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Sunday 3 October 2010

Hals Birthday Blog Candy Winner

A big thank you to everyone who entered Hals 16th Birthday blog candy, and thank you for all your good wishes for him, and all your jokes, which certainly made ME laugh!
Hal has read each and every comment, and here is his blog post with the winners name:

Hello it's Hal here :D I'd like to start by thanking everyone who entered the candy and say that I love each and every one of your comments :) Picking a winner was a hard decision but only one comment could win and that special comment was posted by........................KIMMI :D ( Poppy Petal Designs ) her winning post was....

Kimmi said...

Hi Elaine.. Wow - amazing candy. How ever makes Hal laugh his socks off will be laughing all the way home with these goodies!
Happy Birthday Hal... I hope you have a brilliant day and even though your only 16, have a few drinks and go crazy. One night only pass I'm sure! (yeah right)...
I'm no good at jokes, but I wonder if you will like the following and know what I'm on about!

The REMNANTS of my memory following my time in the ASYLUM are hazy. I remember THE INFECTION and the WARRIOR fighting for ANOTHER WAY TO DIE. But NEVER AGAIN! THE ANIMAL within CRUCIFIED himself. That scaly SERPENTINE of mine, MY CHILD, my SACRIFICE!
Have a wicked time.

p.s. can I have some birthday cake - I LURVE cake! haha!

This comment really made me smile (the words in capital letters are the titles of the songs on the latest Disturbed album - Asylum) I thought it was very creative of her to make a sentence using said titles and I thought it worthy of this candys wonderful prize :). Finally I'd like to thank everyone who entered the candy and I'd like to thank my surrogate mother Gayle for my wonderful birthday presents and card :)


good bye to all :)

Hal Livesey \m/___<[^^]>___\m/
Both myself and Hal couldn't work out at first how Kimmi had come up with this idea, but back in June when I did another candy and Hal picked the winner (this time it was Shirley) I posted this photo:
And Kimmi had made a comment on that post about his hat with the Disturbed logo.
Very clever Kimmi and congratulations!!
If you could please email me with your address then I can post the parcel out to you asap.
Thank you again to everybody who entered, much appreciated.
Love Elaine xx 


  1. Congratulations to Kimmi - that was so so clever.
    Hope you both have recovered from all the celebrating too.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Congrats Kimmi :) Have fun with the yummies!!

  3. Awe wow - I'm gob smacked! Didn't think it would be me, I thought there were some funny jokes in there from last Sunday!!

    Thanks for picking me Hal. I've just been watching Transformers and I swear I heard Disturbed playing - I wasn't too sure though. It sounded like them, but I've only been listening to them randomly these past few months. I'm really made up you picked me! You've made me one happy bunny tonight :o)

    I hope you had a fab time visiting the family and being spoiled! I can't really remember what I did for my 16th. I think we all went clubbing. Way too young for that!

    Hi Elaine!

    I hope the clean up today wasn't too bad. Its what I'm in middle of now (taking a ten minute tea break) as tidying up Poppy's mess from the last week, ready for her to make more in the morning.
    Did you have fun meeting up with the family? Bet it was fab meeting up with Jeff and catching up.

    Eeee - I'm going to go and sit and drink my tea now. Think I'l give the tidying a miss until the morning :o)

    Thanks again Hal, your my new best mate! hehe Well, second to your ma as she picked some awesome Candy to give away in your honour!

    Catch you both soon

    Kimmi xx

  4. Congratulation Kimmi - very clever and well deserved :)

    Thanks Hal and Elaine :)

    Carol x

  5. congrats Kimmie hun and thanks to Hal and you too Elaine for this oppotunity I hope you all had a great time xx

  6. good job Hal - glad you had a fun day!

  7. you know ... I had to laugh, I read Kimmi's joke, and thought - I guess I am getting really old, that joke makes no sense to me at all! Thanks for cluing me in Elaine! lol - wonderful job Kimmi!

  8. Hullo. hullo.
    well i consider myself a winner as I thought Kimmi had it bagged as soon as i saw her comment!!!
    Well done Kimmi!!!!!
    what lovely goodies to win x
    Suzie qx

  9. kimmie congrats hun, enjoy your goodies
    and hal and elaine thanks for the chance
    hugs angelique

  10. Congratulations Kimmie... I'm with Sandra, I didn't have a clue what it was all about either!!!
    Trish x

  11. Hi Elaine
    First of all I hope Hal had a great birthday, (knowing his Mum I'm sure it was fantastic, & secondly BIG BIG congrats to Kimmie, I,m sure she will have a great time playing with her fantastic blog candy prize.
    Sandra (craftynan)


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