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Sunday 3 October 2010

Hals Birthday Blog Candy ~hAnglars!

This Candy Has now Closed.
This post will stay at the top until the candy has ended, please scroll down for newer posts, thank you.
As promised, I'm back with a little blog candy in honour of my boys 16th birthday next week.
Also, between having no internet connection and having a very full work schedule, I haven't commented very much recently, which makes me feel very bad and sad. I appreciate everyone who pops by my blog and leaves a comment, and I like to do the same in return. So instead of the planned candy which was to be some hanglar stamps, I've added a few little extras as my way of saying "Thank you", I do appreciate all your lovely comments.

Candy comprises of:
1 x hAnglar and stAnglar limited edition kit.
2 x Tickled Pink stamps - Lil Lolita Willow and Ivy.
4 x Crafters Companion S.W.A.L.K stamps.
1 x Kaisercraft Christmas sentiments clear stamps set.
1 x EK Success border punch arch scallop.
1 x Memory Box Frond 6 x 6 pad - sadly discontinued but one of my favourites.
1 x Nestabilities Lacey Squares.
1 x Stickles Star Dust.

Rules of entry:
Candy is open worldwide, but please note that I will not be liable for any duties/tax that some countries charge, I will mark the parcel as a gift.
In order to enter you must be a follower. The only exception to that rule is for those who don't have a blog but who regularly leave comments, they can still enter.
You can post my candy on your blog if you wish but it's not necessary in order to enter.
Candy will run until Sunday 3rd October 2010 and end at 9pm BST.
After which, my boy will pick the winner.
In order to enter please leave a comment after this post.
The boy wants to read all the comments and pick the winner himself, so I suggest making him laugh  (No bribes allowed!) or just wish him a Happy Birthday.
Since he doesn't know any of you, then there's no favouritism, he'll just pick his fave comment.
(Gayle is not allowed to enter, she's Hals surrogate Mum and therefore has the advantage.)
Thanks for looking and good luck.
Love Elaine xx


  1. Wow, I`m droling!
    Amazing candy, thanks for the chance to win. :)

    Hugs, Anne.

  2. Ok,i`ve tried looking around for a joke,cause i`m sorry i don`t know any.So i found this one.
    At 16 everyone wants to know,
    What your plans are one day when you grow,
    and what goals have you set,
    Are you sick of it yet.
    That won`t mean they`ll stop asking you though
    How`s that then?
    Thanks for the chance at winning this oh so delish candy,i`ve so got everything crossed.

  3. So we have to make Hal laugh huh? You are more handsome than Edward from Twilight and I am sure with your amazing martial art skills you could whip his butt, vampire or not! Thanks Elaine for the great candy.

  4. Hiya,
    super smashing great candy!!!
    for Hal,
    Easy tiger i'm no poet!!!

    There was a young lad called Hal!
    When he smiles the girls they say "Wow!"
    It's his birthday real soon,
    "Oh my god" they all swoon, and they fainted and fell to the ground,
    He kissed them all on the lips,
    Showed a few 'Hong Kong Phooey' Tricks,
    So they clapped and bought him some Chips!!!
    Happy Birthday Hal, I'm sure if you are as lovely as your mum you must be a
    "Hong Kong Phooey Number One Super Guy!!
    Unfortunately you may be too young to know Hong Kong Phooey but I'm sure your mum will sing the theme tune as she's a wrinkly like me!!
    Have a good one
    Suzie Q xxx

  5. Wow what fab candy!
    Happy birthday Hal!
    well i'm rubbish at jokes so here's one my 7year old told me the other day...
    What did the policeman say to the cow?
    Moooooove it!
    Sorry its terrible i know but my 7year old didnt think so lol
    Thanks for the chance to win :)
    hugs amanda xx

  6. Wow Fab candy!
    Happy birthday Hal!
    mmm i'm rubbish at jokes so heres one my 7yr old told me the other day...
    What did the policeman say to the cow?
    Moooooove it!!!
    it's terrible i know but my 7yr old didnt think so lol
    Thanks for the chance to win :)
    hugs amanda xx

  7. WOW, oh such fabby candy...a joke for bad at jokes, but this one always makes me smile, whats big and white, and if it falls from a tree it will kill you...................................................................................................a but I always loved it when my kids told it to me.....hope you have a wonderful birthday Hal....xxxx

  8. Hal, no joke from me, I am rubbish at telling them. However I am sure you are a good looking young man, with loads of charm & charisma, good sense of humour & have loads of girls who want to be your girlfriend. How am I doing??? have I been creeping enough?????

