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Monday 25 October 2010


I'm frantically tapping away on hubby's work laptop whilst he's in the shower. Actually, he's probably trying to drown himself as I type! I thought I'd better explain my MIA status, and my total lack of blogging since last week.
My laptop is poorly. Very, very poorly. My husband is slowly losing patience with said laptop and wife!
"All I did".....that's how I started to explain to hubby what I'd done, he's rolling his eyes and praying for strength already, and I've not even got to the good bit! All I did was to click on the 'Download Now' button for the latest AVG anti-virus software. Now in my defense, I have done this before and it worked a treat. Not this time. My laptop is completely, utterly bug****d and won't do a blasted thing! This started on Friday night, so I've been 'puterless all weekend.
Saint Phil had to work over the weekend, then couldn't wait to come home to his adoring wife and her dead laptop. He's uninstalled AVG, tried re-installing, uninstalled, re-installed, you get the picture? He's restored the data to last Thursday before I even pressed that fatal button. He's restored to factory settings.
But the good news is we know what the fault is. Apparently it's fault code PEBCAK.
So if you're as dumb as me, which I seriously doubt that anyone could be, that means Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard, that would be me then huh?

There's been a lot of sighing, a fair bit of swearing, and a "If you touch one more bl***y button without my express written permission, I shall chop your chubby fingers off !" Charming, but in this instance justified.

The biggest problem I have is that all my photos and such are on......yep, my laptop.
Note to self : Remember to back up laptop to external hard drive. That is, after all, the reason you have one!

Saint Phil is working relentlessly to try and rectify the problem and repair the havoc I've caused. I will be back as soon as is possible.
If I shouldn't come back, please can someone call around to my house and check that Saint Phil hasn't buried me in the back garden?

My little blog will be 6 months old tomorrow, and I was thinking how I was starting to really get into the swing of things and feeling relatively confident HA! Serves me right I guess.
I'll be back.......

Love Elaine AKA The Technophobe and general trouble maker extraordinaire xx


  1. oh dear Elaine that sounds just like me my other half is always saying to me don't touch anything for example he tells me off all the time only yesterday he said to me don't go downloading anything except images not even those silly images to add to your emails I don't want to see anymore bars at the top of that screen.LOL.
    So I know exactly what you mean I am so stupid when it comes to computers I even shocked myself having a blog of my own.
    Hope everything is ok now though as i love reading your posts xx

  2. Hope Saint Phil can sort out the problem so you can get back posting! Love the term PEBCAK LOL!

  3. Don't feel bad, I did the exact same thing and got some totally nasty bug on our computer. We ended up having to get a program called Spyware Doctor, to straighten out the mess I caused, LOL! I feel your pain, hope your dh can sort it easily.

  4. I join you girls!!! LOL! There are lots of puter dummies like me,not saying that's what you ladies are,but I sure am,hehe!
    Good luck girl,hope it gets fixed soon!

  5. Hi Elaine men are all the same aren't they I have done the same in the past, they all say don't be clicking on anything!!!! love your posts they do make me laugh and brighten my day chum, love the error code PEBCAK your a scream!!!!!lol' no seriously hope you get it sorted soon my friend Hugs
    Sarah x

  6. Now you really did not have to join me in my misery...... have spent a good part of the day trying to get a new printer working with my laptop with Saint R - I now call him whenever anything unusual appears on my screen & we've started a little book called a Computer Log. Saint R just repeats "How do you do it" but even he admitted that yet another faulty machine (the aforementioned brand new printer delivered this morning) was taking things a little too far. The moral of the story is don't take me with you when buying anything computerized, so far I've contaminated Dell, Apple & Epson! Seriously Saints Phil & R could do with a good chinwag methinks comparing wives!
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)

  7. Oh dear dear dear, poor widdle Elaine, being abused like that, when all you did was click a wee button. I'm sure that things will be alright soon, and Saint Phil will be happy and harmony will be restored once again. have missed your visits, so make sure you tell Phil that it's VITALLY important that you and lappy are returned A.S.A.P.
    Donna xx

  8. so sorry - that is the problem with computers .... they are great until they don't work .... then what does one do? Good thing you have a husband who is comfortable with them!
    Good luck!

  9. oooops..
    hope that you get it all sorted soon hun.. not having your puter is

  10. O dear Elaine, don't fret, sounds like something I would do lol!! I'm hopeless with computers too. Here's keeping fingers crossed that he'll be able to restore everything for you. I'm definately on standby and if you're not back real soon I'll be coming to rescue you hehe. Lotsa luv xxxx

  11. I was missing you & came looking for you the other night, as I found it very strange, That you were so quiet! Hee hee sounds cheeky but not meant to!

    OOOhhh My goodness!

    Poor you, My Laptop had a hissy fit last year & I lost all my pictures etc!
    Not a Happy bunny as Hubby had said he had Backed them up!

    It's devastating when the computer STEALS YOUR LIFES WORK!

    Put it in Jail, naughty Lappy top, Bad computer!

    I will check your garden for any ground disturbance, next week! That be ok? Hee hee

    Hubby be fine just remind him he left you alone for a full week & everything was fine &...... YOU DID ALL HIS WASHING FOR HIM!

    Buy him sweeties,get his slippers & hide until he fixes the laptop hee hee!

    I know hunny it really is not funny, hope you get it sorted out soon!

    If we can do anything to help just hollier!

