticket with all of his Christmas money and he will be 18 in October so off he went at 6am on Wednesday, armed with all the required camping equipment, food, money and a set of rules that Mummy had been drumming into him all week.
1) Ring or text me once EACH day so I know you are OK.
2) Don't drink so much alcohol that you vomit in your sleep and die - Yes, he will be drinking, I am not so naive as to think he'll stick to cola!
3) Watch your drinks, don't give anyone the opportunity to spike it...drugs kill.
4) Don't leave your BBQ in the tent at night...carbon monoxide poisoning kills.
5) Don't leave the campsite with anyone other than those you are going to the festival with, and always tell your friends where you are going.
6) If you're going to get jiggy and do the 'horizontal' dance then be careful, I don't want next years Easter Bunny bringing a baby!
See, told you I am a worrier!
So he sets off and rings me when he gets there but off someone else's phone as his phone won't work!
In the meantime, Phil loaded up the motorhome with his camera and headed off to Scarborough for a few days, so by Wednesday lunchtime I am home alone. phone call, Friday no phone call and by now I can't sleep and my stomachs churning with worrying about Hal. I keep telling myself he'll be fine but the doubt creeps back in! I lay in bed on Friday night listening to the rain lashing down and thinking about my baby in a tent!
Thankfully Phil came home safe and sound on Saturday afternoon so that was one less thing to fret about plus I have someone to share my worry with...poor Phil!
Just before midnight on Saturday Hal phones home!! Oh yeah, he's having the time of his life! His phone still isn't working and they are going to travel home Sunday night/Monday morning after the festival finishes.
Now that opens up a whole new barrow full of worry! The festival should finish at 10.45pm but last night it was 11.30pm, then they have to get all their stuff from the campsite to the car park, then wait in the queue to get out of the car park and that's if they can even get the car out...the weather has been so bad that cars were stuck in the mud, and drive the 2+ hours home. All this after 5 days with little sleep and probably 4 days with too much alcohol. I shall be staying up until he's safely back home again..sometime between 2 and 4am!

Some pictures from the Download Festival 2012....'s been muddy alright! 

Friday nights headliner...The Prodigy.

Saturday nights top attraction...Metallica. 
Sunday is the night everyone is waiting for...Black Sabbath, but there's no photos of them yet.
There have been many bands in between, from new bands I've certainly never heard of to the golden oldies of rock.


Kids In Glass Houses.



Tenacious D

And Black Veil Brides.

Now I'm just sitting here waiting for the boy to come home again. After reading on FB that folks are still sitting in the car parks queueing to get out I could well be in for a long night!



  1. Oh Elaine bet you cant wait to get to bed. Poor you and he will be having the time of his life not a care in the world thinking what an amazing time it had been. They do say the wetter the better saves washing tee hee or baby wiping. Hope he gets home soon for you. Just the same with mine and he will be 30 this novemeber.
    Take care and hugs Sue xx

  2. No doubt you will be and then Hal will come home safe and sound and will have had the time of his life. Of course, he will sleep like a log for a day or two! Oh, to be young again! Hang in there sweet friend.

  3. oh Elaine,I so feel for you I'm ecxectly the same as you ,I'm a thinker and a worried mum too!
    Sometimes I drive my sun and hubby mad.
    I hope he had a good time and he's home safe!
    XXX Heidy

  4. Hi Elaine

    well what a week you have had - at least you know Hal is safe and sound and it looks as though he has had a blast!

    I'll forgive you for the PTI link - just this once mind - remind me not to ask you where you got stash from again ;o)

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving me some comments - I really appreciate it.

    Have a great week.

    Toodle pip

    Hazel xx

  5. Hi Elaine
    There is no reason to worry :)
    My first festival was 14 years old and I went alone. Every year I attend festivals 19 years in a row. Never saw rudeness(just a music). Only alcohol, noise, fun and a lot of music :)
    Be glad that his son have fun :) Everything will be OK!
    Hugs :)

  6. Oh my Elaine, I know just how you feel I used to be just like that with my son and now I am the same with my grandaughter!! Love your list of rules.
    Hope he is soon home safe and sound.

    Pam x

  7. Oh dear sometimes its best not to know! I can tell you mine are 36 and 37 and the worrying never stops! I have never heard of any of those bands!! Hope he got home safely x

  8. Oh my Elaine - those photos are an education to this old girl. I hope by now the little lad is tucked up in bed after a bath (with clean water).
    Take care of yourself & that family of yours.
    Much love from me
    Paula (PEP)

  9. Oh dear Elaine!!!!!
    I hope he arrived home safe and sound, think the clothes and tent better go straight to the dustbin!!!
    He will never understand why you were worried lol

  10. OMG I thought my lists of rules were bad Elaine.... hope he had that list laminated and carefully in his pocket before he left... LOL! I dunno, the worry we go through as parents!