  9. Wowie..... fabuloso Candy :O)

    Just wanted to say that if I was the lucky winner Hal picked out, he'd just have to fly over to Orlando (where I'll be on my hols) and bring it to me!!! Bet he'd hate that! LOL

    Happy 16th Hal :O)


  10. What a wounderfull candy. you are already one of my favorite on the google reader, so now I am a follower as well.

    Happy Birthday to your son

  11. Happy 16th Birthday Hal..I'm sure youve heard all the jokes?? & I'm rotten at telling them..wish I could REMEMBER MY 16th. B/day does it go Sweet Sixteen & never been kissed?? I think not you handsome hunk..LOL cant get up off me knees now..need help someone..

    thanks for the chance to win awesome candy Elaine..XXX

    smiles Christine xx

  12. Hi Elaine what gorgeous candy, you are so generous. And happy birthday Hal, 16 eh...the world at your feet.
    Joke, I was out last night when someone threw some cheese at me, I said 'Now thats not very Mature is it....!!!..ha ha....careful your sides dont split from laughing.
    Have a fantastic birthday Hal and Elaine, hope to see you back on the blogging world real soon x x

  13. Hi Elaine and A big Happy Birthday Hal well well well your a man now and you know what that means lots of pretty ladies coming your way but i think they will have to be put through the ultimate test from your mum first(just joking Elaine)
    I hope you have an amazing time and try not to get too drunk on the apple juice.I just had to add that your mum is one in a million the kindest most generous gal I know in blogland and I know you are her world and I am sure its the same for you.
    Anyways don't party too hard I know what you young men are like you can't hide it from me what do you mean your different don't try to get out of it I know your a little party animal lol
    Have fun hun.
    Awesome candy Elaine you really do spoil your regulars(sounds like you run a bar)
    but honestly you are such a wonderful lady and I am proud to be one of your followers
    hugs to you boyh
    Lorraine xx

  14. Happy Birthday Hal! A police officer in a small town stopped a motorist who was speeding down Main Street.
    "But officer." the man began, "I can explain,".
    "Just be quiet," snapped the officer. "I'm going to let you cool your heels in jail until the chief gets back..."
    "But officer, I just wanted to say...."
    "And I said to keep quiet! You're going to jail!"
    A few hours later the officer looked in on his prisoner and said, "Lucky for you that the chief is at his daughter's wedding. He'll be in a good mood when he gets back."

    "Don't count on it," answered the fellow in the cell. "I'm the groom."

  15. Hi Elaine.. Wow - amazing candy. How ever makes Hal laugh his socks off will be laughing all the way home with these goodies!

    Happy Birthday Hal... I hope you have a brilliant day and even though your only 16, have a few drinks and go crazy. One night only pass I'm sure! (yeah right)...

    I'm no good at jokes, but I wonder if you will like the following and know what I'm on about!

    The REMNANTS of my memory following my time in the ASYLUM are hazy. I remember THE INFECTION and the WARRIOR fighting for ANOTHER WAY TO DIE. But NEVER AGAIN! THE ANIMAL within CRUCIFIED himself. That scaly SERPENTINE of mine, MY CHILD, my SACRIFICE!

    Have a wicked time.


    p.s. can I have some birthday cake - I LURVE cake! haha

  16. Wow! 16!! That's a big day!
    Hope your family is sweet and gives you lots and lots of presents (for my 16th birthday my mum bought me a new bed, not very nice a 16 year old girl wants clothes!!) But I bet your mum knows what you've been wishing for!!

    Happy birthday sweet boy!!

  17. Well i'm no good at jokes, and really just appreciate the chance at perhaps getting my mits on some wonderful craft goodies that i otherwise would never be able to own.
    Happy Birthday Hal, if i remember life begins at 16, but remember that once you get over the hill you pick up speed.

