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Monday 11 October 2010

LOTV Wedding Card

I'm going to try and make this a quick post, I'm absolutely shattered and need to get my backside in bed.
The hubster left on Friday evening to spend a week in Scotland taking photographs with his buddy Ron.
Ron is actually a professional photographer and they met when Phil took a course tutored by Ron in April 2009 over in Murcia. Phil enjoyed it so much, that when Ron ran another course in October 09 Phil went on that one too. They've been good friends ever since. So when Ron phoned Phil and asked him if he fancied a trip to Scotland, the Isle of Skye to be exact, Phil jumped at the chance. And there's no charge either.
So the hubster left home on Friday at 5.00pm to drive up to just outside Glasgow to collect the motor home he'd hired for the week. Phil wasn't too excited about Ron's idea of sleeping in their cars! And the hubster said he'd call me on Saturday when he met up with Ron. Well I waited all day and all night. By midnight I was at throwing-up point, sick with worry. Phil's mobile was going straight to answer phone. My logical brain says he can't call home because he can't get a signal. My heart worries that something bad has happened.  I was up all Saturday night. Phil phoned home on Sunday afternoon when he managed to get a signal and of course he couldn't work out what the fuss was all about.
I was so tired on Sunday, but could I go to sleep? Not for the life of me, overtired I think?
Tonight I will be in bed before 11pm, come hell or high water!
I needed to make a wedding card, but I've only ever made one card before and I have no wedding images.
Looking thru my blog list I saw THIS beautiful card on Judy's blog. Ha! I've got that stamp, and the sentiment too and even the papers so I pinched Judy's idea to make my own wedding card - Thank you very much Judy for the inspiration and jogging my memory as to which stamps I actually do own.

Same image, same sentiment, same papers.....different layout. Unfortunately it looks rather washed out in my photo. I just need to give it to the happy couple who got married last Saturday! I delivered the gift just not the card tut tut.
I'm off to bed before I fall asleep on the settee again.
Thanks for looking and for any comments you may leave.
Love Elaine xx


  1. this is so beautiful Elain and even though you have use some of the same products as Judy they both look completely different hun a gorgeous make by now i am hopeing you are catching some zzzzzzzzzz night hun xx

  2. Elaine this card is so beautiful and elegant and coloured in beautifully as ever. Love LOTV stamps and this one is simply stunning. All I can say about hubby is that his a bloke and they don't think like us lol!, glad he is safe and sound and enjoying his photography. My mum lives near Murcia, its gorgeous there and she is back at the end of the week for a short break.
    Enjoy your bed!, hugs Vicky xx

  3. Stunning card Elaine, such a gorgeous image and colours, love it.
    Bless you worrying yourself stupid hun, these men have no idea, I'd have been the same.
    Sweet dreams
    hugs Mandy xx

  4. Oh this is so cute, can I ask where is the Mr & Mrs stamp from its yummy? x

  5. Elaine this card is beautiful love this image and coloured perfect chum, oh' mine is just the same they worry you to death, but they just can't see why wee do, I would not have been able to sleep either. hope you have a good sleep tonight Hugs x
    Sarah xx

  6. Oh Elaine I can just imagine how worried you would have been, I would have been climbing the walls and not getting any sleep either, so you get yourself to bed and I hope you have a really good sleep, and well poor Phil when he gets home....I'm sure he's going to get more than an earful for putting you through that and then not understanding....oh my my.
    I'm just glad to hear that things turned out alright for you, and it's a lovely card you've made. I'm sure the beauty of the card will make up for it being a teensy weensy bit late.
    sending you big hugs
    Donna xx

  7. Wonderful card Elaine, I love those lotv images too. I wonder how Phil would have felt if the shoe was on the other foot? Men, can't live with them, can't shoot them.

  8. This is my favourite wedding stamp! Love your colouring and that gorgeous simple sentiment!! Love it (and Judy's!) ♥

  9. so cute - love these stamps!

  10. For someone so shattered you managed to knockout a beautiful card. I love the image and you have colored it to perfection. What is is up with our men, they worry us and then act like "What?". Sweet dreams for you tonight I hope...blessings too!

  11. Hiya Elaine.How are you?

    Your card is sooo gorgeous ,such a Sweet Rubber image,a stunning wedding card!

