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Friday 3 September 2010

Blog Candy, Hubbys Birthday Card and Waffle

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It's going to be a long one, so grab a cuppa or even take a nap first! Feel free to scroll down and miss out the waffle, I won't be offended.
Darling hubby flew off this morning to sunny Spain, to spend some time with his sister, her hubby and two little ones. So peace reigns supreme in our household. Just me, the boy and two cats. Feels kinda quiet already! I think Hal is looking forward to a Dad free week. Phil was off work last week too, and Phil being related to Bagpuss has the philosophy of "I'm up so everyone's up", hence he was waking Hal up each morning. I, on the other hand, have a different outlook on life. My view is that Hal has a lifetime ahead of him when he'll have to get out of bed in the morning (as opposed to 2pm!) to go to work, so I leave him to snooze. Plus when he's asleep he's no trouble whatsoever!

I have made cards this week but couldn't post them until after the occasions.
I'll just show one today, don't want to shock you all by showing two in one day!

I'm sure you all know by now that I just don't do men's cards. But I needed a card for my hubby so out came this little guy by Mo Manning. I adore the look on his face,he's having a right old tantrum! The verse inside is an old Penny Black stamp that says "It's your birthday whether you like it or not". I know it's a strange image to use on hubby's card, but he loved it. Image available Here, DP is my all time favourite Cosmo Cricket Early Bird. Toby's been coloured with Di's as always. No embellies whatsoever!!
So hubby asked if I would be doing a blog candy in honour of his birthday? I think he's feeling left out.
Believe me, he's never left out. My bestest buddy Gayle sent hubby the most amazing chocolate brownies in the world. She really knows the way to my hubbys heart, it's a direct link through his stomach.
Now I can take or leave chocolate, cakes, biscuits etc I'd rather have a bag of crisps anyday. But I tell you no lies, those brownies are surely the work of the devil, they are so yummy. Hubby was definitely NOT for sharing them around.
I'm waffling again, back to the candy.
Anyone fancy some new rubber from Scotlands finest rubber stamp company?
My little candy is 4 New Christmas Mangas from Sugar Nellie plus whatever else I find in the meantime.
Candy is open to UK residents only, just leave me a comment after this post saying you want to join in the candy. It will close at 8am on Saturday 4th September.
Have you read todays post on the Sugar Nellie Blog? They're having a blog hop next Saturday so I'm looking forward to seeing that.
I hope I've not sent everyone to sleep?
Thanks for looking and for any comments you may leave.
Love Elaine xx


  1. Love the stamp, so sweet and fun! The colors and layout is just great. :)

  2. oh love the card today super image and i love the papers,oh yes please Elaine I would so love to be included into your candy draw please I am in love with sugar nellie images and looking forward to the hop next week woohoo xx

  3. awww Elaine poor likkle chap no ones taking any notice of his tantrum...beautiful image & colouring fab layout & colours..hope you have a peaceful wk??? Plz. consider me for your generous B/day candy..big thanks.

    smiles Christine xx

  4. I know i cant get your candy as i live out in Africa, but i so enjoyed reading your post and love your card, your coloring is phenomenal!

  5. Hi Elaine,
    I am up for the candy, lol!
    Love your card it just seems to match the papers so well.
    Love Kerry xxx

  6. Your husband sounds mean..I like to sleep and If I don't get enough sleep I'm grumpy...
    Love your boycard, yeah it's really hard making cards for men... I like to make sweet girly cards too!

  7. Awww this card is gorgeous,and makes a lot more sence with the verse inside lol How can you not like chocolate? I was drooling even reading about the brownies lol
    Fiona x

  8. Hee hee, still awake and really enjoyed your long post! I really love this image - it's soooo Euan when he's having a tantrum (thankfully normally just when tired!) although I normally can't help laughing as he looks so ridiculous! Doesn't always go down so well! Looking forward to seeing your other cards when you're able to release them unto us!! Susie x PS - I'm definitely with your philosophy re. sleep, but not chocolate!

