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Friday 29 October 2010

Saint Phil the Patient has Prevailed.....almost!

Thank you to all of you who asked if I'm still alive, or if there's a large "Elaine" size mound in the back garden. I'm still here and almost back in action.
My DH can have the patience of a saint. This trait is most evident when in the presence of small children and troublesome wives! This week has been a true test of his patience. The short version of the laptop story is that Phil ended up copying the files down to his hard drive and completely wiping all the data off my laptop.
At last my laptop is functioning and Phil just needs to re-load all the programmes and my files back onto it, which I hope he will do over the weekend.
Then I can get back to blogging and commenting and replying to all the emails sitting in my inbox!
I have still got my Simply Sassy candy to post, but the photos are......yes, on my laptop.
Thanks for looking and I'll be back with the candy.
Love Elaine xx


  1. Hi Elaine
    That's good news that you will be back soon have missed all off you witty posts love them to bits, it does take time to do all this, as wee had to do the same on our old laptop few years back, well chum looking forward to seeing you back take care, and have a super weekend,
    Hugs Sarah x

  2. oh i am so glad that your hubby has fixed things for you and that your still with us and Phil hasn't buried you under the patio bless him he must be so patient lol.
    I love the sassy stamps not got any yet though so i am very excited about the candy thankyou Elaine you offer the most gorgeous things
    take care
    Lorraine xx

  3. Good to hear that Saint Phil has worked some magic, Saint Richard sighed rather deeply when I jinxed yet another printer. The replacement was also faulty! Is Saint Phil availalbe for hire????
    Paula (PEP)


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