  18. Wow Hal
    you must have the best mum in the world! Giving out such fantastic candy! I was 16 once....I think! I would tell you a joke but I can never remember them. However I am very forgetful ( because I am more than 16) I recently lost my purse and found it at the bottom of the washing basket and found my keys in the fridge!!!!! I've got 2 grown up children. I wonder where i have put them!!!!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win some unbelievable candy Elaine
    Love sarah x

  19. Happy Birthday! I've been following you in my google feed reader for sometime now but just made it official. :) Thanks for the chance to win. Hope your birthday rocks!

  20. happy birtday, thanks for the change to win the candy
    so you like jokes.hhhmmmm

    how do you recognize a pimp from Somali?
    At the Rolex around his waist

    Why does a Siamese twins go to England on holiday?
    can also the another drive

    i hope you smile now

  21. hiya hun
    your candy is gorgeous as always
    hope to win my first hAngler stamps
    i wish your son a happy birthday and let hem spoil rotten, (i hope i right it well)
    my english is not well but i trying to
    i can't tell a joke, if i have to translate, it will not be funny, LOL
    thanks for the chance elaine, hope you'll have a great day
    hugs angelique

  22. hi!!
    great candy you are offering!! thanks so much!
    A big happy birthday to your son... does turning 16 mean that he gets his drivers license...... =)
    happy birthday hugs!

  23. Since the young man is turning 16 I'm not gonna be boring and write a long comment. Just wish for a great day and let's hope Cataclysm goes live soon ;)

  24. Happy Birthday Hal

    (This is supposed to make you laugh...)

    There once was a boy named Hal...
    Much too young for a steady gal.
    So he said to his mum....
    This is the one....

    OK....I am not a poet.....but Happy Birthday anyway...if you were just a little older I would introduce you to my daughter! ha...patty

  25. Happy 16th Birthday Hal - I was 16 once, but I sure can't remember it now!!!

    Have a great day.


  26. Hi Elaine, thats some awesome blogcandy and a hell of lot to give away. Id love a chance to win, and Im not sure Hal would approve of me grovelling, but anyway I want to wish him a very Happy Birthday, its only a year before hes elegible to start to drive. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx
    (My grandson was 17 this year and has just started)

  27. Hi Elaine
    Wow what fabulous candy,Happy Birthday Hal,my daughter is sixteen tomorrow,have a lovely day.
    Well hear goes with a joke,
    What do Ghost eat for their tea?

    Spookghetti (lol) sorry
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  28. Wow, this is a super Candy! I will put it on my blog. Thank you for giving us all a change to win!!
    Dear boy I'm wishing you the happiest, biggest and most wonderful birthday!! 16 is really a very special birthday. I dont't really know how to make you laugh in a Dutch way! Just think of my riding on a cow and you will probably laugh your head of, ha,ha,ha...
    hugs Yvonne

  29. Hi Elaine

    What fantastic candy and Happy Birthday Hal.
    Well what's it like to be famous in crafting blogland - not many 16 year old boys can say that!!! Also lots of lovely comments from your Mum's crafting friends - gosh how many women are leaving you special comments???
    Just don't tell your friends at school that half of them are old enough to be your grandmother and the rest your mother!!!!

    Birthday hugs from me - Dragonlady!!!!

    Ali xx

  30. Happy 16th Birthday Hal! Hope you have a fab day! (and hope your mom spoils you rotten ;)
    Thanks for a chance to enter for this gorgeous candy! I have posted it in my sidebar.
    Fiona x

  31. Happy Birthday Hal, you could always say you are being chased by lots of cool women haha, so yes I'm already a follower even though dont always leave a comment, Janet T

  32. Have a lovely 16th Birthday Hal, and thank you for the lovely Candy Elaine.

    Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    Tank who?
    Your welcome!


  33. Happy Birthday Hal!! Oh, to be 16 again... Here's a joke for you (and a life lesson in one)

    The mother and father had just given their teenage son family-car privileges. On Saturday night he returned home very late from a party.
    The next morning his father went out to the driveway to get the newspaper and came back into the house frowning.
    At 11:30 AM the son sleepily walked into the kitchen, and his father asked him, "Hey Buddy, what time did you get in last night?"
    "Not too late, Dad." he replied nervously.
    Dead-panned, his father said, "Then, my dearest son, I'll have to have a talk with the paperboy about putting my paper under the front tire of the car."