    I know he's home safe now, so you can r-e-l-a-x.... well, after you've done all the washing!! hehe!

    Big hugs
    Christine x
    ps... good job Barry didn't know Black Sabbath were there.... his favs!!

  11. I bet you are going to have a pile of muddy clothes when Hal gets home.I bet he has had a blast and that last photo is so funny, not leaving much to the imagination with those trousers,lol :D

    xx coops xx

  12. Oh poor you , Elaine. I am sure he will be home safe and sound by now, hope you finally get some sleep
    Suzzanne x

  13. OMG Elaine I so remember all these feelings so's a nightmare and one you have to live the way it does not end when they get older and leave...they come back with extra am glad Hal is ok of course, maybe tonight you get to sleep the sleep of a not so worried Mum...make the most of it least he had a blast...take care

  14. OMG Elaine you sound just like me!!!!!!!!!! Jay is only 13, heaven help me when he wants to start doing festivals. Hope your boy is home safe and that you make him do his own washing lol!!!
    big hugs

  15. Oh my goodness! I would have been worried sick too - I hope your son is home safe now and that he had a fabulous time, and followed the rest of your rules!!!
    I wonder why I keep being drawn to your last photo ??? ROFL!
    Love, Andrea xx

  16. Really enjoyed your worried to bits story,how many Mums have been there I wonder. Dads don't seem to loose sleep quite so much I don't think.My late father used to say "You'll die if you worry, you'll die if you don't" but I don't think we could be a mum without worrying. The youngsters have all that to enjoy someday too. I hope he turns up soon.

  17. oh muddy!! Did I tell you I once went to Donington....rock groups from the olden days!! Although some of these are too...glad your baby is home safe!!


  18. Aw Elaine sweetie, what a worry for you but hopefully home safe and sound soon. That last pic is lovely isn't he, lol! Hugs xxx

  19. Oh Elaine i smiled at your list!! our kids always will seem just that "kids" my daughter is 31 this July!!!!.
    TFS some scary pics though!! stop worrying about Hal now!!

  20. Oh my! You poor thing, it sounds loke you have some reason to worry.

  21. Oh Elaine~~I know exactly how you are feeling......I am same kinda "Mom" :)
    I always tell news is good news in some situations but hten EVERYONE has cell phones these days :) I hope he is home soon

  22. LOL Elaine you crack me up. hehe I am sure he had a fantastic time and hoping he got back safe and sound. Aren't you just the best mum waiting up for him! hehe :D

  23. Oh my, I'm not quite there yet with my boys, but can quite understand your anguish. Bet you when he gets home he feels it is all a fuss about nothing!
    Hopefully your mind will be at rest soon.
    Hugs SarahS
    PS. love your list and am gonna keep it in reserve for mine!

  24. Well, as I already knew the story I know it has a happy ending but I really could have done without that last picture, ewwww! How could he possibly think that looks appealing?

  25. Oh sweet lady I feel your pain !!! I have 2 daughters & SWEAR I was not going to live to see them grow up & settle down ... But they did & now they have children of their own & I worry about ALL of them ... It NEVER ends but we just love them & pray everyone stays happy & healthy. I once stood in front of my almost 18 year old daughters car as she anounced she was going to the senior party that was lasting all weekend ... I said you are NOT going & she said she was almost 18 & EVERYONE was going !!! I said you'll have to run over me because I will not let you go !!! Every year it seemed someone got drunk & got in a fight with a boyfriend/ girlfriend & someone had a wreck & was hurt or worse. I finally got out of her way (she really wouldn't have run over me) & went in the house crying ... She got out of her car & came in & hugged me & said Mom I'm almost grown up & you need to let go ... She said I promise I will be careful ... I kissed my daughter & let her go. It was a long weekend & I got little sleep but she came home safe. Your son will too ...
    the hardest job in the world is being a Mom ...
    Big hugs from another Mom, Janie

  26. Gosh, I`d worry too!
    And I have a boyfriend who is terrible at leaving word if he knows he is going to be late etc, so here I sit imagening car crashes or something.

    Sounds like he`s having a great time, hope he is being responsible. :) Guess he`d have to be for you to let him go.

    Hugs, Anne.

  27. Brilliant pics Elaine...have you thought it might be better on the nerves if you wore disguise and went maybe not!! you might see more shows than are healthy for
    Hugs Mau xx

  28. Wow what apost and you sound like me -if you have nothing to worry about you will find something.
    That lst pic is gross - boy with all black stuff on him -yuk.

    You sound like a nice lady, I,ve enjoyed looking through your blog. xxxx


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