  9. I love this card Elaine,doesn`t matter what age they are they can all have a tantrum!!Love the papers you have used too.Please count me in for your generous candy.Happy belated birthday to your hubby.

  10. Hi Elaine
    A gorgeous card,i think most men are the same lol,please count me for your fabulous blog candy,
    Hugs Dianne xx

  11. How lucky are you? A whole week of peace, lol. I have to admit, I'd pass on the crisps...Im a chocolate girl. Card is fantastic and very appropriate for most husbands I think. Thanks for the chance to win some more fab candy x

  12. What a fab card!!! Would just suit my hubby too lol I would love to win your blog candy, pretty please with a cherry on the top :o)

  13. Hi Elaine.
    I can't do men's cards either, but yours has turned out great!! I love that stamp... My fella was just like that on his last birthday!! LOL.
    I'd love to be in the draw for the candy.
    Thank you and happy b'day to your hubby
    kel x

  14. Hi Elaine,
    Love your post chum, and would love to be in with a chance for your Super Candy!!! Your card is beautiful that wee chap is super great dp and colouring amazing, thanks you for your good wishes for my friend, this means a lot ans also you lovely comments chum,
    Sarah xx

  15. Well - didn't think I'd find anyone else who can leave chocolate - it just gets very difficult when you HAVE to avoid it because everything you eat it contains just tastes of pepper.I was in stitches over your post - love the card & colour co-ordination. Happy belated birthday to Phil - I'd love to be considered for the candy. My husband thoroughly adores food too - I'd rather have a stamp, much more appetising.
    Paula (PEP)

  16. I Love your rambaling it always make me smile!I am with you on the sleep thing always found it better to let my son get up in his own time when he was home but I am afraid I like both when it comes to choc and crisps!! Would love the chance to win the sugar free candy. Hugs Sue :o)

  17. I do so enjoy reading your blog - I love imagining what it would be like to live over there - where international travel seems so everyday .... love the card!

  18. I love the card Elaine. Totally fab. Sorry I've been totally completely absent from blogland recently. I have no excuses for it, just life getting in the way. Pants I know. Will catch up soon.

  19. Enjoy the peace whilst you can, I would love to send my hubby and kids off for an afternoon so I can get some serious crafting done, not just a 10 minute here and there. I would love to be entered into your candy draw, those Sugar Nellie stamps are a must have (ps I enjoy reading your waffles) Sarah x

  20. Hi Elaine, fab image, I have just done my first Mo Manning and probably the first of many, but then I say that about all my stamps. Enjoy the peace and quiet, my Hubby is on nights next week and I love the time I get to myself, lol. I would love to be included in your draw for the candy, I don't own any Sugar Nellie stamps yet but would welcome the opportunity to start a collection. Hugs Tracy x

  21. Hi Elaine , what a fab card,I too have to make a card for my hubby's birthday on the 4th, he too is a choccy man and wouldn't like sharing, and I'm like you a savoury tooth. The answer to the question about your candy is of course I would love the new manga's from the wonderful sugar nellie, I'm hoping hubby wants to watch sport or something so I can sneak away and join the blog hop without being missed it sounds such fun.

  22. Hi - long time no chat! I adore the little fella and what could be more appropriate than that for a hub's birthday - brilliant idea. I too am a crisps (and nuts kinda gal) - not the choccies and cakes sort although I have to say you make those brownies sound scrummy. I have 3 cats by the way - all long haired and rescued.
    Enjoy your week of bliss.....oh I wish!
    Caroline x

  23. wow, Elaine I love this little guy! The way you color is so fantastic, I wish you lived nearby! I would come to you for some lessons!!
    have a lovely Sunday
    hugs Yvonne

  24. Hi Elaine,

    What a lovely card - just love Mo Manning images. Would also love some of that candy. Enjoy your time without hubby - plenty of lie-ins!!