    Hehheh, note to self!! Have a great birthday :)

  34. Have a Fantastic 16th birthday Hal, and here's a wee Irish Joke for you from across the water!!!

    An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman were in a noisy pub one evening.
    'Will you lend me £10?' The Scotsman shouted to The Irishman.
    'You'll have to speak up a bit,' said The Irishman, 'I can't hear a word you're saying with all The noise in here.'
    'Will you lend me £10?' screamed The Scotsman at The top of his voice.
    'It's no use,' said The Irishman, 'I still cannot hear a word you're saying.'
    'Look,' said The Englishman,' standing beside them, 'I can hear him quite clearly.'
    'In that case,' said The Irishman, "you lend him The£10.'
    Hope this one made you laugh!!!!! Hal, hehe'
    Thank you Elaine, for this chance to win this amazing candy your are one in a million chum,
    will add your pic with detail on my sidebar
    Sarah xx

  35. Happy Birthday Hal! I hope the girls are lining up to give you big hugs & kisses! ;)

    Okay, this made me laugh... My daughter (4 years old) just got into preschool. When I ask if she like preschool, she said "YES". Then I ask her what was her favorite part of preschool. And she said "Going home"

  36. Wow, Elaine, a son turning 16! What an event to celebrate. My oldest turns 16 in three weeks. It truly is amazing how fast those 16 years flew by, and it really amazes me how that babe I rocked to sleep in my arms is now taller than me and in classes harder than I ever took in high school.

    Hal, the Happiest of Birthdays to you! I 'll tell you my very favorite joke.

    What did zero say to eight?

    "Nice belt!"

    Can you tell I'm a math teacher? Happy Birthday Hal...hug your mum (lots) today!

  37. Hi Hal, there is no way I can compete with all these talented crafters wishing you a good day in various forms of literation so I will just say hope you have a great day may it be the first of many and live each day to its full , do nothing you may regret , stay positive and most of all true to yourself. Have a fantastic 16th birthday and may you reach all the distant sars you set out to along the route of lifes journey.

  38. Hi Elaine and boy :o)

    Thank you for sharing this gorgeous candy with us....I keep my fingers and toes crossed and if it necessary I´ll try to keepmy tooth also crossed... But I think thats´s impossible.


  39. Hi Hal, wow 16, Happy Birthday!! enjoy your self and have fun doing just what you want to do, only don't tell your mum I said that lol,
    Hi Hals mum lol, don't come knocking on my door to tell me off he he,
    Hugs Liz xx

  40. Hi Hal
    Happy 16th Birthday, hope you get all you have asked for your Birthday (and more if your lovely Mum has anything to do with it). I can't tell you any jokes as I always forget the punch line lol. BUT I can tell you something that may make you laugh. I was driving up to the village, several cars flashed their lights at me, so I pulled over & had a look round the car, and there on top of the car roof was one of the neighbours chooks. I don't know how she had managed to stay on the roof, as I had been round at least two bends lol, she's lucky she didn't end up squashed on the road.. It was a nightmare trying to get her in the car to bring her home.

    Thank your lovely Mum for such a fantastic blog candy, and I'm sure who ever win's it will think Santa has come early this year. Unfortunately I'm not eligible to enter for this candy as I have already won one of Mum's fantastic candy's before. But I couldn't let as an important event as your 16th Birthday go by without wishing you a fantastic Birthday.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  41. Oh this is absolutely gorgeous candy! Keeping my fingers crossed! Lovely blog aswell have become a follower! xxx

  42. Hi Hel,
    I wish you,
    a cloudless sky,
    the scent of the most beautiful flower,
    a song,
    a laugh,
    a wish of going to pass,
    simply everything that you bring joy and runum up happy.

    Hi Elaine, thank you for the fantastic candy.