    Take care Hunny,
    Big Hugs

  12. Oh Elaine, sounds sooo frustrating! Sounds like you're handling it with a good dose of humour, though. Hoping that Saint Phil will be able to rectify everything soon, thus cheering up Blogland with more of your lovely posts. Susie x

  13. Elaine, how funny is that tale, well not the situation, but the tale you understand. it made me laugh. I have a son who sorts me out with the computer & one of my sayings is Bloody hell,when things don't go right, which he hears from his bedroom. I have just been away & he said one of the things he missed was the swearing coming from my study on a regular basis!!!! lol

  14. Hi Elaine,
    we love our pooters when they work but as soon as they don't "we need a new one"!!! code PEBCAK happens here regularly too if any consolation!!
    remember just sit tight and nod with mouth shut when pooter being fixed x
    Suzie qx

  15. Oh dear hun,doesn`t sound good.I do sympathize with you.That would be our house,same conversation LOL.Are harddrive went on our laptop which can i say hubby was on it at the time!!!Our photo`s too were all on it.I did get abit onto a cd before hand luckily.So after we got it back we bought a flash drive and i try and put everything on it now.You always think it will be fine till it goes wrong and then you curse yourself you hadn`t saved them like you said you had.Hope all gets fixed soon,hugs kellyx

  16. Aaaaaaaaaaewww I know how you feel sweetie!!
    My external hard drive died this summer, I was thinking well okay so I missed a lot of scrappy pictures of my cards and layouts but I have my blog, other downloaded stuff I guess I don't even know what I had there, my photo-shopped images.. well I have the originals..So okay I won't die.. (My old laptop almost had no storage so It was there I kept all my stuff (and no backup..)

    Weeeeeeeeel you might think the story was over there.. but two nights ago when I was looking at a scrapbook magazine with layouts of old photos.. I remembered that my scanned baby photo's of me was on that harddrive...
    Yeah it took me 4 months to realize that I have to borrow my cousins albums all over again and do the terrible job of scanning all those photos agaaaaaaaaaaain.. So your not alone in the "dumb" chair.. ALWAYS do backup of important stuff..I try telling myself..

  17. Hi Elaine
    Oh what an awful time you are having with your puter, you poor thing. As a TOTAL & COMPLETE technophobe (me that is not you)lol, you have my complete sympathy. Hope Saint Phil sort's it out for you real soon (pretty please Saint Phil), as I miss your humorous post's.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  18. Oh No! What a nightmare. I had a similar problem with the avg update this time too, Elaine. It asked me to update and when I did...nothing worked. Luckily, when I restored it, thats eemed to fix the problem (touch wood, lol). I then went to the site to download it and it seems ok. Hope you get it fixed soon x

  19. Well you've definitely made us all smile with your list of events. Puters are all well and good until something goes wrong and I think we all know what that feels like! Hope you get back to normal very soon.

    Love Lynda xxx

  20. Oh Elaine - I know its not funny but I couldnt help chuckle. I've done the same in the past and the only way for Stephen to save the pc was to get rid and reboot! I hope St Phil is able to sort out your sick laptop. It might be a case of restoring it from scratch by wiping the hard drive within.

    Hope you are doing well despite your nearly dead lap top. I've been playing with the stamps you sent me from the candy and I'm in love with them all. I cant however, figure a good colour combo for one of the hAnglars - I keep starting then scrapping! Nevermind.

    Sending big hugs and hope the bugs in the system move out soon!

    Kimmi xx

    p.s. say hi to the boy from me! x

  21. Oh Dear Elaine, yes we all have a habit of downloading things we shouldnt have, we actually use a free anti virus from Avast and its been working a treat and will warn you if you do anything daft, I do so hope that St Paul will sort it out for you before you eventually go spare. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  22. Hi Hunny,good luck for your lap top being right soon, I've not been round much myself because of my still not having the right glasses, I may have them by the time you read this on your lap top lol, I'll mail you soon, hope your ok and not helping growing daises lol, hugs Liz xx

  23. Hi Elaine ohhh naughty dare HE..well it has to be a HIM!!!! if it was a SHE it would still be working &&& VERY hard..LOL well at least you have a Saint Phil to help fix it my OH doesnt know HOW to switch its up to me & son to sort any probs out..I have AVG but my son & I bought it 2yrs ago & have renewed it this year..must back up more often tho..we'll send round the blogging police if you dont come back soon..just in case hes traded YOU in & not the puter..keep making us smile..

    luv n hugs Christine xx

  24. Poor you Elaine, can't imagine life without the computer, Hope you get it sorted soon, looking forward to you being back in blogland soon.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  25. Ohh hun what a mess! I know just how you feel when mine went down, had a right ol hissy fit and could of thrown the bloody thing out the window lol!. Hope you sort it out soon, we are all missing you and your gorgeous creations.
    lots of hugs Vicky xx

  26. Hi Elaine,
    Oh dear!! Where have I heard those sentiments before. I'm sorry but I just had to chuckle when I was reading your blog.
    seriously though, I hope everything gets restored for you.

  27. Oh Elaine
    Where for art thou, give us a sign that you are still around/alive. Should we send the boys in blue round, has St Phil flipped & done you in, I sincerly hope not, as he will have all your blogging friends on his case.

    If I win the lottery this week, first thing I'm going to buy is a new puter for you, then you can throw your naughty one in the bin. Second thing I will get (and please don't take offence)lol, is a puter course for you & for me, (because believe it or not) I am 100 times worse than you where puters are concerned rotfl.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  28. Oh Elaine, I can relate! But it is Friday now and I am beginning to worry. Please respond soon! Hugs!


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