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Sunday 12 September 2010

WOYWS and Guess Where I've Been This Weekend!

I know it should be WOYWW, but it's Sunday today and I thought I would show you my workdesk.
Now my little crafty space is normally clean, tidy and shipshape. The working area of my desk is empty unless I'm actually working on it. So there wouldn't be a lot to look at if I took a photo of my desk on a Wednesday. Today, however, my workdesk is full and looks like this:
(Sorry about the rubbish photo!)

So, can you guess where I disappeared to for the weekend?
Harrogate! I only attend the Harrogate shows each year, one in March and this one, as I do enjoy this show the most. As always it was jam packed full and very, very hot inside the showroom.
As you can probably tell, I did manage to find a few things to buy! It's not ALL for me, some of the goodies are for gifts - it's a friends birthday in a couple of weeks so I took the opportunity to buy her present whilst I was there. I had a thoroughly enjoyable day shopping, if a little tiring
As always, I had to go and see the lovely Jill from The Hobby House.  Jill is such a sweet person and of course she does sell the best stuff ever, it's my favourite stall and I always keep a stash of money seperately just to spend there.
I do need to say a really big THANK YOU to someone very special. My dearest Hubby drove me to Harrogate to the show and then went back home. Then drove back to collect me. The poor love spent 6 hours of his Saturday being my personal chauffeur! On top of that, he donated a very large sum of money to the cause (my crafting addiction) otherwise the workdesk wouldn't have been half as full.
Thank you Philip, you've always been my star.
So now you all know why I've not been around in blogland this weekend - having too much fun shopping!
Thanks for looking.
Love Elaine xx


  1. Wow! you lucky lady and I'm sitting here green with envy lol! That's what I call a great shopping trip and your lovely hubby is a star :o) I'm going to the big stamp show on the 25 sep at Ally Pally and I cannot wait.Look forward to seeing all your fabby creations hun, have fun playing!
    Love Vicky xx

  2. Wow - drooolll - lol - looks like you had a great time - I would love to go there as it seems to have a few more stalls and demos than Manchester, isn't there another one in Birmingham - have you ever been to that one?
    Anyway, have fun - maybe Father Christmas will see my wish list - hugs Sarah x

  3. WOW, looks like you had a wonderful time, have fun playing with all that lovely new stash.
    Your husband is a treasure!

  4. WOWZER Elaine!!! You lucky lady, as Vicky said, I'm also just a slight shade of green! What gorgeous goodies you've bought, thanks for sharing the pics. What a lovely hubby you have. Have fun crafting Sweetie with all that yummy stuff. Lotsa luv xxxx

  5. Wow fantastic goodies Elaine,coudn't get to go this time because of work,
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  6. Woooooooooooooooooow!!!! I'm so jealous of your new spellbinders dies!!!!! ...whou am I kidding I'm jealous of your whole shopping spree!
    Have so much fun with those and make me a christmas card would you (smiling nicely... :))

  7. Oh Wow Elaine, that's some collection of stash you managed to collect on your shopping trip. And Philip sounds like a lovely man to be your personal chauffeur, guess he wasn't interested in going in huh! lol
    Perhaps next year I'll get a chance to attend one of these shows, although I best start saving now.
    But glad to see you have a fabulous time.
    Donna xx

  8. You naughty girl Elaine, buying all that stash without me. I haven't managed to get to the Harrogate show for 2 years but I really must make the effort to get their next March. I will be keeping tabs and making sure you use all this stash and it doesn't get left unused. Glad you had a great weekend and give your hubby a hug from me for been so supportive of your addiction, sorry meant to say hobby. :-) xx

  9. Thanks for the eye candy - I had a lovely time enlarging & identifying & smiling at your choices coinciding with my wish list - that's what I call TASTE. If the Pergamano are what I think they are......... looks like you had an amazing time. What a lovely man - looks like you & I both found gems.......
    Paula (PEP)

  10. wow wow wow I am soooooooo jealous you have got some really gorgeous things i wish i could spend a day in your craft room you must have everything lol enjoy your new goodies can't wait to see your creations with your new goodies xx

  11. Oh wow hun you have so many fabulous goodies, I had to enlarge so I could have a real good nose and have been drooling here.
    hugs Mandy xx

  12. Omg all your stash looks wonderful, do have lots of fun playing with them.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  13. wow, I can imagine this makes you very happy! looking forward to all the gorgeous card you're make with all this wonderful stuff!!
    hugs Yvonne

  14. Hi Elaine, I can see you had lots of fun at Harrogate, and yes I know Jill to, she is the sweetest of people.
    Im lucky as my hubby takes me to the NEC at least twice a year and its on his card I normally spend anyway, so we are both extremely lucky people. With love and hugs Shirleyxx

  15. Hi Elaine
    I had to double click on the picture to get a good look at all your goodies, you poor little arm's must have hurt having to carry it all rotfl. There is no one in blog-land that deserves those goodies more than you. I am so pleased you had such a good time, I can't wait to see all the masterpieces you create with your stash.
    Your hubby sounds a lovely man, and I am sure he know's how much you appricate him.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  16. Hi Elaine
    it's me again, I forgot to say in my last comment I had sorted you out some buttons, but looking at your photo I guess you won't be needing them now lol.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  17. oh wauw what an gorgeous goodies
    your hubbi is so sweet for doing this for you
    i'm looking forward to see what you'll creat with all of this
    hugs angelique

  18. Wow, that looks fab, Elaine! Glad you had such a lovely time (and such a lovely hubby!). Susie x

  19. Hello luv...

    Well that is why he's called 'lovely Phil' after all...

    Glad you had a great time...NOT even a tiny bit jealous!!!

    Luvs ya

    G x

  20. wow lucky you, what a lovely lot of yummy stash. and what a fab hubbie you have x x

  21. Hi Elaine,
    Wow that is serious shopping by anyones standards
    it's like christmas on your workdesk!!!
    what a lovely hubby you have I creep past mine with the bags he thinks i have far too many stickers!! as he likes to call everything!!
    looking forward to seeing the wonderful creations you make x
    Suzie Qx

  22. Hi Elaine, wow hun you did have a good time lol, well worth the tiredness and sore feet, what a lovely hubby you have, look forward to seeing what you create, have fun, hugs Liz xx

  23. That looks like SO much fun!! Very lovely husband indeed :)

    I might be going to my first ever craft fair this weekend at sandown! I feel a bit like a child before their first day at school, excited and nervous as I dont really know what to expect!! Funny really isn't it. Glad you had a good time! xx

  24. Well, guess you don't need me to pick up anything over in the states for you, you did pretty darn good over there I would say! Glad you had a good time and bless your husband for all that driving, you definately got a winner.

  25. Oh'WOW!!! Elaine these goodies look soooo good!!!! so glad you had a lovely day, and what a wonderful Hubby you have bless him, and you deserve everyone of them chum, Take care!!!
    Sarah xx

  26. Ohhh Elaine I,m gutted to find out you were at the show on SAT.. I was there too & met up with Christine Levison wish we'd swaped phone numbs..I too went to see Jill. got some heart doilies for friends..& of corse had a little spend..well a bg spend..drove meself there & back 1st time.&& I had to take a detour..without getting lost..hope we can meet up sometime??

    Smiles Christine xx


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