  43. Great candy up for grabs, Elaine! Thanks for the chance to win!

    Hal, hope you have the best birthday ever! What did you wish for? My son turned 13 this year and for a month leading up to his birthday he asked what he was getting. I told him I was giving him underwear so he'd stop asking (though that didn't work). I figured I can't be a liar, right? So I bought him 4 packs of underwear and wrapped them all up nice and neat and gave it to him with his card. Needless to say he wasn't all that impressed, but he did laugh about it. We took him to dinner letting him think that really was his only gift. Poor fella even told the waitress that he got underwear for his birthday! We gave him the Xbox 360 game he'd been subtly hinting about as soon as we got home. All was forgiven AND he has a lot of new undies to boot! *grin* I hope you get all you wished for...and maybe some new undies too!

    grneyegoddess (at) yahoo (dot) com

  44. Oh, My, what a fantastic Candy Giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.


  45. Wow! this is taugh!
    I just wish you a Happy Birthday!

  46. Oh WOW what fantastic candy. Would love to use all of this.

    Hope you have a really cool birthday.


  47. Happy Birthday Hal - since I'm an Anglicized Swede & according to my English Gentleman of a husband Swedes don't know about jokes I'm not going to even try. I'd only be barking up the garden path if I did. Have a really lovely day & enjoy it whatever you are doing. It's great you get yourself involved with your Mum's crafting too & I do hope that arm of yours healed well. Give your Mum a hug from me.
    Paula (PEP)

  48. Wow! Great candy!! I've become a follower and i've put your candy on my sidebar!

    Greetings, Judith

  49. I betcha most of that glorious cuteness would NOT be Hals cup of tea at all! I know my guy would go bhah and he's FOUR so some cuddliness still appreciated!! :D
    Nevermind a bunch of (for him) elderly ladies trying to suck up to him! lol
    All that aside - I wish you great birthday, Hal! Hope you won't get a present of crafting goodies from your Mom,that would be an equivalent of my hubby giving me a fps game and running gear. Which he HAS done, sadly. :D
    Hugs and have a good party!

  50. Hi Elaine, thank you so much for the chance to win this candy. I am new to the blogging world and didn't realise how popular cardmaking is :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAL :) I know you'll have a hard time choosing between all of the lovely messages and unfortunately I haven't got a fantastic joke to tell you but I hope you have an AWESOME sixteenth :D I'm sure it will rock, just make sure you celebrate however you want :)

    Thanks again
    Love Camilla xx

  51. Hi Elaine and Hal,
    first, a wonderful candy you offer! Thank you so much for the chance to win.
    I am not good in bringing someone laughing I don't know personally, and even in a foreign language which I don't write perfect..
    But... it's your 16th birthday Hal. And for this day I wish you just the best. May all your bigger and smaller wishes come true. You have so many things in front of you. You will learn a lot, will met a lot of new people. May every day of your future be filled with brightness.
    Many birthdaywishes from Switzerland,

  52. hello!

    Happy Birthday Hal!

    16 is a great age... enjoy every moment!

    a little joke...

    The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Catholic elementary school for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of apples. The nun made a note, and posted it on the apple tray: "Take only ONE. God is watching."

    Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of the table, was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies. A child had written a note, "Take all you want. God is watching the apples

    thank you for the chance!

  53. Happy Birthday Elaine! Best wishes on your 16 :)
    Thanks for the chance to win your awesome candy! I would like to be the lucky winner :)
    And welcome to my blog (I have a candies too :)

  54. Hi Hal!
    bet you never thought you'll get birthday wishes from Israel, but you do!
    so, happy birthday! (and in Hebrew: יום הולדת שמח) best of wishes to you!
    hope you'll enjoy your 16th birthday (such a great age! I'm only 7 years older and already I wish I was you age again. though mine is fun, too). this one goes to you and to your mother - hope you two will get to celebrate a whole lot more birthdays together! may life smile at you and, well, I only have one tip for you in life... always! always! do the thing you enjoy and love! cause life without the things you love is no life at all. keep true to your hobbies. keep on with your path, cause when you do the things you love - it'll show, and you're bound to succeed. always dream big!
    -May from Israel

  55. jokes?
    smiling is a contagious, isn'it??

    happy Bday

  56. Thanks for the chance to join in your generous giveaway.

    To Hal, I hope you have an 16th amazing birthday, and you get the chance to celebrate by spending time with the people you care about. Happy birthday, all the way from Australia.

  57. Singing en jumping around the room:
    Happy birthday to you
    you belong to the zoo
    with the tigers and lions
    and the monkeys like you.

    x Inge

  58. Darling Hal Boy....

    What advice can I give my surrogate son on his 16th birthday???
    Only one...