    Denise xx

  25. OMG Elaine your card is adorable, I love that cute image think I may have to buy that stamp it made me chuckle when I saw it lol. Now I went off on a waffle lol, the papers are gorgeous and your colouring is stunning, lessons please!
    Hope you have a lovely relaxing time while hubby is away, love mine dearly but I do enjoy a bit of peace lol
    hugs Mandy xx

  26. P.S Please pop me in the candy draw, thank you xxx

  27. Hi Elaine, yes hes a right little character isnt he and so like any child Ive raised, Im sure your hubby was delighted with it, love the papers to. Please can I be considered for your candy. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

  28. Wow hun you have a great way with words lol, how would you sleep when your laughing so much, I hope your not being blown away though it's so strong today, I love love love your card and it's perfectly coloured as usual, I hope you enjoy your time and enjoy the rest of your weekend, please put me in the draw for the candy too, thank you, hugs Liz xx

  29. Hi Elaine,
    great image reminds me of that advert in supermarket where the mum joins in and has a tantrum on the floor!! how funny!
    i'm with you on the hal front - can't bear to wake the kids up leave them be as soon as there awake need feeding, dropping off etc etc!
    enjoy the rest of your weekend
    Suzie Qx

  30. oh elaint this is my fave image out of the 4 of them think you have coloured it perfectly and great papers as always. Well men a re little boys deep down arent they. lol. I would love to be included in your candy if thats ok roll on Saturday fingers crossed i can get on computer then. Hugs Sue xx

  31. Hi Elaine.
    Hubbys card is fab.Hope your enjoying your Hal free week.Would love to enter your candy.

    Vicki C

  32. Hi Elaine,
    What a great card you did for hubby's birthday. It's fantastic. I am a choccie person. Not so keen on crisps. Hope you at least got a taste of his brownies!
    Would love to be considered for the candy. Looking forward to the hop on Saturday.

  33. I would love to join in your generous candy Elaine.

    Your card is soooo cute and just like my OH. Laid on his back, stamping his feet and crying until he gets ice cream for breakfast.

    Enjoy your time with Hal. :-) xx

  34. Hello Elaine,
    I think you must be mad lol.... I love it when my o/h goes away for a few days, there seem to be many more hours in the days for me to craft.!!!thanks for the chance to win your candy, your card is beautiful as usual, wish I could colour like you
    Tilly x

  35. Fab card and your choice of sentiment is just perfect! I'm a choccie AND a crisp lover (Hmmmmm that could account for my waist line)
    Would love to be included in your candy draw.
    Kaz xx

  36. Just wanted you to know that I love your card. I have this digi image and it is so funny! I used it for a "That's it...I'm going to grammy's" You gots to love Mo Mannign.

  37. Hi Elaine
    love your card and I thought the verse inside was brilliant, as (always) your colouring is to die for. Wish Phil a happy birthday from me. I'm with you on your view regarding leaving Hal in his bed, as you say he will have years ahead of him, where he will have to get up. My daughter who is 38 loves Sunday's, as she can lie in till what ever time she likes lol. Tell hubby not to be such a meanie lol.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  38. Happy Birthday to your Hubster! Hope he had a fab time and hasnt piled on the lbs since eating all them brownies - Probably best he ate em all himself, or they'd have gone straight to your hips Elaine!

    This image is so sweet. I have it somewhere on my pc with the little girl with folder arms. I just havent got round to using them yet as with hundreds more Digi's and Stamps. I will make time!!!

    Anyways - I am off to bed! Wish I could stay there like Hal til 2pm but I have to be up at 6 and out the house by 7 for work. Wish I was 16/17 again. Not a care in the world (part from college work) and the weekend were for SLEEPING!! (and clubbing if I had the money lol)

    Catch you soon, big hugs!

    Kimmi xx

    p.s. Cant wait for the blog hop and seeing what everyone creates - should be fun! x

  39. Oooh candy draw, yes please - and what a gorgeous card, your colouring is amazing x

  40. Count me in please!!! I would sooooo..... love to win all those sweeties !

    Your card is fabulous, I do so love that image from Mo and your colouring is fantastic :O) What a great card for your hubby :O)


  41. beautiful card elaine
    hugs Lia

  42. too much cute.i am really impress by these.
    Plastic Card


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