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Monday 15 November 2010

hAnglar and stAnglar Christmas Candy Number 1

Sorry to be a pest and post twice on one day but this is just a little add-on to the post below.
Since the other kit hasn't turned up and I really wanted to offer a reasonable choice, I have another alternative.
If you're a regular reader you will know that I don't really like hAnglar stamps that much except for the 'Chubby Baby Fairies' as I call them.
So when I saw the kit on Ebay I had to buy it and actually keep this kit myself. Unbeknown to me at the time, St. Phil had bought me a kit too. So Phil has a spare kit.
He's working away this week up in Edinburgh, I so wish I could've gone with him, I love Edinburgh! I needed to ask him first if I could nick his kit and add it onto my candy.
                                                  Kit 7
.... this is also up as a prize.
For full details please see the post below.
Thanks for looking.
Love Elaine xx


  1. What a lovely hanglar candy...they are so sweet!


  2. OMG!! now instead of my left t*t, i think i could just chop of my left arm and foot to have a chance at this candy!

  3. Oh my goodness, how do you get your hands on so many Hanglars! I did order this kit from Hanglar on Ebay a couple of months back but unfortuntely it never turned up and they didn't respond with sending out another :( Thanks for the opportunity. Hugs Tracy x

  4. What a sweet hubby you have! :O) They are adorable!


  5. wow! excellent candy! the mini hanglar are so cute! thanks for the opportunity to win! sarah xx

  6. OO I love Edinburgh too so much to see!

    I am wishing my hubby could choose fab craft items like this for me!


  7. Oh Elaine
    I would love this candy. Thanks for the chance to win. I have candy on my blog too if you are interested
    Hugs sarah x

  8. Ooohhh - we could meet for coffee next time your in edinburgh x

  9. Saint Phil definitely! They're gems like that - I have one too but he's as good at buying me craft things as I am at choosing his Ancient Greek - you could say my craft techniques are Greek to him! Ooops - was that a touch of the humour I'm supposed to not have because I'm a Swede - well I have to cheer you up somehow when you've been feeling so rotten. You're a treasure by the way.
    Paula (PEP)

  10. oh, you lucky girl. I've tried to get my hands on these cuties, without much luck (even though I have the seller bookmarked on e-bay) and you have two sets. Envyyyyyyyy!

  11. Wow gorgeous Elaine,just fabulous stamps,
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  12. Oh these podgey ones are fab too. Hugs Ali x

  13. Awww they are adorable. I really must keep my eyes open for some.

  14. there so cute, just got to have them, LOL
    i've never seen them in the netherlands
    but maybe i'm not looking good!
    hugs angelique

  15. they are so cute aren't they! ♥

  16. Oh aren't these little darlings, so sweet the new little peeps she is doing now. Lucky you getting to give away ST. Phil's stamps, are you sure he doesn't want to use them himself, bet he'd be a real dab hand at coloring them, with you as his teacher...after all there are men crafters out there.
    Donna xx

  17. Hi ELaine
    forget to say on my last comment, hope your cold is on the mend.
    Sending huge healing hugs to you.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  18. You have a very Special Hubby Elaine mine would not have a clue with craft pressies hold on!!! yes he would a voucher from the craft store!!lol'
    these wee chubby faces are beautiful love them to bits sooooo!!!! cute, your one in a million chum
    BIG HUGS xx
    Sarah xx

  19. oh wow Elaine huni you are so kind thankyou so much for the chance of winning this super cute candy xx

  20. Theyre adorable, thanks for the chance to win them...hope your cold is a bit better...from one snotbag to another sniff sniff...
    hugs Jackie xx

  21. Oh, what great candy. You are so sweet to offer this up. Thanks for a great chance to win. Hugs, Carissa

  22. They are beautiful so cute.

    Pam x

  23. I can see why you like these Elaine they are just that little bit cuter and sweeter than the other Hanglers and what a fab hubby you have, my hubby would just say choose it yourself but at least he pays so thats not too bad.

  24. Wow love this set too, especially little one sitting down (girl) not seen her before - Love Hanglar stamps too...
    Sarah x

  25. Wow, your Phil really is a Saint! Love these cuties too!!!
    Hugs, Dena

  26. Sunning stamps I loooove I also have a thing for Edinburgh too.

  27. Hiya Elaine,

    Just went looking for blue froggies pad -

    he is at H

    just sign up & off you go!

    Gives you step by step instructions & a trial run to see how it works,when you are on the site!

    It is a free service

    Hope this helps you hunny? Any probs give me a shout!

    Take care
    Big hugs

  28. First let me say that if my english is very bad. but I am looking for this set. and now I come to your blog from ... and of course would love to join the candy. oh you would make me the happiest man on the earth!

    thanks in advance


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