    Be yourself, young man...there is no one better!

    Luvs ya

    G x

  59. Happy Birthday Hal....I had to leave this joke for you and your mom.

    A young man (he just turned 16) from America is touring the moors. He has heard lots of stories about being caught out on the moors at night and of course were wolfs on the prowl. He finds himself several miles from the nearest town on a cold, dark, stormy night. The darker it gets, the harder the rain falls, the more afraid he becomes. Suddenly, he looks behind him and sees a car slowly pulling up to him. Because of his fright and the howling storm he jumps into the car. Once inside the car begins to slowly move forward it is then the young man realizes that he is alone in the car rolling down the highway. As the car approaches a sharp curve a cold, blue, hand reaches in the window and turns the wheel to negotiate the curve. And even though, the hand does no harm the young man is totally terrified. As the car comes to a halt in front of a pub, the young man jumps out sprints inside the pub and sits at the bar crying. The patrons try to comfort him and listen to his story as he sobs out about the 'ghost car'. Just then the door flys open and in walks a couple who are drenching wet, and looking a bit angry. Then walk up to the crying boy and say....(are you ready?) Our car ran out of petrol and you are the lad who jumped in and rode while we pushed our car! ....So, Hal always check out those empty cars! Ha...Patty

  60. Hiya Hal,&Elaine.First like to thank Your mum for offering some super candy.Then i would love to say "HAPPY Sweet 16th Birthday!Hope all your dreams and wishes come true.Now as for jokes the one my daughter has just come out with i doubt if i could leave it
    So i will just wish you all the best have fab day.I am already a follower and have linked candy to my sidebar .I have some candy on offer feel free to enter!
    Love n hugs judex

  61. Well I sure won't even try to compete with all you wonderful witty ladies so I'm sure I won't be the winner but I if I did win I'd sure share !!! I just want some of those wonderful hAnglar stamps ... We can't get them here in the US & I'm no good at doing the ebay thing so my only hope is to be lucky enough to win some ... Hal hope you have a wonderful birthday... Girls may come & go in your life but never get too old to kiss your Mom ...
    Hugs, Janie

  62. Wow what a fab list of jokes!

    Have a wonderful 16th Birthday Hal.
    Even though you are a young man now to us mums you are always our when mum wants a cuddle, brushes your hair out of your eyes or just smiles at you all gushy, think of all of us mums to young men - and remember're not the only one with an embarassing mum!

    Have a fantastic day whatever you do and huge thanks Elaine for offering us such amazing candy :)

    Carol x

  63. Happy 16th Birthday Hals! May this be the best one yet!
    In Connecticut when one turns 16 they get to go for a permit so they can drive - when can you start to drive where you live?
    I have 2 jokes from my 15 year old daughter .... they made her laugh (and if you heard her tell them you would have to laugh too - she cracks herself up and her laugh is contagious!)
    1 – Knock, knock
    Who’s there?
    Owl who
    Yes they do

    2 – 2 snowmen were standing in the yard talking ….. “Funny, I smell carrots too.”

    Have a super fantastic birthday Hals!


  64. Hey Elaine! Just popping on here to wish Hal a very happy birthday2 :o)

    Hal, even though you have absolutely no idea who I am, I still want to wish you a very Happy 16th Birthday!

    Hmmm, now to make you laugh! I have a memory like a sieve when it comes to remembering jokes, so I'm afraid I don't have anything really clever and humorous to share. However, the one joke that always make me laugh (which is definitely one of the lamest ever) is ...

    Why did the dinosaur cross the road?
    Because chicken hadn't evolved yet!

    See! Told you it was lame!! Ha ha!

    The other thing that always makes me chuckle is the birthday song from the Madagascar movie, so here goes:

    Happy Birthday to you
    You live in a zoo
    You look like a monkey
    And smell like one too!

    Have a great birthday Hal!

    [And thanks so much to your mum for offering up this awesome candy!]

  65. Just remember another one...

    Why did the horse cross the road?
    Because the chicken needed a day off!

    Ha, ha!!!