    Poor you not getting much sleep,mobiles are great but hubbies forget how to use them or leave them in house eh?

    Sometimes I think they just don;t think or realise how worried you get about them,I get flutterbys in my tummy & feel sick if I don't know how he is.Glad he checked in with you & hope you can relax & get back into the swing of things.Lack of sllep can cause havoc for days afterwards basically Jet Lag effect!

    Great trip for your hubby though eh?Now you know he is okay ,you can go wild & have a party? Well chill out,be more lkie it,enjoy the quiet!

    You going to kick me out for my long posts me pop off now!

    Take care
    Big Hugs

  12. Hi Elaine
    oh you poor thing, you must have been worried witless, these men don't realize how we worry about them. What A lucky hubster you have, to be in Scotland taking photo's, I wish they could have squeezed me in lol. You will have to show us some of his photo's on your blog. We were supposed to go to Scotland this year, BUT our holidays got taken up with having holidays with the kids & grankids (oh well you can't have everything I spose), perhaps next year.

    Love your card, ? where did you get the sentiment stamp from (luv it). Like you I used to forget which stamps I have (I even have been known to buy the same stamp twice)lol. So now I have a large (very large)lol folder, and when I get a new stamp, I stamp the image into the folder. Then when I make a card I just flick through the folder and I am (sometimes) amazed/delighted to find just the right image, which 9 times out of 10 I had forgotten I had.

    Hope you catch up with your sleep.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  13. It's a beautiful card, Elaine - love that image - might have to put it on my wishlist! Glad hubby was ok. Susie x PS - Thank you so much for leaving Lou a comment and becoming a follower - she is REALLY chuffed!

  14. Elaine this is gorgeous, wonderful sweet image and beautiful details.
    Men they just don't get it.

  15. So gorgeous as always Elaine!! Luv those dps, I have them too and the pics just don't do them justice do they?! Hope you at least got a good nights rest in after your weekend ordeal. Take care Sweetie. Lotsa luv xxxx

  16. Wow, this is such a beautiful weddingcard! Love the image you used!
    hugs Yvonne

  17. ooo honey hope that you managed to get some shut eye.. Men have no idea how much we worry.. i would have been exactly the same hun... glad that all is ok.. love your card sweetie am sure that it will be loved and treasured.. xxx

  18. Hi Elaine,
    I would have worried the same as you too if it was my Hubby.
    This is a fabulous wedding card, I love your design and I adore that image.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  19. Oh Elaine, I can't believe he put you through that. I would have been beside myself with worry.

    Beautiful card and I really do love that stamp!

  20. Hi Elaine cant think your EVER stuck for inspiration..gorgeous LOV image stunning colour combo fab it.

    smiles Christine xx

  21. Beautiful card Elaine. Sometimes we need to be reminded what stamps we have hidden away!
    Hope your husband has a good time with his photography
    Sarah x

  22. Glad things were OK. I have to confess that through a misunderstanding my husband "lost" me in Hay-on-Wye" once & when I wasn't where he thought we'd arranged he searched & searched, couldn't get a signal on the mobiles either. Anyhow I was wondering where he was & thought I'd better stay put...........finally he came to that place but he was in pieces...... & I cannot be even 5 mins later when returning from shopping for him to be starting to worry.......
    How utterly different from Judy's despite using the same papers & stamps - isn't it glorious how different we are.
    Much love & do take care.
    Paula (PEP)

  23. A gorgeous card Elaine, simple and elegant an it doesn't look washed out.
    On the other topic - typical male !!
    Sarah x

  24. Hi Elaine, love your wedding card and that image is so gorgeous, hope you are begining to catch up with your sleep, knowing how difficult it is Im with you to with the same problem. Take care with love and hugs Shirleyxxx

  25. well, I really thought I had commented on this card...just show how way behind I am!! I LOVE it! Great colours and image...well I would say that ...LOL!! No seriously it is gorgeous! Well hubby would just have had an amazing week on Skye...they have just had the most glorious weather. I hope he had a fab time.I just love Skye and i hope he climbed a Cuillin or two!

    HUgs Judy xx

  26. Too cute. Love your wedding card. It's so gorgeous. Hope to see more of your work.


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