  66. To Hal, Hope you have a wonderful birthday, live life to the fullest as you only get one chance at life - don't miss opportunities, grasp every moment you can and enjoy yourself. Bu just remember your mum is always right!!!!!!!!
    Sarah x

  67. Happy Birthday Hal - though I cant say sweet 16...I have a 16 yr old so I can imagine all the presents you got for your birthday and remember this time next yr you can may even get a car if you plead enough!...Enjoy the day and please pick me xx

  68. Sure hope you have a great Birthday. And just a word of advise (sorry mum) but, I myself is in the process of raising a boy so, one of the many pieces of Birthday advise I will give is...

    Never hold in your Farts
    They travel up your spine
    Stop in your Brain and...
    That's were crapy ideas come from.

    Happy Birthday.

  69. Hi Elaine!

    I will keep it simple..... please pick me I am desperate for a H & S image. I DON'T HAVE ANY!!! LOL.

    Love Kerry xx

  70. Hi Hal, have a great birthday! Is it embarrassing to be mentioned on your Mum's blog?
    I will tell you about a couple of funny pranks that have been played at work on colleagues as I can't remember any jokes.
    One of the boys at work had a signed photo of a famous weatherman, and one day someone kidnapped it and replaced it with a copy. The copy had been altered so there was a drawn on moustache and big eyebrows. The owner was at first very upset his photo had been vandalised and eventually realised it was fake and spent days interrogating colleagues about who had it, the original eventually appeared back one day undamaged!
    The other trick was that someone switched around two keys on the computer keyboard of a colleague who came in and couldn't sign in as every time he pressed the keys something else typed in! He thought the PC was faulty until someone pointed out the keys had moved, he was not amused! Another trick was played on this guy, he has a roll down blackout blind which he requested as the sun is too bright for him with the normal blind, one day he rolled it down and got covered with the "punchies" from hole punches - again was not amused!
    Everyone else was though!

    Cazzy x

  71. Happy Birthday Hal and thanks to your mom for the chance to win some candy for your BD so lets see ... I remember I fould an old joke book at a garage sale and inside there where these cute little jokes that I love called little Willie .. (he's a little morbid none the less) These are the ones that I remember the most enjoy em
    Little Willie full of glee
    put radium in Grandma's tea.
    Now he thinks it's quite a lark
    to see her shining in the dark

    Willie's cute as cute can be.
    Beneath his brother, only three,
    he lit a stick of dynamite.
    Now brother's simply out of sight.

    Little Willie with a shout,
    Gouged the baby's eyeballs out;
    Stamped on them to make them pop.
    Mother cried, "Now, William, stop!"

    that and they are perfect for halloween too

  72. Lets keep this short and sweet happy birthday mate from way down under 9 no not aussie their better looking neighbour lets hope its a cracker buddy enjoy........

  73. Belated birthday wishes, Hal. I didn't forget your birthday... I just wanted to help extend the celebrations!!! I hope you had a really good, memorable day- especially if your fab mum had anything to do with it.

    Here's a birthday quiz for you:-
    If the No.1 reason people give for disliking birthdays is because of getting older,
    And the No.2 reason is because of the silly birthday gifts,
    Then what are the numbers 3 & 4?...
    7 LOL!!!!!

    Lots of love Hal

    Many hugs also to you, Elaine, I am sooo blessed to count you as a dear friend,
    Trish x

  74. Happy Birthday HAl,Birthday is a very special day in everyones life,think u came in this world as a God gift for ur mum,such a tiny hand in ur moms hand,u r now 16 but I know u r as special today as the first day u came to ur mom,I can feel ur mums heart,think yourself a lucky one because u got that mom, and ur mom is as lucky as u because u r her son,so enjoy this special day as a God gift in both of ur life.U r now 16 but u r as adorable as u were in the time of first day,so always take care of ur mom, she bring u in this world.

  75. Hy!

    Marvelous Candy. Thanks vor this Chance.

    Greetings from Austia, Ingrid

  76. I've just come across your blog and all of those beautiful cards! It may be too late to enter, but I wanted to say hi and thank you for the inspiration. Have a very Happy Birthday Hal! :)

  77. Wow, fab candy. I haven't been on blog hopping for what seems forever. You're my first stop and look what I find :O)

    Happy birthday to Hal. Will catch up very soon. I've been back at work a week now and it's not good :O(


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